• Kandice Cox

Absent Outrage and Zero Accountability: America the Broken

By Kandice Cox, Blogger/Writer

Why is there no audible rumble of impeachment? Why no echoes down corridors of actionable bullet points that move faster than a snail's pace? No offense to snails of any type, breed, gender, or ability. I love snails, honestly!

But seriously, who is setting the standard here? What golden umbrella of idiocy does Biden get to carry, and exactly for how long? The sh*t show has got to stop, and soon! Good, we won some elections, good. But still, aren't the rest of you mortified at the ongoing actions from your president and his party of idiots? This leader of hypocrisy and all his cronies…

And so much for women's liberation, the very epitome of the "modern" woman who so proudly displays her independently owned, bought, sought and paid for ignorance. We seem to be awash with citizens educated beyond their own intelligence. It'd be funny if it weren't so tragically sad.

So what can we do? What can you do? Everything in life, indeed life itself, is a process. Start learning the processes of your government. Get involved from the ground up. Everyone wants to be the Mayor, but no one wants to sit in on school board meetings or clean up after PTA meetings. But real change starts in these small actions.

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