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135 Republicans Vote Against the Second Amendment, Including Gaetz, Cawthorn, Nunes, and McCarthy

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

How do we know who to trust anymore? Are these folks voting this way for a strategic purpose we are unaware of? Or, are they carelessly gambling with our second amendment rights as a way to cover their tushies in case America First fails? Let's talk about it.

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Watch American Reveille | 173 | The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens


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Generated Transcript:

For instance, most people don't know. They don't realize they don't realize that people that you trust, people that seem to support Trump, people that seem to be supportive of an America first agenda are also supportive of taking your gun rights away. Folks, check out this article. We're not going to spend too long on this. But I want you to see this. This is from the National file it says read the names 135. Republicans vote with Democrats to advance a red flag gun confiscation bill. As part of ND a, a, it says republicans fall for classic democrat trick to include controversial legislation in a bill to fund the truth. The troops, not the truth. Excuse me, this is by Tom pepper. All right, guys. Take a look. I want you to listen to this. This is very, very important because people you would never expect are in this list. And I have a question for those people that will reveal at the end of this article. This morning, the United States House of Representatives voted to advance legislation that will allow police to confiscate firearms of individuals believed to be a threat to themselves or others, known as red flag laws that become highly controversial. They became highly controversial, excuse me during the Trump administration, due to the fears that they would be abused. This anti Second Amendment Bill, which soared through the US House and will now head to the Senate had the bipartisan support of 135 republican representatives. Alright folks really quick. The issue with this isn't that psychotic people shouldn't have guns, it's that you can abuse this, if you give the government the right to just blame. blankly take away gun rights from folks and confiscate their weapons based upon the accusation, or the belief that they're out of their mind, or they shouldn't have those guns. How far does it go? If my neighbor who doesn't like me or wants to hurt me or wants to rape my daughter or steal my possessions, calls the government calls the police and says, My neighbor, I hear him at the night howling like a wolf and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. I hear his wife screaming, I hear him out of his mind. I heard he's a veteran. I heard all of these things. He has guns too. And I see him playing with those guns. He's just making them up. Let's just say he's making all of these things up. Will they then come and take my firearms away? if this passes, they just might. That's a very, very, very powerful in the hands of the wrong people. So why is it being voted for? It's very strange. Well, many of those who voted alongside democrats would are not surprising to many others portray themselves as America first candidates who seek to realize President Donald Trump's agenda. Among these are reps Matt gaetz. Madison cawthorne Elise stefanik, Devin Nunez, Ronnie Jackson, President Trump's former White House, Dr. Greg Pence, the brother of former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Why? Why? I wonder who else voted for this. Other Republicans who voted for the red flag law gun confiscation bill include many of President Trump's opponents, including those who voted for impeachment. Among these are reps Herrera Bueller, Dan Newhouse, Fred Upton, Peter, my her may her my her. JOHN katko Dave salado, Adam kinzinger. And Liz Cheney. That's that group Liz Cheney. Wanting to take over the Republican Party get rid of the Trump Republicans. So are these Trump republicans the Kevin McCarthy's the Mike Pence is the the Greg Pence is the Devin Nunez is the Madison call thorns the Matt gates of the world. Are they just covering their butts just in case Liz Cheney does wind just in case somehow some way the mug the mogga movement is crushed and the left retains power and the right reforms itself cleansing its palate and removing all of the maga eights from its ranks with Liz Cheney leading it as a service of sorts some sort of snake some serpent with Liz Cheney at the head if she leads the party are these folks Matt gates, Madison cawthorne, Elise stefanik, Devin Nunez and so on. Are they trying to make sure that their political careers survive or are they playing politics? Are there other reasons?

What are the reasons I want to know Why, why they would vote to give my neighbor the power to play God with my second amendment rights. As is typical for democrat president, the red flag log gun confiscation legislation, that's that's such a rhyme right there. The red flag law gun confiscation legislations, the red flag law, gun confiscation legislation, it's a new schoolhouse rocks was folded into the often controversial National Defense Authorization Act bill for 2021. Which funds the net, the United States Armed Forces, typically, Democrats use this bill, which is politically costly for Republicans to avoid assenting. to, to ram unpopular legislation through the house. One thing I don't understand, right, because that's why these Democrats, excuse me, these republicans is pro Trump Republicans, they're going to use that as a shield, they're going to say, Hey, we did this because the military, our woke as military wouldn't be funded. Without us voting for this. Well, maybe just maybe the republican party should have some balls for once they should have a spine, a backbone, they should stand up and say, Fine, we're not funding anything. At some point, the left has to give, don't you think? Why can't I never see this? Why can't a republican stand on a soapbox in their town with a camera on them and say, Hey, we know this is going to hurt the military. But we're doing this because they want to take your guns away. And we're trying to make sure that you I mean, we're not dumb. We're not dumb politicians, lefties. We're not dumb, we're smart, the American people are smart. They can come to us, they can say, Hey, we know this is gonna suck for a bit. But we have to do it because of this. It's in our best interest to do it because of this, and that. If we stand up, and we don't allow the funding, we have more time to negotiate the removal of this program, which takes your guns away. Why can't they say that to us? They don't they're too scared. They're cowards. They're afraid that they'll lose their political career. That's why I wonder, I wonder who's whispering in the ear of the young Madison? cawthorne. He's fresh? Isn't Matt gates giving him advice? Who could it be? Is it Devin Nunez? These people that we think are our friends, our allies, our politicians that we look up to? Are they do we really believe in them? I'm not saying I'm not saying that they're bad. I'm not saying that they're even doing this. I'm not saying that, that they even have ill intentions. All I'm saying is that you should question everything. In 2012. Many republicans face similar outcry from voters after they voted for Barack Obama's 2012 NDA, which Obama signed into law in December of 2011. The 2012 NDA legalized the indefinite detainment and detention of American citizens, which you're seeing right now, with some of the January six protesters just want to bring it up, just making a point, just saying, All right, just saying the 2012 NDA legalize the indefinite detainment and detention of American citizens and made it illegal to protest an event where Secret Service was present. Many republicans defended their vote by claiming it was necessary to make sure active duty troops would receive their pay. The ACLU slammed the Obama regime for the law at the time, but it became law nonetheless. And like I said, it's because republicans don't seem to ever have a spine. They don't do anything about anything. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for what you believe in. So tell me, why do you think 135 was that the right number? 135? Yes, right there. 135 republican representatives, why do you think why do you think they voted to allow your neighbor to have so much power to allow the left have so much power to allow your guns to be taken away based upon accusations? Did they do it to save their own skin later on? Did they do it because they were ignorant and they didn't read the bill? Did they do it because they thought there would be political fallout for not defending the military but defunding the military in protest, which eventually they would have gotten funded. You can't have a country without a military. All right.

Are they actual elitists or Matt gates Madison Cawthorne Devin Nunez Greg Pence, Mike Pence, his brother, Kevin McCarthy. Are these people to be trusted? Are they really for maga for America first for Trump's political agenda? Are they just saving their own skin? Here's what I know. While the elites are scrambling to save their own skin, while they're scrambling to pull their act together, while everything is falling apart around them, unlikely things seem to be happening. I told you last week on American Reveley, Episode 172, about Nicki Minaj becoming an unlikely figure, an unlikely person standing up for free speech Well, now now, opposing points of view, people from the the apparent left what's supposed to be the left, I guess, people from the socialist side of things, and people from the right the mogga crowd, all right, people that were standing up for their bodily autonomy for their rights, to not get a vaccine are standing side by side it's very strange how these groups have come together over something that happened with Nicki Minaj. But it just goes to show how there's possible ways possible ways Hear me out, that the United States could start to unite over a common bad guy, a common enemy, and who is that common bad guy. It's the elites that have further corrupted the US government and don't want to work towards a solution that would bring true peace and equality across this country, not equity. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a quality

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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