Attorney General William Barr v. the Radical Leftist Narrative

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

by James Lane

The Left's Power Trip

The radicalized Democratic party decided that they would make a mockery of what was supposed to be a House Judiciary Committee hearing and instead hold a politicized dog and pony show for the purpose of smearing the sitting President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Mr. Jerry Nadler, yielding his corrupt hammer akin to a masked ghoul, slams his gavel down again and again to shut the mouths of any and all Truth… any and all Republicans, any and all Americans who still love this country.

Sickened and infected with power, the committee chairman and his treasonous minions took the United States Constitution and wiped their 'holier than thou' rear ends with it.

The Democrats Turn on the Constitution

Again and again, A.G. Barr did a fantastic job remaining professional while under the onslaught of vicious orcs and titans pretending to represent the American people when all they represent is greed, lies, and selfishness.

One by one, they lined up like bowling pins and one by one Barr knocked them down. From Texas rep. Veronica Escobar to Arizona rep. Greg Stanton to rep. Madeleine Dean bringing shame to Pennsylvania. Georgia rep. Lucy McBath virtue-signaled that her survival of cancer was more important that A.G. Barrs children, both having survived cancer as well and rep. Slyvia R. Garcia, another Texan took her turn. Rep. Pramila Jayapal and rep. Joe Neguse also reminded us that there will be no actual answers because there are no actual questions. There was no shortage of self-righteousness among the bunch.

All the while, Jerry Nadler pounds his gavel to restrict free speech and the rights of the sitting United States Attorney General.

The Founders weep for Americans from beyond the grave.

Where can we find the Truth?

Watching this display of mob rule in horror, I was comforted by the calm-headed coolness of our beloved Attorney General and began to see the Truth as one by one, Democratic representatives did their best to distort evidence, bend the Truth, blatantly lie, and practically admit to harming the American people for personal political gain.

Every single time A.G. Barr attempted to clarify statements or speak the Truth, he was silenced by the words "reclaiming my time," which immediately prompted the committee leader Jerry Nadler to bang his gavel and scream over the Attorney General, the smirk and look of glum satisfaction evident on his face.

This Orwellian display of absolute authority for the defense and distribution of yet another leftist false narrative should add clarity to the wake-up call sweeping all aspects of the Right in the United States of America.


Democrats and undecided Americans, do me a small favor, close your eyes and ask yourself one simple question, one question taking all emotion out of the equation.

The equation is:

If I went to 7/11 to buy a drink and the cashier asked me for my car keys, I would ask him or her to clarify and explain what they are talking about, it's 7/11, why would someone need my keys? Right? At this point, when I ask for clarification, they scream in my face and pound their fist on the counter, again and again.

The question is:

Where is reality, and what is the Truth at this point? Why the hell would someone need my keys, and what the hell are they talking about?

Some people reading this are most likely confused while many others on the Right know precisely what I am talking about and those undecided need to watch the hearing in its entirety and explain to me how Donald Trump is the bad guy when I see a sea of elected Tyrants and Aristocrats fighting to stay in power.


I hear thunder in the distance [smirk], and the left hears it too.

This moment will be defined as the moment in modern American History when the everyday men and women of the United States woke up from their slumber only to find that socialism and radical left-wing ideology had declared a cultural holy war against the American people. Defund the police and destroy capitalism? It's time we spoke up and discussed what is happening, among other things. The American Reveille will be a symbol of the awakening.

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