• Laura Holly

Beating the Left at Their own Game

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Laura Holly, Contributor

Let me start off with a little background.

I’m a transsexual, an octoroon, atheist, and bisexual… and I voted for Trump. Why does any of that matter? It shouldn’t, but with identity politics all the craze, I feel obligated to explain that not all people who are like me are insane or communist. I am an American first, everything else comes second.

But why are so many of my kind on the Left anyway? Why does the left get to rig elections, bend or break laws, force citizens to wear muzzles, forfeit their businesses, punish the victims while rewarding the criminals? Why?

Because we let them. That’s why.

They kill our police, attack, and even kill us. The Left burn our stores, shut down our highways, and do many more horrific things. Those are the actions of highly motivated people. Highly motivated people GET SHIT DONE, for good or for bad. Motivated people sleep in tents in the summer, and riot, err I mean protest nightly for months. Motivated people don’t stop until they get what they want.

Politicians handle Antifa and BLM with kid gloves because they know these people will bust their asses. But how do they treat us? With contempt, why? If someone treats you like a bitch and you take it, then you’re a bitch. Angry? Good. Stay angry. Stay motivated. Because that’s the only damn way we’ll ever win. That’s how it was in my neighborhood. If someone slapped you and you didn’t fight back, you deserved that slap.

When people say, “We’ll vote for Trump in 2024!” I get the urge to slap the piss out of them, then slap them for pissing. There will be no 2024! Do you think they’ll cheat any less then? Do you think they’ll suddenly respect us or come to their senses and become morally decent people? HELL NO! If you hide your guns saying you lost them in a boating accident instead of occupying the ATF’s main hall with thousands and thousands of people telling them to go **** themselves, you’re doing it wrong.

We have grown into complacent creatures of comfort. I am just as guilty as the next. But success comes to those operating outside of their comfort zone. We don’t agree with their methods, but can you deny their results? Biden is very likely to be president. Our country is in shambles, just like they want. Our nation, our lives are being warped and stolen in front of us.

So ask yourself, where is your line in the sand? How many more injustices will we have to suffer before we take it to them? I don’t mean violence, though I know whose side I’m on if a war broke out *insert Rebel yell here*. But we can’t just go back to work hoping that in 4 years this will be better. It hasn’t gotten better and it won’t, not unless we make it better. Your children will inherit the consequences of your inaction.

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