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Big Pharma Vax Billionaire CEOs

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

I talk about the Big Pharma execs you havn't heard of. The one's that got filthy rich from the Covid vax. News hidden in plain sight.



Audio Only - Episode 183: Ep 183 | Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!


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Generated Transcript:

Alright, folks, the big scary thing about COVID-19 Isn't the amount of people who died. And I'm sorry to all the family members and all the people who did pass away all the folks with comorbidities, and especially when we didn't know how to treat the virus, especially people that died because they didn't have to, because of governors who put people in nursing homes, or because of governments that didn't allow treatment because they're pushing a vaccine or even a vaccine that may have killed folks. I'm sorry for all those people. But the real scary truth, the real, real bad, bad news is all about the money. It's all about the Benjamins. It's all about these wealthy people on the front page, how the COVID-19 vaccine injected billions into big pharma and made its executives very rich. That's the real truth right there. That's the real story. Alright, this is on forbes.com. I'm not reading you this off some tabloid site and I don't give you templates site. And all of these these sources that I'm using, everything I'm going through is going to be in the description below. So if you really want to fact check, if you really think I'm full of shit, just go down below, read all of that, find the truth for yourself. But folks, I have to push this to you the way it's presented. You need to know what happened. You need to know what direction is go. You need to know that the cloth masks don't work that the vaccine have risks that that that the health that that you that you do, the decisions you make for your own personal health are yours to make. And you need to take more of an active role in your own life and in your family's life to make these decisions based upon what's best for you, and what's best for your family. Because while you sit there and possibly believe the news and think that our government really gives a shit about your health. People are getting very fucking rich. And if you think that's coincidence, then you're high on crack and you need to give me hunters number because I need some of that stash myself. This is from Nina Burleigh. This is the forbes.com. editor's pick how the COVID-19 vaccine injected billions into big pharma and made its executives very, very rich. Before the COVID 19 pandemic, Big Pharma had been easing out of the vaccine business for decades. By 2019, the major vaccine makers supplying America had dwindled to a handful of large companies. Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, because vaccines are only used once or twice as opposed to medicines that people take daily. So what's that mean? That means they're not profitable. The scale of vaccination programs also invites class action lawsuit. Sorry, class action litigation if something goes awry. The White House needed a whopping amount of money to coax companies to research and test and then produce hundreds of millions of doses they initially asked for, and Congress rapidly approved a 10 billion doses. Alright, sorry. $10 billion dollars Excuse me. Ultimately, Operation warp speed ows, the US government's COVID-19 relief program were doled out $22 billion to Big Pharma. The amounts of money were the kinds of sums normally seen in the smaller defense budget line items, but were massive for public health project 2.5 billion to Maderna 1.2 billion to AstraZeneca. Half a billion to Johnson and Johnson 1.6 billion to a small company called Novavax, only Pfizer opted out of ponying up to the trough. At first, it didn't want to devote resources to coordinating with the US government on its own work. But in July, Pfizer signed a $1.95 billion deal to sell 100 million doses of its two shot vaccine to the United States. Enough for 50 million people. That would be the first to reach American arms. The price per double shot about $40. It's comparable to the price per shot of the flu vaccine, and by February, the government had ordered 300 million doses from Maderna with its first shipment of 100 million priced at $30 per double shot dose cheaper than Pfizer, partly because the United States had forked over nearly a billion dollars to Maderna research Maderna CEO had said the price per dose will be higher for retail once the government contracts phase out. Because the project worked. It may well elude financial investigation. ows was staffed at every level by pharmaceutical industry executives and the revolving door of allies in the government. They could, if they wished keep their investments thanks to a special exemption brought on as contractors. They were not subject to federal conflict of interest regulations in place for employees. So operational work speed advisors with connections and investments had to agree to assign some of their COVID vaccine earnings to where else the N I H that's Fauci his baby, but they could wait to do so until after their deaths. ows was staffed at every level by pharmaceutical industry executives and the revolving door of allies in the government. Oh, let me go down further. Sorry. Former Big Pharma executives mon clefts loudly. I hope I said that right sat on the board of Maderna 13 days after the first massive infusion of taxpayer money into its coffers which triggered a jump in the company's stock price. Hmm. Shall Sally was awarded options to buy 18,270 shares in the company. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission's filing first renewed, reviewed by Kaiser Health News. Those shares were added to 137,168 options he'd accumulated since 2018. He reaped an estimated $8 million when he resigned from the Maderna board. Among the other known connections between operation warp speed and Big Pharma cash, Operation warp speed advisor and Pfizer employees. William Earnhardt and Rachel Harrigan maintain financial stakes of an unknown value in Pfizer, the recipient of nearly 2 billion health and home security contract for 100 million doses of vaccine Richard Whitley, an advisor on the vaccine safety panel is associated with Gilead Maker of the COVID antiviral agent remdesivir and advisor Carlo de nada notare Taurus Tiffani is connected to Tiva, the maker of the Trump approved hydroxychloroquine former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Dr. Mark McClellan, informally advising the federal response. Both have seats on the boards of COVID vaccine developers. Even more money was raining down on the company insider trading on good news releases executives at Maderna. And Pfizer cashed in on the vaccine selling shares timed precisely to clinical trial press releases. Timing stock sales like that is neither unusual nor illegal. Columbia Loss School economist Joshua myths has found that execs in many sectors are up to three times more likely to sell their company stock on days when their companies announced positive news more rather than on days when negative neutral or no news is released. All right. This is important stuff to go through. This is us following the money so just hang tight and keep following along. This is the real bread and butter. On November 9, the day Pfizer announced its more than 90% vaccine efficacy. Pfizer CEO Abert Borla All right, that's this guy right up here that looks like Mr. Bean right CEO Pfizer Albert Borla sold more than half of his holdings 62% It was a good day to sell. The positive news Jack stock price is up 15% Borla was among seven Pfizer executives who collectively earned $14 million $14 million from stock sales in 2020. According to data provided by the LA Times, an executive compensation or in corporate governance data firm. All right, equilar. That's the name of the data firm. That report reported the 14 million Not to be outdone though Maderna executives made 287 million from time stocks out sales in 2020. And it just kept going in just a few days in late January and February 2021 Maderna CEO Stefan bonk, Cal sold millions of dollars worth of his stocks. The Trump administration's best and brightest COVID solution, throw money at public or sorry throw public money at private industry, with almost no oversight of the contracting procedure will stand as one of the most audacious efforts in the administration's free market ideological playbook. The full roster of this pharmaceutical windfall club will probably never be revealed. The pandemic crisis offered a challenge that government might have used to restructure the shareholder model of for profit medicine, a model that dates to the 1980s and corporate America's turn towards putting stakeholders or shareholders Excuse me, above the public good. Instead, taxpayer money flowed to a small group of capitalists with almost no strings attached and little transparency. The contracts are redacted. Although the Freedom of Information Act, the FOIA requests are still pending. And these are things that are set to come out in the next couple months, maybe even the next year or two, where Big Pharma might end up being held accountable, we'll have to see as cities across the nation started vaccinating at the end of 2020. The media sought out and hailed some of the researchers as heroes, and they are heroes, but most researchers would not cash in. But the NIH is Barney Graham, whose work on molecular protein manipulation is key to the Maderna vaccine gets paid a government salary. Maderna execs besides pocketing nearly a billion dollars will still charge Americans for the vaccine. Italian Curico a Hungarian biochemist, whose research was crucial in the development of bio and tech Pfizer vaccine doesn't hold the patent for her discovery. But the University of Pennsylvania does. Biogen tech founders who grossa Hien and Ozlem to Riki, however, have profited significantly. Today the married doctors are billionaires among Germany's richest people. They sold the Germany Ganymede pharmaceuticals in 2016. For 1.6 Sorry, $1.4 billion dollars owned all my god. In 2020. The US government spent 18 billion on vaccine research, manufacturing and logistics and approved to for use at the end of the year, the mRNA platformed, Pfizer and Maderna vaccines the 11 month concept to emergency approval process set a record in American vaccine history. Nothing else came close. Remember, it's experimental. That's why it's so quick. Besides the mRNA vaccines, US taxpayers have been billions on Johnson and Johnson, Novavax and AstraZeneca, the British company, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca like the Chinese and Russian vaccine efforts, were making vector vaccines, a newer vaccine model than the attenuated virus model and Vogue since the days of the cow pox using virus modified so that it can enter the cells but not replicate itself. The vector vaccines use viruses that the body is familiar with, usually an adenovirus that causes the common cold to deliver the genetic information about specific disease into the cells and that is the vaccine that most people who call us conspiracy theorists think that they're getting, they don't realize they're getting a gene therapy. They think they're getting a traditional vaccine. Nope, that's what the Chinese and Russian vaccines are made out of the American vaccines edit your genes fan deadly fucking tastic. In February 2021. Johnson reported that single shot vaccine made from the adenovirus carrying COVID SPIKE protein DNA at a 72% efficacy rate. AstraZeneca produced a vaccine, also based on a manipulated and no virus that was already in use in the UK by February despite a series of clinical trial mishaps, Novavax, the small, Maryland based company that took 1.6 billion from the US government to produce a protein based vaccine, using material from the soap bark tree as an adjuvant was bringing up the rear but promised to have 100 million doses available in the US by summer. And by late 2020, a year after COVID showed up and Wuhan showed up in Wuhan. 200 vaccines were in trials are already in use. According to the WHO another world record in vaccine history. China's cinovec was first out of the gate with its in activated COVID vaccine in June 2020. It's so funny how the country that released the virus is the first to have a frickin fake vaccine Anyway, another Chinese companies Seino farm started tests in UAE, Morocco, Brazil during the summer and made its first sale to the United Arab Emirates, which began manufacturing it by early 2021. The UAE was second in the world behind Israel in the percentage of its population that had received a vaccination and we all know where Israel is now on their 470/7 a vaccine booster shot. The Chinese vaccine dominated the global market stepping into a soft power vacuum left by us ice no isole is it excuse me, left by us? Isolate isolationism there we go and Pandemic mishaps. By early 2021, three Chinese vaccines were approved and in use manufactured by cinovec sinopharm and Cansino All either based on the adenovirus model or the attenuated COVID virus in August cinovec, announced an agreement to sell 40 million doses to in Indonesia. And in February Hungary became the first European Union country to approve the Cinna farm vaccine for use after the EU face shortages due to the European Commission's and ability to cut a deal quickly with the vaccine markers in 2020. Now, none of you and none of us remember any of this, because every news station and every person was being told to be scared to death by a virus that China released, even though they were profiting immensely from this. So you are all being distracted from this, you were being distracted from what was happening around the world, you're being distracted about the different vaccines that were being created the money that was being made, because you were being told that everybody around you was dying. And if you didn't hide in a bunker, the fucking world was going to explode and your fucking head would fall off, blood would come out of your rectum and your eyes would pop out because COVID was basically, you know, fucking bleed out of your ass disease when it turned out to not be so bad. All right. I don't know what to tell you. That's the truth when comparing it to I don't know, bubonic plague. It's not that fucking bad. I'm sorry to say it like this. Alright. And the reason I can say it like this is because at this point, we know for a fact that the government could have done a lot to make it not so bad. Alright, hundreds of millions of people who died didn't have to die. If they actually had preventative medicines being allowed instead of trying to push vaccines up. Everybody's asked. Sorry, not sorry. That's the truth. Let's keep reading. In February 2021, the Russian Ministry of Health reported that a vaccine called Sputnik V, based on the vector platform had a 91.6% efficacy rate. Mexico immediately authorized it for US, Canada, Turkey, South Korea, they were all testing their own vaccines and even Cuba had produced a viable vaccine, even Cuba. Alright, and it was reportedly offering it to the tourists Wow. Bharat biotechs inactivated virus vaccine was approved for emergency use in India. Meanwhile, the Serum Institute of India the world's largest vaccine producing factory was scheduled to manufacture 1 billion doses of vaccine mostly for poor nations. Alright, to be sure, these endeavors did not all meet the standards that Maderna and Pfizer's had Pfizer had set for you in the western world fully trust official Russian and Chinese numbers about anything. In January 2021, Brazil announcing a vaccine efficacy at 78%. A week later the country, a country revisited that to above 50% And still, it was high enough though to meet the who has goals so the swing from high to merely adequate efficacy nonetheless gives us something to pause about, though inevitably, the race to the vaccine took on a nationalistic flavour. In August, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on national state television that Russia's Sputnik V vaccine named after the USSR is landmark launching the world's first artificial satellite plus a V for vaccine Wow was quite effective. Even though it hadn't made it to phase three trial the Brits took to calling the Oxford developed X estrogenic excuse me, AstraZeneca shot the English one and in Germany, when Pfizer zich recently received early German funding Voskhod za German one with pride. But the challenge also spawned some intriguing collaboration suggesting that the virus could inspire the notion of a brotherhood of nations give me a fucking break more global shit. Let's scroll down a little. The flurry of research and collaboration has even led to scientists not just talking about but being on the verge of testing a pan Coronavirus vaccine made of nanoparticles studded with Corona proteins which would be effective against all Corona viruses 20 years later, as your penis fold off due to the experimental pan Coronavirus, nanoparticle vaccine, called one 804 to five penis be gone to join our class action lawsuit. So you may be eligible for a sacred roll of toilet paper. You haven't seen toilet paper in 10 years. Sorry, I was imagining or shitty future. This is re ditulis this is absolutely ridiculous. All right. I don't know what to tell you. Besides, all of these countries got together, all of these countries started developing vaccines. It's like it made me just maybe the world will unite if we create a problem maybe just maybe if aliens attack we can all become socialism work together. Maybe just maybe if everybody gets sick and fucking dies of a virus, we can develop a vaccine and become socialists together. This is literally what's been going on for forever. Alright, the socialists create a problem. And then they want everybody to become socialists so we can fix it with socialism, and it's not going to happen. All right. So here here's where you see the real beneficiaries, the real people that profited the real people that made money while all of us who are bickering with each other are actually getting pissed on and being told it's raining all the rich people got a shit ton richer and all the people that weren't that rich got a lot richer and all of us stayed poor or got poor while we're being told that you know, race stuff, yeah, race stuff, mean tweets bad, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, we all fucking suck. You know, save the trees, the environment, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, let's all go to Davos and create new Epstein islands and you know, they can go fuck more kids, because we seem to, you know, care more about fucking saving the world from pollution and creating electric cars and stopping kids to fucking you know, it's okay. It's just It's okay.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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