• Kinsley Kurtz

Are You Being Unknowingly Vaccinated?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Contributor

Since the "inception" of the pandemic, a worldwide panic has spread about the dangers of the coronavirus, the implications of its spread, and the future of our human race in light of our newfound vulnerability. It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entire world economy upside down. With more people having to follow "government regulations" and "economic restrictions" than ever before, it has been difficult to get accurate information regarding the spread of the disease, accurate mortality rates, and information regarding how to protect our health in general. What to do?

Thanks, Wuhan

It is this writer's opinion that if, in fact, the virus originated in the wet markets of Wuhan, it was placed there by members of a global elite that wished for even tighter control of the world population. This ruling class has been pulling the strings for centuries now, and one of their battle cries all along has been "depopulate"----target the useless eaters who sap global resources and add the fears of scarcity, death, and lack to an already frantic vibration. Whether you believe this outrageous theory or regard me as a crackpot, there is no denying that significant changes have taken place in our world and in our psyche as a result of this pandemic threat.

What about the numbers?

Staunchly democratic states and communities were the first to get on board---everyone wear a mask! We must social distance! No talking, and absolutely no touching one another. We are to regard one another with suspicion and fear rather than connecting with one another. Aren't the "numbers" terrible? They are growing every day…more people dying, more people traumatized, more people stretched thin, and more people experiencing loss more than ever before.

But let's rally up, comrades---- let's all stay isolated "for the good of mankind." Let's take one for the team so we can remain healthy and hale and come through this together. So what if it's for a few years-----perhaps through Biden's "supposed presidential term?" We'll come out stronger and more resilient than ever before...if we survive.

And let's talk about the numbers…how can you be sure those totals are accurate?

Let's think about your news sources for a minute; where are you getting your information? If you aren't in the throes of the healthcare industry and don't have access to medical records of patients who have tested positive, you are misinformed. If you haven't been intimately involved with the care of patients currently suffering from COVID-19, you are misinformed. If you haven't been involved with test collection, or heard stories involving people who have lost family members due to the disease that has us all firmly held in its grip, then you don't likely have an accurate picture of what is actually happening.

You are aware that data can be compromised, right?

You are aware that those few that hold the keys to global government want a radical depopulating event to take place, correct? Our friend Bill Gates has made this very suggestion in several press conferences as of late. How benevolent of him to help "create" a vaccine that will save us all from the very peril that he is in favor of.

Wait a minute…

So now that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been rushed through development, production, and distribution with very little thought to how this drama will unfold, we are all safe. We can go back to our regularly scheduled programs, and life will return to normal.

Or will it?

In San Diego, an ER nurse recently did his due diligence and received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Seven days after his second installment, he began to feel feverish, achy, and generally unwell. He went in for a "just in case" test, and to his surprise, found out that he had tested positive for the virus. He is one of many healthcare workers with this new chapter in his life story.

Four individuals who participated in Pfizer's initial rollout of the vaccine developed Bell's Palsy, a condition characterized by temporary and even long-term facial paralysis. Little did they know that doing their part for the good of mankind would leave them with permanent battle scars.

Then, there's the story of the forty-something nurse and mother of three who received her doses of Moderna who developed full-body tremors that have yet to subside. Her video is found on the internet as she documents her experience and begs others to think twice before lining up.

The plot thickens…

If you haven't yet been skeptical about receiving your doses of Pfizer and Moderna as soon as they become available, consider the fact that Fauci and his cohorts no doubt anticipated the hesitancy of many and the total compliance of few in this vaccine endeavor. Not to worry… .there's a plan for that too. Back in November of 2020, a Johns Hopkins University study was done that indicated that it would be possible to lace coronavirus testing swabs with an "innovative vaccine technology" that would allow for even the most hesitant members of our non-participatory community to receive a "life-saving dose" of the vaccine.

Thanks to the dark and sinister studies of Dr. David Gracias and a team of bio-researchers at JHU, the team was able to craft a microcosmic "parasite" capable of attaching itself to the intestinal wall of an unsuspecting host and delivering the "much-needed" medication without the need for a formal vaccination process. That also means that it could be administered to an unsuspecting public through a precautionary test "just in case" they develop symptoms and need to be diagnosed. In summary, it is possible to become vaccinated without our knowledge or consent through the very test that is used to diagnose COVID-19. Chew on that for a little while…

And parents

Even now, schools are preparing a large-scale initiative to help parents get on the vaccination bandwagon. Ironically, Informed Choice President Erica Pettinaro argues that setting up school vaccination sites will make it easier than ever before to target a large portion of the population (your children) without seeking explicit parental consent, claiming that implied parental consent will be sufficient justification for vaccination at school sites. Speak now parents, or you may have children coming home with an extra-curricular vaccine at the end of their school day.

Is there a larger purpose?

Never in our country's history-- even our world----has a vaccine agenda been so largely promoted or so vehemently pushed. Inquiring minds want to know…...why is THIS one so significant? With actual COVID death rates and recovery rates being much more promising than projected in our media, why are our government leaders insisting that a global vaccine is a moral imperative?

Wake up, dear sheeple

My advice to you? Do some research. Find some off the beaten path news sources that resonate with you. Talk to each other, ask questions, connect. Before you make the decision to obtain the vaccine, or even to get tested for problematic symptoms, ask yourself why THIS movement is becoming a worldwide obsession and what implications it could have long term for you and your loved ones. Is there a deeper, darker, more sinister plot behind the pandemic and vaccine experience? Knowledge is power, and the truth---while uncomfortable and downright shocking at times, will set you free. What do you think?


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