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2021 Covid-19 Recap

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

I talk about Delta, Omicron, and the administration running the show. I talk about many important topics throughout!



Audio Only - Episode 183: Ep 183 | Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!


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Generated Transcript:

indications since they were involved in financing or conducting dangerous gain of function. Experiments with Coronavirus Coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of virology Fauci explicitly denied to Congress that the NIH funded such research only for a growing stack of evidence to indicate otherwise, the information tug of war around potential therapeutics expanded last year. In addition to hydroxychloroquine. Some doctors also tried off label prescriptions of the anti parasitic drug ivermectin. In one podcast episode host Joe Rogan was both praised and vilified for taking ivermectin upon announcing that he tested positive for the virus. He then invited CNN Sanjay Gupta on his show, and criticize that network for claiming he took a horse dewormer when in fact, he had taken the human formulation of the drug as prescribed by his physician, and they should make it easier for us to get therapeutics. But let me let you all in a little effin secret. All right, you may not realize this, just as many of you may not realize they're still working on the vaccine for the Delta variant. That's right, folks. We're all vaccinated if you are vaccinated for the original COVID variant, they're still testing the Delta variant. They're talking now about making an Omicron variant vaccine. All right, we're all going through the ringers for that stuff. All right. We're all going through the ringers. None of It is true. All right. None of it is actually helping. Maybe it helps some people all right. I'm not saying that the VAX doesn't help certain people in certain categories. But it is an untested thing. All right. It has not gone through trials long enough. It has not gone through the ringers for many years. One day, there's going to be a one 800 Number flashing across the screen there. Did you take the COVID vaccine and now you have measles philia OMA, well call one 800 Whatever the fuck to join this class action lawsuit so you could make $16 for them experimenting on you. Let me let you in on a little secret. If there are therapeutics, if there are things that treat the virus, then they can't get an emergency use authorization for a vaccine. That's right, folks, then Big Pharma wouldn't get all of that sweet money that's been printed to inflate our economy and crash the whole thing down because it can't build back better till you burn it all down. Maybe I should keep reading. Okay. Anyway, let's go to the administration. The Biden administration's handling of the pandemic has been mixed, the administration managed to smooth the rollout of the vaccines. But after the initial wave, the uptake has since slowed. Gallup reported in November, November, excuse me, that the percentage of adults who are or plan to get vaccinated plateaued at 80%. By December 30, more than 205 million people were fully vaccinated, meaning the completion of two shots of the Maderna which causes blood clots, apparently or Pfizer vaccine, or one shot of the Johnson Johnson vaccine, more than 68 million people on top of all that got their boosters as well. A December poll by the Trafalgar group found that a large majority of Americans likely voters opposed to new mandates and restrictions regardless of new variants. People are opposed. People are sick and tired of being guinea pigs are sick and tired of being jabbed, you know, I got my COVID vaccine. I'm not an anti Vaxxer. But at the same time, I wouldn't have gotten it. All right, my dad died a few weeks after he got his vaccine. My mom got very sick after she got her vaccine. I had a terrible reaction. And I'm still recovering from when I got the vaccine, and I only got the vaccine because it was written into a court order. Okay, so what do you want? I had to do what I had to do but the booster, I won't get it because I'm terrified that if I take a booster shot, maybe I'll have a heart attack like all these other people seem to be doing who knows why they're having heart attacks, but it seems to be very, very oddly close to getting a booster shot after months. Let's get back to the article after months of promises to tackle the pandemic Biden recently conceded that there's no federal solution to it. Alright, do you notice that that's a big deal? He's been talking out of his ass for years. All right. It's like look before the the campaign right before the election and after then when he became the the the fake puppet president there. All of it. He's been talking out of his ass and lying to us and then he just goes into Yeah, I can't do shit about it state problem. Shouldn't there be outrage? Shouldn't there be pitchforks and torches in the streets? The reason we're not seeing that is because everybody gets a different news if you're not awake to that yet. Well, Merry Christmas, man. Wake the f up. Everybody gets different news on their phone. All right. You get different news. Your grandma gets different news. Your buddy gets different news. Mike over there gets different news to sister Sally gets different news. Jackie over there. She gets different news. We all get different news. They have us all by the fucking balls. All right, unplugged from the Matrix. It's the only way and I don't even know how we do that. The Biden administration's handling of the pandemic, the administration smoothed the rollouts of vaccines early on. But after the initial wave, the uptake has since slowed. Gallup reported in November, like I read that the percentage of adults who are or plan to get vaccinated, plateaued at 80%. By December 30, more than 205 million people were fully vaccinated. Alright, that's what I had said. And I told you that people, alright, 68 million of those people got boosters. And what did we say? The Trafalgar group came out, and they let us know the truth. All right, people are sick and tired. They don't want to be jabbed anymore. They don't want to be pin cushions. They don't want to be experimented on, because this is an experimental vaccine. All right. This is an experimental vaccine.

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