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A Proxy Government and A Global Tyranny: A True Glimpse Behind the Veil

Updated: Apr 9

By Kelly Chase Offield, Contributor

The thinktanks that refer to themselves as "CVEs" (Countering Violent Extremism organizations) are responsible for censoring, shadow banning, ad feed tampering, and search result manipulation. They have partnered with the dominant tech platforms to control and manipulate information on unprecedented scales. To market their programs to the tech platforms and justify their programs to the public, the CVEs produce disinformation reports. In fact, most narratives over the Asian hate crime spike (white supremacy and far-right extremism) originate from the private sector CVEs. These narratives are used to justify tyrannical public and private sector policy, but who's actually in charge of it all?

In this investigation, we tracked down the role of the state. Have the private sector and the conglomerate of major leftist corporations outgrown their markets, seeking to usurp the executive government? Or is the government itself behind it all? We find out below!

The Truth About Censorship, Modern Propaganda Techniques, "Hate," "Extremism," "Terrorism," and Other Institutional Disinformation


Shadowbanning is a form of censorship in which the target is unaware that he/she is being censored. Google's CVE division, called Jigsaw, is the pioneer of the technique. Jigsaw then uses flawed methodology to justify the software.


CounterSpeech Initiatives are organized group efforts used online to control information. Tech platforms collaborate with think tanks to suppress certain opinions in social media comment sections while emphasizing others. One way in which this is done is to develop comment section architecture so that organized groups (groups the tech platforms and thinktanks organized while developing such comment section architecture) have a method to "hide" unwanted opinions and force their comments to be much more visible. CounterSpeech techniques vary considerably, but one such organized group is IAMHHERE International.

The Redirect Method

The Redirect Method is how targeted people's ad feeds, and search results are manipulated to display far-leftism or Marxist propaganda. The Redirect Method is used on social media and general search platforms and is meant to occur without the redirected user's knowledge that what they are seeing is being tampered with inorganically (as opposed to legitimate ads that result from market transactions between an advertiser and the platform, or legitimate keyword results from vertical search algorithms). The pioneer of the Redirect Method is the Moonshot CVE.

"Hate", "Extremism", "Terrorism", "Systemic Racism", etc.

Left-leaning narratives on hate crime are either completely untrue or greatly exaggerated. The "rise" in Asian hate crime was a highly manipulative ploy by a state-funded think tank (see the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism (CSHE) section in this article) that also happens to be a source of critical race theory training. Other tactics include the implication that highly biased opinion polls are actual crime data (NPR, ConnectFutures, Media Diversity Institute, and others). In fact, none of these organizations cite actual crime statistics from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, which has over 12,000 organizations that collaborate on the data set.

As for the origin and flawed methodologies of leftist narratives on "far-right extremism," "violent white supremacy," and "right-wing terrorism," the truth of the matter is that North America and MENA are the least-affected regions in the world regarding actual extremism and terrorism. The truth is that an American citizen has a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by one of these groups.

Ultimately, the CVEs are guilty of using three flawed techniques when publishing their reports, many of which are written in collaboration with tech platforms:

  1. Qualitative approaches without quantitative assumptions are the standard that many CVEs like Jigsaw 13 use. In simplified terms, this technique uses an anecdotal approach, but lets readers believe that data (an empirical approach) is involved.

  2. Data collection without quantitative analysis is another staple of Jigsaw, but also Moonshot and others.

  3. Improper data collection with quantitative analysis is a technique where sound statistical and empirical analysis is applied, but the data set was not collected properly. In these cases, data collection was carried out with a bias, with incorrect or vague definitions, or other flawed techniques to produce improper data sets.

These obvious flaws have not only been ignored by the U.S. Security State but cited in their reports as legitimate information and used as justification for funding some market actors over their competitors!

Ads vs. "Ads"

Redirection is not a market transaction where advertiser and platform exchange money for targeted ads, but it makes use of the market infrastructure by convincing users that what they are seeing is a legitimate advertisement, as opposed to statist/institutionalist propaganda.

Search Results vs. "Search Results"

Redirection is not the result of trusted vertical search algorithms that users have become accustomed to for decades, instead it preys on the trust established in those services by convincing users that what they are seeing is a relevant search option as opposed to statist/institutionalist propaganda.

The Security State Plays a Key Role

The CVEs develop the software, the platforms host it, the media serves the interest of each, and ALL are in collusion with major financial and pharmaceutical corporations, but the Security State plays a crucial role. But before we reveal that role, let's first establish just how extensive the Security State is.

There are 1,271 counterterrorist, homeland security, and intelligence organizations; 1,931 counterterrorist, homeland security, and private intelligence companies; 10,000 locations of these organizations and companies; and ~854,000 people with top-secret security clearances.

Citing, Defending, and Collaborating with Tech Platforms & CVEs

Content moderation (censorship and shadow ban software) and the Redirect Method are analyzed and defended by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in one of many reports as highlighted by this quote from the DHS:

"The School of Communication at American University will define and describe the growing threat of violent white supremacist extremist disinformation, evaluate attitudinal inoculation as a strategy for communication to combat the threat, and develop a suite of operational tools for use by practitioners and stakeholders. With commitment and support from Google Jigsaw, American University will develop evidence-based methods for undermining the persuasive appeal of disinformation-based messaging and facilitate on- and offline inoculation campaigns,"

For perspective, American University partnered with the pioneer of modern censorship software – Google's Jigsaw. The partnership resulted in manipulated ad feeds where American University content was placed in front of targeted users without their consent.

In further defense of the Redirect Method, USAID, a conglomerate of American intelligence, argues that "CVE programs are most effective when they are tailored and focused, often at a hyper-local level." This language of tailoring CVE measures to a local population is precisely what the Redirect Method does when users are profiled individually online.

The DHS uses phrases like "credible voices" when presenting evidence, rather than actual evidence. This is the classic appeal to authority argument that both the CVEs and Security State agencies are so fond of using. In fact, the DHS considers "civil society" leaders to be Facebook and Twitter representatives. It is odd that the state and these corporations never appear to have conflicting interests. It is odd that the state works so closely with a group of firms that are capable of doing what the state has longed to do for so long now.

The DHS also uses the same flawed techniques that Moonshot and Jigsaw use. A qualitative approach is used with skewed data (a very small sample of former white supremacists). This approach is necessary if one wishes to make an insignificant threat appear to exist on a more grandiose scale. As a result of these flawed analyses, the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFA) states that the top terrorist threat "is domestic rather than foreign." The CFA conveniently argues for more authoritarian control of networks by using outdated terrorism news:

[Al-Qaeda] also changed the nature of modern terrorism by pioneering the use of social media for recruitment, propaganda, and to encourage totally independent, lone-wolf attacks.

By using disinformation, the state is supporting certain services of certain market players, but not their competition, which are argued to be infested with extremists. The state makes arguments that have the following logical conclusions:

· The chosen dominant tech platforms can continue to expand and monopolize

· Platforms that dissent will not be approved or supported by the state

· Collusion (or control?) of the chosen dominant platforms is necessary to protect citizens

The quote above is meant to incite sympathy for more control of networks. CFA continues to argue for more authoritarianism by characterizing the Capitol Hill riots as acts of terrorism– a sentiment that the rest of the intelligence community eagerly adopts to secure more funding and more surveillance powers.

To highlight just how pervasive authoritarianism has become, a White House report from our new administration sounds eerily similar to the far-left CVE reports:

On his first full day in office, President Biden directed his national security team to lead a 100-day comprehensive review of U.S. Government efforts to address domestic terrorism, which has evolved into the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today...the Biden Administration is releasing the first-ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism to address this challenge to America's national security.

Again, phrases like "expert assessment" are frequently used by the White House report rather than citations of legitimate data and legitimate empirical analysis of that data. The White House also claims:

that the two most lethal elements of today's domestic terrorism threat are (1) racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race and (2) anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists.

These claims are made despite white supremacy being a minuscule problem. Recall that Jigsaw only found 35 former white supremacists despite having access to Google's significant data advantages, having access to billions of users, several years to collect data, and near-infinite funding. They still only found 35.

Another White House article signed Joseph R. Biden Jr., is merely an appeal to emotion with anecdotes about extremism. Merely four instances of domestic terrorist attacks are used across a 26-year period (in a country of 340 million), and the Capitol Hill instance was one of the four. Four instances across 26 years in a country of 340 million. This is hardly a problem on a societal scale, yet the White House article and many other security state articles defer to the wisdom of the private sector CVE community in order to research and control this threat.

The White House's strategy is to "deter and disrupt domestic terrorist activity before it yields violence" 4. Since "domestic terrorist" is so loosely defined, these "disrupt" campaigns can be used on normal Americans, a concern I have had with the private sector CVEs in their own flawed reports.

The White House article argues that LGBTQI+ communities are targets of violence. The media over-reports these sparse crimes to make it appear like an issue, but any "crime data" that supports this narrative is a lie – selective polling from left-leaning sources, like ConnectFutures, and Media Diversity Institute. Polling is not crime data; and bias-stricken opinion polling is all the less credible when substituted as "crime data."

A Proxy Government

If the Security State agencies were meant to protect us and our society, then why does this enormous conglomeration of agencies neglect crimes against children? After all, in 2018, there were only 6,000 agents worldwide that specialized in child exploitation despite an estimation of one million predators. Clearly, the security state apparatus is interested in network control and expansion of surveillance.

The Security State, the tech platforms, and certain leftist think tanks all want the same thing – network and information control. What are censorship, shadowban, and redirection campaigns if not the control of information?

What is the point of these campaigns if alternate platforms don't host them? Ultimately, every report conducted by these institutions is meant to gain control of networks not under their thumb and expand existing manipulation campaigns. This is why the CVE community routinely criticizes start-up social media platforms. It's because the CVEs don't have special access to those platforms, and neither does the state. The state receives data from the tech platforms and research reports from the tech platforms, but it is all done indirectly through the think tanks that refer to themselves as "counter violent extremists." It is a common sentiment between CVE and tech platforms that users will not trust information from them. That is why they introduce third parties in the redirection process. They realize that the public is suspicious of big tech and the executive agencies. Would they not also realize that the public would be aware of direct collusion between the state and big tech? Of course they are aware. This is why collusion between the state and big tech is done indirectly through the CVEs and the third-party NGOs

The [intelligence community] assesses that [domestic violent extremists] exploit a variety of popular social media platforms, smaller websites with targeted audiences, and encrypted chat applications.

This quote, from a White House article, is a blatant argument for more control of networks not under the thumb of the CVE community:

Drawing on the expertise of a variety of departments and agencies, the U.S. Government has revamped support to community partners who can help to prevent individuals from ever reaching the point of committing terrorist violence...the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated "Domestic Violent Extremism" as a National Priority Area within the Department's Homeland Security Grant Program, which means that over $77 million will be allocated to state, local, tribal, and territorial partners to prevent, protect against, and respond to domestic violent extremism...The Department of Defense (DOD) is incorporating training for servicemembers separating or retiring from the military on potential targeting of those with military training by violent extremist actors.

Another quote from the White House highlights this same argument, but with an emphasis on gun control policies:

DVE lone offenders will continue to pose significant detection and disruption challenges because of their capacity for independent radicalization to violence, ability to mobilize discretely, and access to firearms.

There is collusion between the state and certain corporations right now that undermines the free market, free speech, and their methodology proselytizes children, the mentally ill, and all dissenters. Big tech, and many other dominant international corporations have become proxy governments. It is time to start seriously analyzing the policies that grant special rights to corporations. It is time to limit taxes, rid our markets of de jure monopolies, oppressive regulations that limit the riches of the people, and form a coherent strategy to break up the collusion between state and corporation.

Stay tuned.

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