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American Reveille: State of the Reveille Report 2-22-22

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

Howdy patriots!

These last few months have been quite turbulent for me! Between court battles, health issues, and graduate school, things are beyond busy. I appreciate all your love and support. I am still going through medical scans and procedures for pre-surgery, though surgery has been delayed a few months. My family and I will be relocating from Washington state to Oklahoma in the next few months and I am scheduled to complete my Ph.D. dissertation by April. Combine this with fatherhood and full-time work in aerospace and even a genius mastermind such as myself breaks down sometimes.

This is why you haven't seen many articles or podcasts over the last few weeks. I have been doing this for free for two years now and have invested thousands of my own dollars into it. I just want you to know that we are building up for the American Reveille comeback and I haven't gone anywhere, In fact, I have only just begun. In the meantime, I have someone helping us with some basic social media management, and I will publish articles and release podcasts sporadically. I am open to all feedback, suggestions, and conversations, just email me.

There's so much to talk about right now, but if I didn't take the time to produce quality content I would be doing you a disservice and we would be just like every other "fly-by-night" media company, so thank you for understanding. I am in this for the long haul.

Soon, Ludicrous Speed!


James Lane

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