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Big Tornado Update, TX Mom + Daughter Killed by Smuggler, Forever Jabs, and Mad Money Morons!

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

Headline news update with a twist! I talk devastating tornados, the deaths of a mom and daughter after being mowed down by a human smuggler, Fauci's forever jabs are now VERIFIED, and whatever you do, never EVER, take financial advice from Jim Cramer!


https://www.foxnews.com/live-news/tornadoes-midwest-south-deadhttps://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-victims-human-smuggler-car-crash-mother-daughter https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fauci-covid-more-booster-shots-americanshttps://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/tucker-blasts-mad-money-host-jim-cramer-sudden-strong-economy-propaganda/

Audio Only Version: American Reveille |180 | Proof That Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Elite Are Losing Control


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Generated Transcript:

Yeah, this tornado business has been absolutely horrible. This tornado business has been absolutely horrible. Take a look. All right, right here on the screen. I'm looking at these live updates going on. Biden approved the Kentucky disaster declaration. As you guys know, they had dozens of tornadoes, go through Kentucky go through other Midwestern states. I think even Illinois got hit with it. There was one tornado that was gigantic and it went 200 miles. An Amazon factory collapsed. I believe a candle factory collapse. What was it a Mayfair factory if I hopefully I'm saying that right that collapse. Dozens and dozens and dozens 50 6070 people dead. There's eight factory workers dead eight more missing from the Mayfield consumer products plant. They were in the middle of the holiday rush. Just absolutely horrible. I'm sure all of you by now have seen the devastation have seen the entire towns that are completely leveled. I actually saw a video it was like straight out of a horror movie. Like it was like Stranger Things do you ever see that show Stranger Things on Netflix before we realize that Netflix sucked. And they were full of wild crazy people that show Stranger Things. And one of the seasons there was that big creature in the sky. And it was like you couldn't see anything. The sky was pitch black and then the lightning flashed, and there was the creature. That's what it felt like when I saw this video. It literally was a town. It was on one of the cams that are mounted like way a pie one of the traffic camps. It was a town the lights were on. And then lightning flashed and you could see the tornado in the background. And it was like the size of the entire friggin town. It was terrifying. And then the lightning crashed it dissipated. And the town was just lit, you couldn't see the tornado and then the power went out. And then the lightning flashed again. And the tornado was even closer. And then everything went dark. It was straight out of a horror movie straight out of a horror movie. They're finding bodies all over the place. I think it's what 7080 dead so far. It's been an absolute horror show. Females in lifesaving sustaining mode. They're combing they're combing for survivors. That was from nine hours ago, they even found family photos from some people 150 miles away. absolutely devastating. Terrifying. It's more than 70 people dead 100 plus people I believe are missing the worst tornado incident in the history in the history of Kentucky. And you know what was disgusting about this whole thing? The most disgusting thing about that was that Biden used it to push his climate agenda. That's what he did. He pushed his climate agenda. It was absolutely disgusting. I saw him do it. He came out there and mumbled some crap about how it's well the climate change. All kinds of people mentioned the climate change. Why? Why do they have to take away from the death and destruction? Why do they have to take away from the suffering of families to take advantage to take advantage and push it for political purposes. All right, make no mistake, the climate does change. It has been changing. There's all kinds of people, there's some people that believe a pole shift is coming. There are some people that believe pole shifts never happen. There are some people that believe were causing the damage that are that the the earth gets hot and cold in cycles. But all they want to do is use it for political purposes, which is why they're bringing it up after this devastating thing, what we should be doing, we should be praying, we should be praying for those families. We should be reaching out with our hearts and saying we're here for you. If you need anything, we're here to help. And we should be allowing them to mourn, grieve and go through the rubble, you want to talk about your climate stuff. Wait a couple months Be courteous. Alright, but the left, they're not capable of that. They don't know what courtesy is. They don't know. They have a policy of open borders. All right, because they say that the immigrants are fleeing. They're fleeing from the climate crisis. And you know, their stance on crime, you know, their stance on everything. They don't care about you. They don't care about me. They don't care about us. All they want is power. All they want is to win. All they want is to make sure Donald Trump never comes back to make sure everybody can get an abortion until the kid is six years old. They want to make sure that all of your kids belong to every alphabet letter of the LGBT community, and they want to make sure that you're a nice little subservient bitch to the US government. That is what they want because that is how they'll stay in power forever. That is the socialist mindset, the Marxist mindset and that is what we're up against that is what we're up against the climate is pushing the immigrants into the United States and we have to let them in. Oh, the climates gonna take them out and it's okay if they murder our citizens. It's okay if they even smuggle people in and the illegals run over folks with their vehicles because another headline that came up is Texas. We've got a Texas mother and daughter killed as a human smuggler crashes into them while evading law enforcement near the border. So they are running from the cops at the border. All right, they're running from the cops at the border. And they've got a whole car full of what they've got a whole car full of illegal immigrants. Six, I believe to be exact. The alleged smuggler ran a stop sign while fleeing from police. They T boned the victim's vehicle. They had six illegal immigrants in the vehicle. They're all in custody. But the mother, the mother and the daughter, they are dead. The mother was 59 years old, the daughter 22 years old American citizens, American citizens which don't matter anymore, because illegal immigrants are more important than us more important than us. It says one of the immigrants flew through the windshield upon impact but survived. They're all in custody. One flew through the windshield reminds me of the movie Constantine, you remember Constantine with with John Wick in it. What was his what's his name? Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves, Constantine Constantine in my house. Yeah, that movie. Remember when what was it meme knock or whatever the son of the devil takes over that illegal immigrant? Well, because that guy broke into the US. Right? So that Mexican that was possessed by the devil and Constantine or the devil son that broke into the United States through the southern border. Technically, he's an illegal immigrant in the movie. So I can say that. So the illegal Mexican that came through the border that was actually the devil son, maybe I don't know, this reminds me of that. I just don't understand how you fly through a windshield. When you're in a car crash that murders to people and you're absolutely fine. I don't know if he's absolutely fine. But apparently he's in custody. I don't know. It says last week, the Biden administration said it would reinstate Trump's controversial migrant protection protocols, also known as the remain in Mexico policy, which keeps migrants on the other side of the border, while they await hearings. But folks, no one's talking about one part of that. I want you to think about this real quick. I want you to use your noggin and think about this. Biden backed out of those deals, Biden backed out of helping the president of Mexico, you see the president of Mexico, this is what nobody saying has to accept those migrants. And I haven't heard anything about the president of Mexico, giving a crap about what Joe Biden wants, especially after how he's been treated. I mean, remember, camallo even went down to Guatemala months and months ago, to talk to the Guatemalan president to fix the border crisis. The Guatemalan president was on the news the other day saying he never ever even heard from her since nobody cares. Nobody's coming to save us. It's you. It's me. It's our families or friends or communities that are under siege, and nobody is coming to save us. Nobody's coming. So start depending on yourself. That is all I have to say about that. And meanwhile, we're right. We're always right. We're right about everything. Look at this. You got Fauci coming on saying Americans may just have to deal with more COVID boosters. That's what he's saying. What did we say? What did we say when this first started? We said it's a virus. There's no such thing as a vaccine for a virus, even if you're going to use mRNA and edit our genes. There's no such thing as a cure for a virus. They're like colonies, they live forever. You can not eradicate them. We don't have a way to do this inside the human body. So what is also a virus flu. You get a flu vaccine every year you get a flu shot, right? They are making this into the new worldwide business, the new flu shot, the new new flu flu shot shot forever. Yes, Fauci says we may just have to deal with more COVID boosters, we're going to be told to take these boosters every year for the rest of our lives. We set it the other year we set it again the year before we set it again after we're gonna say it for 20 more years, and it's going to become true just like Alex Jones turns out to be right about almost everything and trust me I read a frickin article on Fox about China creating hybrid pig human frickin chimera, so apparently he was right about that too. We can't be conspiracy theorists anymore if all the conspiracies keep coming true. Well, guess what? Duck Duck Fauci says you my friend and I must take our booster shot for ever. I am not getting a booster. Alright, my job can fire me. They can fire me over that. Listen. It's a crazy world out there. It's an absolute crazy world. But at least before we get rounded up into the new United States gulags and shot behind the chemical shins for believing different things, at least we can take comfort in knowing we were right, but it's not gonna matter anyway. It's not gonna matter because the left is live in their own delusions. They live in their own delusions. All right. The final headline I have for you is Tucker Carlson blasting that mad money guy Jim Cramer. You remember Jim Cramer, Mad Money with Kramer he was sitting there you had a ticker kind of like this ticker you see down below me going left go and right stocks telling you what to buy telling you what to believe and telling you to trust him and make financial investments based upon his expertise. Well, folks, apparently Jim Cramer says that we have the strongest economy he's ever seen. Are you high? Are you fucking high? Jim Cramer? Cramer mad money. I know. I'm going to tell you how to invest. Okay. All right. This is the best economy I've ever seen. Wow. I just filled up my car with like, 70 bucks. Alright, 70 bucks. I didn't have because all of the other prices of everything else went up. I'm spending like $1,000 more a month. What do you mean, this is the best economy you've ever seen? Yeah, the best economy you've ever seen for rich ass wipes like yourself that take advantage of me and you the little guy? Yeah. Jim Cramer out of his mind says this is the best economy he's ever seen. He's either a puppet a shill for the elite. He lives in a fantasy world and is truly the definition of privilege. Or he's both. I'm leaning towards both plain and simple. He's out of his mind, just like the rest of the Democrat Party are out of their mind. They hate us, ladies and gentlemen. They hate us. I gotta get another sip of this. Think about that for a second while I'm taking a sip of this purple drink right here. Think about how they hate us think about how you're treated by Democrats at work. Think about how they look at you look down on you how these arrogant people, whether they're BLM members and Tifa members, whether they're part of the Democrat elite to the leftist elite, the CNN lovers, the mask lovers, the vaccine lovers and I'm all about respecting each other. I'm all about people making personal medical choices and getting vaccinated or wearing a mask whatever they want to do. What I'm not about what I'm not about is them controlling my decisions controlling my life, because I don't conform to the status quo throughout history. Many, many times people did not conform to the status quo and what happened to all the sheep. They were led straight to the slaughter. Think about that for a second why take a sip

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