• Madison Blake

Bidenflation: Sacrificing Middle America in the Name of the Great Reset

Updated: Oct 30

By Madison Blake, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

It doesn’t take a genius to see the inflation happening all around America. Between the Covid-19 pandemic, supply shortages, worker shortages, and the war in Ukraine, Americans are suffering tremendous financial constraints. Formula-feeding mothers are turning to social media to feed their babies, women are struggling to find feminine products needed monthly, and gas prices are higher than they have ever been, setting historic records. The average American is feeling the pain at the pump more than ever, prompting the comical gas pump stickers of Joe Biding pointing to the price tag, saying, “I did that.” Although Americans could use the comic relief, there is nothing funny about the reality of Biden’s inflation crisis. The Administration’s game of finger-pointing and denial is becoming more and more pushed by left-leaning media and journalists. However, this was all part of the Administration’s indirect plan toward the “Green New Deal” and, likely, the Great Reset. The Great Reset is the goal of the World Economic Forum to create a one-world government in which, to quote the founder Klaus Schwab, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

Gas and Oil

When Joe Biden ended the Keystone Pipeline on January 21, 2021, his first day in office, many people heard about all the jobs that were at stake. But what many media outlets did not report was the potential blow to the United States’ oil market. During his campaign, Joe Biden promised to “transition away” from oil and gas in an effort to gear the U.S. towards a greener future, prompting the closure of the pipeline.

Interestingly, Biden happened to approve Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline to send oil to Germany early in his presidency. In fact, according to Forbes, the Biden Administration also ended all oil production in Alaska and the lower 48 states, including offshore drilling. While the Biden Administration continuously blames Vladimir Putin and oil refineries as the culprits of the record-high gas prices, one Washington Examiner article shows that the price of gas was climbing long before the invasion of Ukraine as well as discredits the Biden administration’s claims of price gouging.

Why would the left take such swift and prompt measures to shut down U.S. oil production? The simple fact is the Biden administration knows that progressive and extremist calls for pricey, radical changes will not pass the Senate. Although there is a 50/50 Senate, Republicans would not vote on radical measures like the “Green New Deal,” nor would the two moderate Democrat Senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both of whom have already struck down the nearly $93 trillion plan. The radical left’s obsession with climate change and green energy is rooted in the belief that progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have proclaimed. The world will “end in twelve years.” These beliefs are driven by organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum, which seem to be on a rampage to strip the United States of its sovereignty in the quest to create a one-world government. In fact, the Biden Administration has specifically set the goal to cut emissions in the U.S. in half by 2030, oddly enough, the same year in which the United Nations’ end goal for their progressive “Decade of Action.” On the surface, this sounds like an admirable goal to save our planet, however, the average American is suffering historic inflation to achieve this. How long can middle and low-income America continue to do so? If Joe Biden has his way, “as long as it takes.” Quite simply, the Biden Administration could ease the pain at the pump for Americans by un-doing all the restrictions he placed on American oil and gas and allowing the U.S. to produce it domestically. In a Freudian slip, Biden’s economic advisor Brian Deese stated in a CNN interview that high gas prices “is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.” So what agenda, exactly, is being forced on the average American citizen?

Supply Shortages

Yes, when Covid-19 began to circulate in the United States, panic buying and supply chain interruptions were a problem. However, it wasn’t until Covid-19 re-entered China that the U.S. began to see significant issues in the supply and demand of goods. Shipping containers were stuck in ports in California and in China without workers, trucks, and commodities to move them. Adding fuel to the fire, the war in Ukraine has extensively threatened the global food supply. But one story the mainstream media refuses to report on is the striking number of food processing plants that have mysteriously burned down or have had planes crash into them. In a difficult-to-find article, a total of 98 food processing or manufacturing plants have been damaged or destroyed in “accidental fires.” Fact-checkers are quick to discredit the claims that these are purposeful, but one must admit that it is suspicious that so many have perished in such a short amount of time.

Adding to the problem, a bird-flu outbreak has led to the deaths of millions of chickens and turkeys, resulting in price hikes on eggs, chicken, and turkey at the grocery store. In fact, my local grocery store had a dozen eggs priced over $5 for the first time ever. An estimate of about 10,000 cattle also perished on a Kansas farm overnight, with claims that the extreme heat was the culprit. While mainstream media outlets likely did not report on this, social media was quick to spark the conversation. Videos on TikTok have emerged with farmers claiming the government has paid them to destroy their crops, again cueing fact-checkers to quickly dispute the claims. But I remembered a story on my local news in which the state has directly told farmers not to farm unless absolutely necessary, citing drought as the reason. Yes, the west has been in a significant drought, but I do not doubt that states in the west are indeed directing farmers NOT to produce food.

Perhaps the most detrimental shortage yet has been the infant formula shortage. Forcing mothers to make their own formula which could be dangerous. This has caused them to travel hours to multiple stores, resort to other brands, or even use goat’s milk to feed their babies. On the surface, it is easy to just assume that there are only four major formula makers, thus, monopolizing the infant formula industry is to blame. However, the Food and Drug Administration (a government agency) shut down the largest formula manufacturing facility, Abbott, due to links to deadly bacterial infections in formula-fed infants. Yes, the monopoly that is infant formula played a massive role in the shortage, but the FDA played its role too, considering they waited four months after a whistleblower came forward about unsanitary conditions to take action. While it may seem that the government is trying to help by importing formula from Europe, America, the greatest country in the world should never be facing such shortages in which we rely on other countries for our supplies.

With all the above evidence, it is hard not to think inflation is at least somehow purposeful. Perhaps the baby formula shortage is a preview of what is to come, or hopefully, the 2022 elections will change the direction of this country for the better. Either way, it is clear that at least the gas and oil prices are not only a non-issue for the Biden administration but all a part of a bigger picture to force the U.S. into electric vehicles and so-called “green energy.”

In another plot twist of the tale that is inflation, the author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, recently said that inflation will “wipe out 50% of the U.S. population.” Again, the fact-checkers claim to know what he meant by that, but the fact is that the World Economic Forum recognizes that about 50% of the U.S population is middle class. What this blatantly means is that those who are middle class or below will be most impacted, and possibly even wiped out, by Biden’s inflation crisis.

How To Fight Inflation

The thing on everybody’s mind right now is how can I fight inflation? How can I save money? Not everybody is financially able to stockpile, and we should ideally avoid that to prevent more shortages, circa, the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. Here are some great tips for the modern American:

  1. Prepare NOW: If you can afford it, freeze-dried food from sources like mypatriotsupply.com (which is what I use) has so many options to choose from. It is recommended that the average person has around three months of emergency food on hand. However, this can be very expensive! Pro tip: when you are at the store, and you can afford it, buy two! Make sure you are buying non-perishables. You can buy mylar bags with oxygen absorbers on Amazon and learn how to store non-perishables longer. Rice and beans, when eaten together, make up a complete protein necessary for human sustenance. Therefore, they are so popular when the economy hits the fan and why poverty-stricken communities store these staples.

  2. Start a Garden: Yes, it requires time, money, patience, and space. However, I was surprised to learn the amount of food that one can grow using containers with limited space and resources to plant year-round at farmersalmanac.com. You can find heirloom seeds on Amazon, which planting the seeds from the resulting crops will continue to produce.

  3. Learn to Store Food: Regardless of whether you grow your own food or have extra food from the grocery store, learning to can and ferment your food will help you not only to save money, but prepare you in the event of extreme food shortages. Trust me, the internet is full of great ways to store your extra food.

  4. Use Food as Medicine: There are several functional medicine physicians who have proven that food can be used as medicine. If you have a chronic illness, functional medicine may help alleviate the symptoms. For example, the price of insulin is soaring right now. For type one diabetics who require insulin, you may have a more difficult journey ahead of you. But for type two diabetics, modern research has shown that diet and lifestyle changes can all but eliminate type two diabetes. Most chronic illnesses can be alleviated, if not reversed, using food as medicine, and no, you do not need to spend thousands on a functional medicine provider as most of this information can be found online or via podcasts and books. My personal favorites are: Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Steven Cabal. and Dr. Steven Gundry

  5. Work from Home or Carpool: I get it, I am probably one of the BIGGEST introverts in the world. I am fortunate enough that I can afford to suck it up at the pump and drive to work in a non-electric vehicle. This is not the case for everyone, sadly. I promise if you are feeling the pain at the pump, others are too, so do not feel ashamed by starting a car-pool group at work, I guarantee that others will be happy to join in. If you can choose to work from home, do it! My fiancée drives a truck that gets maybe 12 miles per gallon. He is also able to choose to work in the office or at home, which, with these prices, he works from home.

  6. Write to Your Local Congressmen: This one takes some research and may leave you empty-handed. Living in a blue state where just two years ago, oil production was booming, I was left with crickets on oil prices. But it never hurts to start a group on Facebook or Nextdoor to recruit fellow neighbors and help the cause.

Lastly, remember, We the People are pissed off! And only we have the power to change things. So, vote in November and make your voices heard!

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