• Jo Lee Irish

All Over the World, Common People are Taking a Stand Against Tyranny!

By Jo Lee Irish, Writer/Blogger

We are awake, and we are tired. Moreover, what they are doing to our children, what they are doing to America by destroying our history, bringing CRT into our schools and colleges, and trying to destroy families! Can't you see? They are trying to change core values that still make our country great.

So much is happening in the name of liberty: A freedom convoy of Canadian truckers, people are taking a stand in Australia, people are resisting in New Zealand, people are taking a stand all over! We are sick and tired of this tyranny from the Radical Left. The whole world is sick and tired, and if America falls, the whole world falls.

People come to our country to escape Communism and other oppressive forces. They come to enjoy freedom and the American way. The Left says there is nothing special about being an American, nothing special about the American way. I say this to the Left:

You are dead wrong!

Look around you. The people have spoken. You have awakened the real sleeping giant! We will not give up, we will not back down. You have pushed us past our threshold, and now the more you push, the more we push back. So bring it!

If you don't make waves, you won't change the world. We can't lose this fight…we must stand together as one.

The Fake media won't say much about this, but other off-the-beaten-path outlets are showing the Patriots all over the world taking a stand. It is an awesome sight to see! We are still a great nation, and we are still strong in faith.

Though we are a Christian nation by founding, we are a great mix of people and religions. We are America, and we are so much more than just an idea! God bless America and our patriotic friends around the world.

... and if you don't love America, just leave!

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