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American Reveille Business Action Plan 2023

By James Lane, Ph.D., M.B.A., Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

American Reveille is more than just a website, some blogs, and a few podcasts and videos, it's an entire universe of Conservative entertainment. We are growing every day and depend on your support and trust in our vision. Here is our plan of attack as we head into 2023 as well as a little bit about who we are as a company and a culture.

American Reveille Podcast | New Episode Thursday, July 21st | Awesome 80s Montage!

[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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Hi, my name is James Lane Reichenbach and I am the CEO and publisher at large for American Reveille. Now a lot of people come up to me and they ask me, they think American Reveille is just a podcast or just another website. But American Reveille is so much bigger than that, so much bigger than just some idea. American Reveille is a vision American Reveille is a dream. It's a one stop shop, an area where people on the right or conservatives can go and find entertainment, find news media, find content creators, find podcasters, radio, books, all kinds of different media. It was never meant to just be like all of the other websites or just like a podcast. American Reveille was always meant to be something huge. How long have I been doing this? I've been doing this now, a couple months, over two years, two years and three months, two years and four months. Gosh, I put 1000s of dollars of my own money into it. I haven't made any money. It was never about the money. I know if I do it long enough, there will be money. And I know the people that helped me will eventually make money. But at the end of the day, it's not about the money. It's about freedom of speech. It's about being able to represent yourself being able to express yourself. People want to hear what you have to say. Everyday people have a voice, your neighbor has a voice the truck driver up the street has a voice. And hell that voice is actually pretty damn interesting. And it's pretty legit compared to what you're hearing on the BS news media, the propaganda corporate media that sits there and thinks they can control your emotions and tell you how to feel through what they say is the news. They're just trying to put out entertainment. They're just trying to get clicks. So we might as well have our own entertainment, something of value, something of worth something that not only puts out the truth, but also entertains the hell out of you. That's what we're trying to build. We're trying to build something huge. All right, we've got 11 writers 11 or 12 writers right now, different animators, different podcasters working with us we have all kinds of people coming out of the woodworks trying to be a part of American Reveille and it only gets bigger from here. So the organization is right now broken up into five parts all right, we have an entertainment media section this entertainment media section has all kinds of hypothetical things inside of it some of that material some of it hypothetical at the moment, but either way, it has huge huge room for growth huge potential for books for publication for animation for documentary for filmmaking, such huge potential in the entertainment media side of the house. Then we have news media and blogs. That's the main website you see www.AmericanReveille.com Or for short, AR dot WTF that's AR dot WTF we have something in the woodworks right now trying to get together what we're going to do with AR dot WTF, but it was worth the money. Trust me it was worth the money. But news media and blogs when you go to the main website, when you see all the different publications from our talented American Reveille, writers and contributors, we're always looking for more writers. So if you think you have the chops, if you really want to be heard, if you want to have your voice amplified, send me an email JamesLane@AmericanReveille.com. That's R E V E I L L E.com. Anybody want a sticker? I got so many fucking stickers. Of course, there's the events, the public speaking in the seminar side of the house, down the line when there were 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people wanting to hear what we're doing, wanting to get a piece of American Reveille, all the different people that are working with us, we're eventually going to take this show on the road. We're going to do some speaking arrangements. We're going to do some consulting, we're going to go to different states in the South in the Midwest, we're going to recruit help, we're going to give out help and we're going to expand the business then of course there's the podcasters and content creators influencer side of the house, we're going to build our own homegrown influencers podcasters content creators, people that want to entertain modern day conservatives people on the right and then of course finally, we have our marketing department our brand awareness and marketing depart At MIT right now, I'm working on getting talented people in that are experienced getting the word out about different movements, different ideas, different businesses, somebody, a group of people, in fact, that can take American Reveille to the next level, and get those words American Reveille in the ears of 1000s of people across the country and across the world. In fact, to tell you the truth, I'm interviewing people right now. And I'm getting the word out. I'm talking to people going out in town here in Oklahoma City, and also on LinkedIn and other places, looking for professionals. I'm putting together a board of advisors and the board of directors for American Reveille. We take this very seriously. I went to school for business. I really believe in what we're doing. I've dreamed of this. I've worked very hard. I do not sleep, I barely eat, I live, I sleep, I eat, and I poop American Reveille. So just know I didn't go anywhere. Just because the podcast went on hiatus. I went through some medical stuff, I'm still going through some medical stuff. I also moved the company moved my entire family from the Washington State area down to Oklahoma City. We have done a lot in the last couple of months. And though I'm still having medical issues with my back in my stomach, I've recovered to a point where I feel I can continue the podcast. But behind the scenes, we've still been going 100 miles a minute pushing forward the American Reveille agenda, pushing forward our business plans pushing forward the website pushing forward behind the scenes of the podcast, recruiting other podcasters talking to influencers, sending emails, writing different drafts out legal documents, all kinds of different things that take hours and hours and hours and need to be done behind the scenes. Like many before me, I'm doing it all myself. And we are recruiting talent, we are growing, and we are doing big things. So with that being said American Reveille Podcast comes back out Thursday, July 21. With a new episode. I wouldn't miss it. Like I said earlier, we're in talks mother podcast, we have other content coming in. So don't be surprised if in the next couple of weeks, you start seeing some different faces other than this ugly mug with all kinds of new people from around the country putting out entertaining content. It's not all politics, folks, trust me, but it is entertaining. So give us a shot. AmericanReveille.com That's R E V E I L L E.com. Our handle on truth app on getter on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of these different things you can look us up @JamesLane or @uncensoredr most of it is at @uncensoredar you can also find some of the social media at @JamesLane. Either way. All right, we're growing. We want you to be a part of this journey. And we are excited to have you along the way. What do I want from you. I want you to be a part of this amazing movement. I want you to join me in the American Reveille in the wake up call in the new birth of a modern conservative movement of Americans all over this country and all over the world opening their eyes seeing the reality of what's actually happening and realizing that they don't need the left. They can do it on their own. They can have their own entertainment, their own media, they can be a part of their own movement, and they can fight back through exercising the right to choose to choose an alternative to choose to support American Reveille.

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