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Black Lives Matter Turns Against Progressive Elites and their Racist Vaccine Mandates (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

Cracks keep forming in the radical left's evil agenda as factions break off from the socialist monster to fight back against the progressive elites. Will this trend continue?

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Watch American Reveille | 173 | The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens


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Generated Transcript:

probably will. Does it? Yeah, probably does. Is it a conspiracy to keep black people out of space as well. Democrats are racist, at least Civil War Democrats, Democrats even beyond that they have a track record of doing things that cause a disproportionate abuse or disproportionate neglect to happen among African Americans. It comes from the left. It doesn't come from white people. It comes from the left. Plain and simple. So I kind of agree, I kind of agree with this. And this squashes certain things. We've talked about it before. But the left always cries about how vaccinations are good. But voter ID is bad. Those are the leftist elites, the progressive left that wants to control black people. That's the folks that want to control black people. Look, I agree with voter ID. I don't agree with vaccine passports, vaccine passports, is something that isn't just racist against black people. But it's racist against all people who want to choose what's best for themselves as individuals. Plain and simple, plain and simple. Honestly, I'm shocked. We hadn't already reached this point by now. And this is going to make for some awkward uncomfortable moments for liberal media figures who cover all of the vaccine mandate battles on a regular basis. When it's a group of mostly white people showing up to a protest, protesting vaccine mandates. It's easy enough for the liberal mainstream media to lump them all together as disgruntled Southern Trump supporters who refuse to follow the science and are endangering everybody else with their fake science. Right? This is the left's fake science they're talking about. They aren't following any science. They're following what's best for themselves, what's best for the Democrats. Party what's best for the woke liberal progressive movement. When we don't follow that science, they say we are endangering everybody else. But now, the New York chapter of BLM is applying the same rule to the vaccination mandates that they do to everything else, with most of the media happily singing along with their choir. If anything ever impacts people of color, disproportionately, they claim that the thing in question is racist no matter what the underlying cause of the disparity may be. That's what they're doing here. But what BLM is tactically admitting here is something that we've already seen in all of the national vaccination statistics. Since the doses were first rolled out. vaccine hesitancy is much higher among the black and Hispanic Americans on a per capita basis. That pattern has held up in New York City all year. And when you start requiring vaccination passports to engage in public life, you're bound to be hitting black patrons disproportionately. Most of our media mavens have been happy to blame the unvaccinated for everything, including the kitchen sink up until now. But will the hosts of CNN be willing to step up and blame black unvaccinated tourists for their own inability to go out for a meal and say that BLM is wrong about this. Up until now, the press has been able to happily blame a bunch of conservative rednecks, and point out how ignorant and unscientific they are to resist being vaccinated, the shoe is going to be on the other foot now however, I can't wait to see how they plan to spin this situation, which they can't, all they can do is stop talking about it, which is what they will try to do, which is what they're trying to do with everything. But as Joe Biden fails and fails and fails, as the left wing psychotic, progressive movements fail and fail and fail, and as they eat themselves, the pile of failure will become too big, the floodgates will burst open, and they won't be able to hide it forever. All right, they won't be able to hide it forever. And when they can't, when they can't hide it when they can't hide it anymore. When it becomes so much of a gigantic growth, a tumor on the back of the American people, the American working class from all walks of life, the left will then have to ask themselves the question, the left will have to look in the mirror. They will have to say oh my god, what are we going to do again? What will we do? Again? If Trump wins

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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