• Bryan Cornitius

As a Texan, I Feel Like the Left is Stealing my State and Stealing my Country!

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

You know the Comanche tribe was such a formidable opponent in battle. They were so brutal that they were able to stop the French empire from expanding west while simultaneously stopping the Spanish empire from expanding north.

Here in Texas, we are a unique breed.

We have been blessed with the good life, and we try to enjoy every last drop of it.

As a Texan, I was raised to believe in the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights. In Texas, we proudly support the Second Amendment. We have a deep commitment to our agriculture community and love the rodeo. We celebrate the working class and hard work. We have been blessed with some of the best schools and colleges. We have amazing BBQ, Tex-Mex, and a seemingly unending supply of cold beer. We like monster trucks and fireworks.

Oh, and we have our own music and culture, too.

When President Donald Trump was in the Whitehouse, everyone had plenty of gas to drive their trucks and jobs to drive those trucks too. It's that simple. The prosperity experienced, and the pride of energy independence had Texans beaming with optimism for a brighter future. Along with a secure border and tax cuts, there was truly a "positive vibe" in the air.

The appeal of an America First candidate shouldn't be difficult to understand after the demoralizing Obama presidency. The pendulum would obviously have been ready to swing the other way.

The Left demonizes national pride as Fascism. No matter the demonization by the media, I believe Americans and Texans are overall good people who want to operate in a free and fair system. I believe enough patriots have shed their blood to defend this nation and the vote of the people.

The very heart of the United States of America is that the people are supposed to be in control of their own country through the voting system, and in 2020, an overwhelming majority of Americans and Texans voted for President Trump and feel robbed of their vote.

This, of course, creates a palpable tension whenever "President" Biden pushes an agenda that goes against what the people want. A disenfranchised public looks to decertify the election due to the obvious fact that the American people are not in control of their country. That's never been more clear.

To deny the vote of the people is the ultimate form of taxation without representation.

The election fraud is so serious that President Trump broke the American tradition of successfully transferring power from one President to the next in person. Laughable, some people even questioned if he'd transfer power at all. This snub, among others, keeps Biden's legitimacy in question to this day.

Well, that and a mountain of evidence.

The fog of war created by the Covid scamdemic allowed for smoke and mirror antics and dirty tactics to steal the 2020 election. It is sheer lunacy for anyone to say that Joe Biden got 81 million votes. His candidacy consisted of him trying to put sentences together in his basement in Delaware.

This slime of the sewers of Washington DC is now masquerading as the President of the United States. I have no doubt Joe Biden is a corrupt tyrant. "President" Biden builds a wall around the Whitehouse while leaving our southern border open. "President" Biden diverts agents from the border patrol to assist with the Ukraine border!

To our enemies, this is the white flag of American surrender.

Biden has abdicated his responsibility to secure the border. Human trafficking, modern-day slavery, and skyrocketing crime are a testament to the Leftwing Communist filth in charge today.

The overwhelming financial strain on the local system in Texas has created an untenable situation. The disrespect and intentional damage done to the state we love so much is very disheartening to Texans. The Texas farmers and ranchers are on the frontline of the invasion of our country. Once again, the entire system betrays the very people who pay taxes to support it.

As frustrations grow over the stunning display of arrogance by the ruling elite and their obvious disgust, disrespect, and disdain for the common man and woman, people are beginning to stand up to tyranny across the United States.

Meanwhile, the elites continue their Great Reset.


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