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11 Businesses Enforcing Bidens Illegal Vax Mandate and More! [Clip]

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

11 businesses you should know about that are not only enforcing Biden's illegal vax mandate but also punishing their employees over it. My favorite airline is on the list and it isn't American or Delta. Knowledge is power in the fight against tyranny!

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Generated Transcript:

Look what's happening. You see Joe Biden getting out there telling us that we're in a pandemic of the unvaccinated putting out mandates like he's a king, right? Like he is the emperor of the United States. And his expectation is hope, the hope of the great reset the hope of China, the hope of the Davos crowd of the elites across the world is that eventually we'll have a citizenry that just bows and does what they're told. They just want that 1984 world's so bad, so bad. Alright, guys, look, we have a lot of power. All right, we have power as Americans, we have power citizens, we have power. In a capitalist society. Well, it's still a capitalist society, to do our best to not give our funds to the companies that are supporting this outrageous tie ironical mandate put forth by Joe Biden, the 100, employee rule, the 100 employee rule, the rule that's going to lead to the firing of millions of people, it's going to lead to the bankruptcy of millions of people. Because if you're forcing them to pay for their own tests, and they're already skimming on bankruptcy, already skimming on poverty, come on, look around you, how many people are just barely making it. And with the rising inflation, we're being crushed, we're in a vise, and then they're going to squeeze us to pay for COVID tests is up to you whether you want to get a COVID test or not. But what about the folks that have a disability? What about folks that that have a disability were getting a COVID shot might be harmful to their health? What about those folks that are employed, go by ADA standards, all that folks that maybe have a mental disability folks that have a HIPAA thing, and they have the right to work, but are in a very special employment category? Do they all get fired? It seems like they do. So what happened to that? Don't those people have rights anymore? It seems that COVID Trump's all, but we all know that COVID was released and COVID is being used as the vessel as a scapegoat as a as a as an enema for this tire, radical power grab by the elites. And if these elites, these American elites, and these elites across the world, if they get their pay off if they get their goodies if they get to get power, if they get to have their ignorance is bliss cipher from the matrix moment where where they get paid off by the elite by the epic machines by the power of the world, right? It's like Xerxes, from from, from 300. Remember, he's standing over Lee, Unitas Lee Unitas I will give you riches. Join me that's like China, standing over Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and all these wealthy aristocats. Now, listen, folks, we're not dumb. They want us to be dumb. They teach our kids these things to be dumb. They do everything in their power to make us dumb. But you and I, we're not dumb. We see through it. So we're going to use our collective power to do everything we can to expose the companies that bow down and kiss the ring. So I'm going to show you

these 11 businesses, one of them might not be a business, but you could call it a business. But we're going to show you these 1011 businesses that are already stepping up to kiss the ass of President Joe Biden vaccination mandate. These businesses penalize unvaccinated employees. workers have been suspended or are facing health care surcharges. Look at that. They're not just following, Mr. Biden. But they're even cracking the whip as his as his taskmasters. On every day employees like you and I. This is by Lawrence Richard, this is coming from Fox Business. Some employees returning to work or receiving separate benefits depending on whether or not they're vaccinated against the Coronavirus sounds like discrimination. Several airlines and some major companies are instituting health care penalties or suspensions without pay if workers choose not to receive one of the widely available free vaccinations. Fox Business is tracking some of the companies enforcing the non vaccination penalties. So let's go down the list. We've got Alaska Airlines Ah, and they were my favorite to fly to the sucks. Alaska and horizon airlines sister companies under Alaska air are looking closely at a vaccine mandate for their 23,000 employees and they're even offering $200 to any employee who can show proof of vaccination. Conversely, unvaccinated employees will have to follow a new testing protocol face additional layers of masking and social distancing guidelines be required to undergo a Vaccine Education Program. They will no longer receive special pay for Coronavirus related leave. Look at that. They have a special camp for the unclean. Wow. They have a camp for the unclean where they'll learn about Vaccine Education. Look at that. That sounds very 1930s Alaska Airlines. We believe that having as many people as possible vaccinated is the best path for protection against COVID-19. And we will continue to strongly encourage our employees to be vaccinated. The airline told Fox Business in a statement. As of today, 75% of Alaskan horizon employees who have shared their vaccination status are vaccinated as we have throughout the pandemic, we'll continue to adjust our safety protocols as we learn to statement concluded I feel like these companies out there right. What they do is they make these incentives to try to to manipulate employees to get vaccinated manipulate them into making certain decisions that they may not want to make. Because what's happening isn't fair. They're not getting the benefits. It's Bs, but it's true. American Airlines which I hate American Airlines, American Airlines has sucked for years now. They really, really do. You can't get anything look I've got some some issues, right. And I'm a veteran. And because of some of my issues with with hips, with knees, things like that. I've asked them before if I could board the plane early, I've been told off for being a veteran for trying to just board the plane that's my seat, so that I'm not in pain. I've been told that they don't care about that sort of thing anymore. And it's not important. Trust me they've got some real pieces of crap working for that company. They really do. American Airlines will similar similarly, and pandemic relief aid for unvaccinated employees who contract the Coronavirus beyond October 1 employees who are not vaccinated and have to miss work due to coronavirus, infection or exposure will be required to use earned sick time or medical leave for any time missed. Quote. We've heard from the many team members that the full approval of the Pfizer bio and tech vaccine by the FDA gives them additional peace of mind when they were previously hesitant to get vaccinated. Listen, guys, it almost feels with American Airlines. Like they're taxing their employees. It almost feels like they're they're literally taking money out of their pocket. What if one of their employees has a disability? What if one of their employees has multiple comorbidities? And something in that vaccine could give them a blood clot? It's rare, right? But it exists. What if that person is in a low paying position? And now they get sick with COVID have to fight for their life? And American Airlines penalizes them, does their pre existing condition? Does HIPAA matter at all? Does Ada matter at all anymore?

Why is this narrative? Why does this narrative seem more important than the lives of you and me? Why somebody tell me Delta Delta Airlines will require unvaccinated employees to pay a sizable surcharge each month starting November 1 employees who refuse to get inoculated and are on Delta's health care plan will be forced to pay an additional $200 for their health insurance. That's pretty frickin messed up. United Airlines. They're penalizing employees who failed to receive at least one dose, a new policy, which will take effect October 2, we'll place any pilot flight attendant or customer service agent who is not inoculated on temporary, unpaid leave, according to a memo sent to employees by Kirk Linacre, United vice president of Human Resources. Folks, listen, you're not hearing much about this right now. Because it's still the middle of September we still got 10 or so days to go before October hits when all these different companies have their unpaid leave policies. And termination policies come into effect. They've given people some time there's a countdown. There's a hostage situation happening for bodily autonomy at the company's next month you're going to hear about mass layoffs. The unemployment is going to spike in this country. economies are going to start crashing even more inflation is going to rise even higher. We are going to have problems of massive proportions in the next few months. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Broward County, Florida Hey, that's where I'm from. I was born in Broward County, Florida. It's a really really crappy blue place. It really really really really is. Broward County, Broward County, Broward County. Government employees have been offered a one time bonus of $500 if they can show proof of their vaccination status, but those who remain unvaccinated will have to pay. unvaccinated employees will seemingly foot the benefit as they will have a $20 surcharge taxed on each of their paychecks along with a weekly Coronavirus test. County Mayor Steve Geller announced Wednesday. We're trying to walk a tightrope Geller said regarding the program's intent to boost vaccine rates for those who have chosen to endanger the community. You know, the problem with this is that there are many people where $20 will make or break them, believe it or not, trust me when I was growing up, I was one of those people. I grew up in a family where $20 would literally put us out would literally cost us days of shelter and food $20. Literally some people live off $20 for days. All right, we certainly did. So any additional financial burden to be used as an incentive to put something in your body, which you may not medically be eligible for, regardless of rushed approval or not. is unconstitutional, insane? Tie radical and everything wrong with the United States today Indiana University Health, a health care system.

All right. That is one of the largest employers in the state of Indiana. Of course, Indiana University Health they issued a health mandate requires or requiring all employees to receive at least one dose of the Coronavirus vaccine by September 1. ploys that refuse to receive the vaccine or missed the deadline have been suspended from returning to work. MGM resorts Las Vegas, MGM resorts international has discontinued paid time off for the unvaccinated employees that have to quarantine after infection or exposure to the Coronavirus. None of this is fair, since you can still get infected again, even with the vaccine. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, the MTA will also be penalizing unvaccinated employees in an effort to boost vaccination rates. The MTA announced that it would be pulling the 500,000 death benefit the $500,000 death benefit for unvaccinated employees conversely, surviving family members of vaccinated workers who die to the virus will receive a lump sum payment and three years of health insurance benefits. Take a look at this. Don't you see how they're pitting the narrative? They're taking all the benefits away all of the things away from anybody who's unvaccinated. It's a Weaver's them, right? They're trying to make it seem like everybody without a vaccination is evil. And everybody with a vaccination as good as holy as righteous. This is going to cause violence. This is how people get in a horrible situations in societies where people are literally killing each other in the streets. They're literally pitting society against each other. The vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. aashna are health employees and national health in Louisiana, the state's largest health care system have been tasked with getting a vaccine by October 29 or facing termination. They'll be suspended for 30 days. Oh, you get time to think about it. They'll get an opportunity to be able to get vaccinated, get it? Look, if you don't have a vaccination by the deadline. They give you a 30 day grounding 30 day timed out you're grounded Tommy, get in your room and think about what you've done. And if you don't bend to our will in 30 days, a fire plain and simple. They'll be suspended for 30 days you'll get an opportunity to get vaccinated. If not if they haven't met a religious or medical exemption, then they will be fired peacehealth as of August 31 peacehealth employees in lane County, Oregon who did not receive a Coronavirus vaccine were placed on on paid administrative leave August 31. It's September August 31. It's September 19. Folks, that is 20 days. So far, it's been 20 days, those people have been put on unpaid administrative leave, they're not receiving any money, their families could be hungry. All in the name of the super flu. Some of these employees have had the option to work remotely. But those who do not have that option like medical assistant, Christina Williams, they've been forced to use their limited paid time off hours. How much PTO do you have? All right, if you even get any, how much PTO do you have? If you were forced to use a bunch of it? Would you be able to get through this year and not get fired? If you got sick with something like an actual thing that needed surgery? If you had to use up all your sick hours it wouldn't work out and there's a lot of people in this situation. And of course the last one the US Army, alright, like I said, not really a business but if you want to look at them in terms of the military industrial complex. The US Army is quite the business soldiers enlisted

in the US Army. My screen blipped up this whole thing reloaded. And so that's one thing I hate about looking at Fox Business articles is the page resets itself the thing comes up with a video. They want to get your attention they got the money to do it. So we're back here at the US Army soldiers and listed in the United States Army are also facing punishments if they refuse to get vaccinated. According to a new plan announced Tuesday in response to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who needs to resign his order requiring all service members to be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Penalties would include discharge or relief of duty. Quote, while soldiers who refuse the vaccine will first be counseled by their chain of command and medical providers continued to fail. Continued failure to comply could result in administrative or non judicial punishment to include relief of duties or discharge. US Army Surgeon General Lieutenant General excuse me, US Army Surgeon General. See that's a tongue twister right there. US Army Surgeon General lieutenant general surgeon general Lieutenant General eye surgeon general Lieutenant General are Scott Dingell said soldiers have until December 15 2021 to get fully vaccinated. What kind of big uproar could you possibly see in the military? Look, this is what they have to say, quote, this is quite literally a matter of life and death for soldiers, their families and the communities in which we live. Case counts and deaths continue to be concerning as the Delta variant spreads, which makes protecting the force through mandatory vaccination, a health and readiness priority for the total army. Yeah, but you can still get Coronavirus whether you have the vaccine or not, it just doesn't make any sense. But it starts to make sense when you look at it in a different context. When you say somebody, something some force, some beneficiary, perhaps the country that benefited from COVID perhaps the elites perhaps the organizations in which they run perhaps their engineering this whole thing perhaps this is the matrix perhaps this is by design. If it is by design, right? If it is by design, then we have to look for the clues the glitches in the matrix. We have to ask ourselves, why are Taliban fighters pedaling on on Swan boats in the lake holding bazookas? Why? Why is Nicki Minaj giving better advice on free speech than the sitting President of the United States? And why do we even hear about Dave Mustaine from Mega death, metal heads or jumping for joy? Oh my god, Dave Mustaine got some press. Why should it even matter? Right. Why are schools distributing books and literature talking about fourth graders engaging in sexual acts with each other homosexual sexual acts with fourth graders? Why are we allowing that to be taught to our children? why our business is firing people, whether they're the handicapped whether They're old, whether they're young, black, white and different. Why are they firing people over bodily autonomy, but we're putting something in your body that you may or may not trust that you may or may not be led

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