• Thomas Marlowe

All Eyes on Georgia as a HISTORIC January 6th Fast Approaches!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

As Fox, Gateway Pundit, and others are reporting, Ted Cruz has finally come through with a joint letter raising concerns and voicing intent to challenge the electoral count this coming Tuesday. Senator Josh Hawley beat him to the punch, though we're unsure how long Cruz has been taking to gather support behind the scenes. Cruz perhaps knows it's not politically healthy to act as a lone wolf. After all, Hawley had to bear the brunt of the left's tirades over the last few days, though he did so with grace and populist acumen. Now we have the objections we've been waiting for to make January 6th everything so many of us hoped it would be: an all-out battle against global elitist ideologies that will expose the subverters of our Constitution who have been masquerading as patriots over the last couple of decades.

At the same time, Georgia is heating up on two fronts: one is the growing anticipation of Pulitzer's ballot analysis in light of his and others' testimonies before the GA Senate Judiciary Committee, and the other is the imminent run-off election that will decide the fate of the Senate and, ultimately, some would argue, the direction of our entire system of government. If anyone ever questioned whether the 21st century would reach a point comparable to some of the most exciting historic moments of our republic, the answer is "sooner than we ever dreamed it would." 2021 is rolling out on a fever pitch of pandemic lockdowns by tyrannical governors and mayors, continued riots from far-left extremists, a gubernatorial recall measure nearing fruition in California, and an electoral count that will have seven states with parallel electors for Mike Pence to decide the fate of a nation.

However, once the world sees Pulitzer's results, it might find that January 6th will become far easier for challengers to navigate politically. If the ballot analysis by Pulitzer's method produces clear and convincing evidence that fake ballots were counted during the GA election in November, many of the reporters on this topic can refrain from using the word "allegedly" in their description of the fraudulent certification that took place in Georgia. Once one state flips under these circumstances, the other legislatures may find the courage they need to meet "at will," as Giuliani has suggested, and recertify their state's electors for Trump.

This, of course, would be the best-case scenario.

In sum, the future of our republic and our world rests on the shoulders of the Georgia deplorables--their votes for Loeffler and Perdue, and the pressure they've placed on their elected officials to do the right thing to ensure a free and fair election for all of us.

WATCH: Change of Heart or Plan all Along? Pence Ready to Hear about Fraud & Irregularities on January 6th!

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