• Thomas Marlowe

And the Plot Thickens...

By Thomas C. Marlowe, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity

--William B. Yeats

Last year I did a piece on John F. Kennedy's eerie speech to journalists at the Waldorf Astoria more than a half-century ago, warning that nefarious individuals and organizations with dangerous ideologies work clandestinely to oppress and subvert our way of life, in order to steal away the freedoms we enjoy as US citizens. A few weeks ago I reviewed his nephew's book The Real Anthony Fauci.., which, ironically, proves, case-in-point, that his uncle was right. Today (12-3-21), Washington Times' writer Cheryl Chumley did an opinion piece about Fauci--the "self-declared representative of science--" calling for the admonition of Lara Logan for reporting how he is perceived around the world as a "Josef Mengele...the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during WWII."

In another twist of irony, Germany's Prime Minister Merkel is implementing a nationwide lockdown for the unjabbed. Fitting, eh? No doubt they're ignoring the real science and adopting Fauci's. According to the data points for the real science, the unjabbed are not the only spreaders. And people around the world are starting to find out the truth about the real science, and starting to ignore Fauci's.

In response to his growing and warranted infamy, Fauci believes Lara Logan should be fired, essentially, for reporting what the world says about him. If this isn't Nazi tactics, I don't know what is. Moreover, 80 so-called Republican house members voted yesterday to implement a jab tracking system, which will be run by the new Gestapo, the CDC (what many are calling now the Center for Deception and Control), and funded, of course, by the taxpayers.

Dear readers, we are under attack...Not by naval, air, and ground forces, but by our own elected officials and their appointed elitist bureaucrats. We pay them to twist and skew the Constitution they swore to defend when they took office. We are, in fact, paying an authoritarian administration to erode our freedoms.

Washington DC has morphed into a malignant, metastasizing cancer invading the body of our republic. Make no mistake, the lawmakers in Washington are not done. The information war rages, and those in control of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Washington DC have the upper hand.

Those who question, opine, and weave any narrative other than what is approved by Big Pharma become voices crying in the wilderness. Yet, cry we must--shout the truth and defend our freedoms at all costs. Take up a pen, set down for a moment in front of your laptop or desktop, and, instead of watching that Netflix series or binging on a Hulu series, spend a few minutes writing your representative, whether Democrat or Republican. Tell each one of them you are tracking them as well. They are on your radar more now than ever.

We the people have had enough lip service, while they plan and scheme behind closed doors in Washington. It's time to take our country back. This is a link to the list of scoundrels who betrayed their country: https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/2021388.

Find your representative, click their name, get their email address, and voice your opinion. Then, vote them out!

Read: The New “Scariant” Omicron Brings the Jab Agenda Back to Life, by Thomas C. Marlowe

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