• Andrew Penn

Black Lives Matter Have Worn out Their Welcome

Updated: Jun 20

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

People are Tired

People are exhausted, and can you really blame them?

From COVID-19 disrupting our way of life to the horrifying uptick in violence across the country, people are finally at their wits end with the sheer amount of challenges 2020 has brought to many families across the country.

As the heat turned up throughout the summer, so did terrifying and unprecedented incidents of looting, riots, and violence, which ended up costing American taxpayers over one-billion dollars thus far.

As stressful and lifechanging a year this has been for many Americans, something positive did come out of the tension and violence. The fortunate by-product of this horrible crime wave and political lunacy has been the chance for the American public to take a much closer look at Black Lives Matter "the organization" and not so much Black Lives Matter the catchphrase.

The Organization Named "Black Lives Matter"

Founded after the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman incident in 2013, Black Lives Matter first rose to prominence and national attention during the Ferguson riots resting from the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014. Promoting itself on a vague platform of civil rights and reform, Black Lives Matter became a media darling, popular with academics, progressives, and leftists from coast to coast.

With the right message and marketing team, it didn't take long before the organization's signage graced the windows of suburban single-family homes and businesses. Black Lives Matter bumper stickers found themselves affixed to the average soccer mom's minivan while Black Lives Matter T-shirts became fashionable for their children to wear to school.

I mean, who doesn't want to promote equality?

Mainstream America heard the message and got on board without hesitation, and no one really paid attention much after that. Fast forward five years later. Minneapolis is turned upside down following the death of George Floyd, Portland remains practically under siege by violent extremists, and beyond defunding, police are actually being targeted for assassination in Democrat-run cities across the country.

So what does Black Lives Matter really want?

In its own words, Black Lives Matter works to dismantle the American capitalist system. The organization claims that all white people are inherently racist as they were born into the racist construct of capitalism. Black Lives Matter promotes anti-family and anti-father values as they seek to redefine heterosexuality as oppressive. This group has nothing to do with helping the black community whatsoever, as the founders have publicly admitted that they are avowed Marxists.

Public Display of Tyranny

With the election just 45 days away, Black Lives Matter, along with the support of the Democrats, have literally called for public displays of violence in the streets. With this call to action, leftist extremists have begun to target police officers across the country.

The recent ambush of two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies showcased the true intentions of Black Lives Matter. After the two law enforcement officers had been shot multiple times while sitting in their squad car, they were rushed to a nearby Lynwood hospital. Within minutes of arriving, the hospital was swarmed by Black Lives Matter rioters. They blocked the entrances and exits for patients and ambulances alike.

The rioters made attempts to gain access to the main emergency room where the officers were being operated on, spewing their programming in phrases such as, "We hope they die," "this ain't gonna stop," and "we're coming for each and every one of you...one by one!"

As horrible as the above attack was, the violence never stopped.

Last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Robert Benjamin Nelson discharged his firearm through the passenger side window of a New Mexico State Police Officer. In Philadelphia on Friday night Jeffione Thomas ambushed an unmarked police car on a bicycle, firing multiple shots as a second suspect continued firing from a distance.

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More recently, the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (1933-2020, pancreas cancer) has led to calls for arson, looting, and rioting by Black Lives Matter supporters as a conservative replacement will tip the balance of this country's highest court, which practically spells impending doom for their twisted ideology. All the while, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is crying out for the radicalization of American citizens against our own government.

Such extreme action from the left has led to a substantial decline in Black Lives Matter popularity across the country as people just want the nonsense to end. Following the money helps us identify ways to stop such organizations.

Follow the Money

Black Lives Matter receives its money through donations from various sources. These sources include personal and professional donations, many of which come from anonymous donors. When examining the organization closer, we come across a startling fact. Black Futures Lab, a company created to influence politics and operated by a Black Lives Matter co-founder, is entirely funded by China.

What does this mean? A direct tie to the Chinese Communist Party.

To make matters worse, many of these anonymous donors have not been investigated, leading people to speculate that foreign operatives may be looking to infiltrate our country and cause widespread chaos and unrest through the direct contribution of money.

This is terrible news, but how do we stop them?

Fighting Back Against Black Lives Matter for the Sake of Black Lives

For some officials, fighting Black Lives Matter comes down to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) of 1970. The RICO act makes it extremely illegal to use illegal income to acquire, establish, collect a debt with, or operate an organization.

As Black Lives Matter rioters carved out six blocks of downtown Seattle not too long ago, a strange pattern emerged from the summer of love festival (as Mayor Jenny Durkan called it). Walls were erected, a police force was organized, and all hell broke loose. Acts of violence soared as local businesses were shaken down for protection payments. The festivities concluded with the murder of 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson back in June.

Taking breaks from the constant rioting in Portland, Oregon, it seems that large greyhound style busses arrive to chauffeur rioters from city to city, spreading organized chaos in their wake. From Kenosha to Rochester, it seems out of towners are crashing the party.

The President has taken decisive action in recent days, though not quite enacting RICO just yet. By deputizing Portland State Police, federal judges could charge rioters previously released by sympathetic Portland officials. The President also signed a memorandum to hold local politicians accountable for their actions when not acting in the best interest of their communities, such as the allowing and advocation of rioting, looting, and mass property destructing.

Ending the riots will save black lives in the long run, and I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

At the core of this struggle is, of course, ideology. Black Lives Matter insists that our country and our American ideology is inherently racist, built on white supremacy, genocide, and in need of dismantling and replacement, even if that means by violent revolution. They think that a chosen few should decide what's best for a majority while we believe in protecting individual rights and freedoms. Their ideology is built upon a lie.

The United Staes of America is the most diverse, inclusive, and accepting country on the planet and a beacon of hope to millions of immigrants worldwide. Citizens from all walks of life and economic starting points fully understand that this is the only place on Earth that hard work and perseverance genuinely pay off.

In America, you really can be whatever you want.

Yes, there is still plenty of work to be done in the realm of civil rights, police reform, and equality. As Americans, we must come together and continue to reject the trojan horse of Black Lives Matter and its false ideology, knowing full well the wolf in sheep's clothing at our doorstep.

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