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Black Nationalists and Maga Movement Find Common Ground Against Illegal Vax Mandates (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

Black nationalist, anti-capitalist group, the Black Hammer Organization are extending an olive branch to the MAGA movement, essentially saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Should we trust Gazi Kadzo, the leader of Black Hammer, and join forces with other Americans (though different in belief) against the progressive Elites and their illegal vax mandates?

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Watch American Reveille | 173 | The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens


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Generated Transcript:

We don't always have to see eye to eye, we don't have to have the same ideologies to stand side by side as Americans against something. And that's a pattern that has historically repeated itself over time in the United States. And it seems to be happening again and again. And again. And I wanted to go through this article, I wanted to talk about it, it seemed to be very interesting. And it seemed to be informative of what's actually happening in the United States behind the scenes beyond what the mainstream media tells you, in the streets, and in the neighborhoods across this country, how real people feel. We all know that a disproportionate amount of African Americans don't want to get the vaccine. We know that the news that the Biden administration that we know they're all lying, we do we know that they're the ones the democrats are the ones being racist, all right. And these groups, they have their own belief system, all right, but we all have our own different cultures and belief systems. And I can respect a group that actually sticks to what they believe in, even if I don't believe in what they believe in, because this is, at the end of the day, a free country. I am okay with people coming together, organizing, having a belief, all right, and pushing those ideas because that's the American way. I am not okay with a government being tyrannical. All right, and and hurting the American citizens to manipulate the direction of a country. Alright, we control the government, the government does not control us. All right. And that is something that is something that some of us all agree in regard. I agree with, regardless of our differences. All right. We've heard again, and again, oh, well, why is the left if they say that Vax mandates are good, why don't they believe in voter id that's hypocritical? And I agree, I agree, it mostly is hypocritical. What isn't hypocritical, is when one or two or some of these groups come out and say, Yeah, you're right. We don't agree with voter ID and we don't agree with vaccine mandates, vaccine mandates are a violation of our constitutional rights. And I go, Oh, that's a little confusing, because I don't agree with what you normally agree with, I don't believe in in some of the things you believe in. I think some of your concepts are crazy, but you think the same way about us. But we can both agree that the government has no right to tell me what to put in or not put in my body. All right, plain and simple. Whether you have it or you don't have it, respect each other, respect each other. This is America. So let's get into this article. Let's take a look. Let's read and get through the concept because I'm building up to something we're talking about this in Episode 173 of the American Revolution podcast this this episode that really talks about unlikely, unlikely alliances. It really talks about a different way to look at things. It tells you who the real bad guy is. And it's the progressive elites that are running the country that are running the world right now these great reset people, these progressive folks that believe they know what's best for the destiny of the civilization of humanity. All right, they don't know what's best. And we, the people run this country group that protested CDC in support of Nicki Minaj invites Trump supporters to join them for demonstration this Friday at CDC headquarters, says CDC employees threw things at them. This is by Cassandra Fairbanks. It is from Gateway Pundit and it's from September 23. The group that protested in support of Nicki Minaj and against Dr. Anthony Fauci is planning another demonstration outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta this Friday, and hopes Trump supporters will join them. The front of Fauci Friday protest will be taking place this Friday, from 5pm until 7pm. And every week until what they hope to be their biggest on November 22. There's a picture of the guy right there running the show. The protest was set up by the anti capitalist black hammer organizations commander in chief Ghazi kudzu, who might be codes Oh, I don't know who spoke to the Gateway Pundit about how they hope to put political differences aside to fight together against the vaccine mandates. cons are told Gateway Pundit that quote, this is such a human issue that we can't let things that used to separate us continue to separate us. A real core value of our humanity is literally being ripped from us. The ability to say what goes inside our own bodies. I can agree with that quote. If we do not make that choice that this administration tells us to make, we are no longer capable of working kado continued. He said he is willing to stand with anyone who is willing to go side by side with me to fight for that core value. According to kado while he is a fan of Nicki Minaj just music so am I. So am I. The reason for protesting was because they believe in what she was saying. He said that the iconic performer was aware of the protest and that she was liking tweets from other people about it. Quote, she did catch wind of what we were doing. She liked a few tweets, kado said he said that there is a lot of pressure on her, and that the liberal media has been trying to create scandals surrounding her because of her refusal to bow down and play ball if you remember correctly. Last week, like I told you Nicki Minaj, she got cancelled. Well, she got a small banned from Twitter, they slapped her for having her own view on the Vax the vaccine for having her own view on what she puts in her body doesn't put in her body for telling a story about what happened to somebody in Trinidad, how their testicles swelled up, whether it's true or not, it could be it might be probably is, I don't see why she would lie about it, and how she's never gonna be on Twitter again. And now she's standing up, she's fighting for free speech. She's saying the right things and people are following her on it. And that's good. She has 22 million followers. So we want Nicki Minaj to be on our side. But, but if you wanted to know what he meant a refusal to bow down and play ball. That's what he meant. kado said that the way people attacked Minaj for agreeing with Tucker Carlson is part of an effort from the liberal media to make people subscribe to this belief that the right is totally evil Nazis, people that you can't talk to agree with or be around. It's just a really vile place that they've created. And he's not wrong. He's not wrong. We have differences. But this is the modern civilized world. And if we can do this, if we can fix this, without being in the streets, and having a civil war with each other citizen to citizen, it would be better, it would be better for all of us. I'm a father, I have kids, I don't want violence. I want communication and I want cooperation. What we really do have is a woke problem in this country. And then the latest problem in this country and I can put my differences aside to work with somebody that might have differences with me. If we both believe in America if we both believe in America we can have conversations the left the the crazy progressive psychotic left, the the the the elites in this country, they don't want to have a conversation about how to reimagine anything about how to make things right about how to restore things constitutionally restore states rights, they don't want to talk about any of that. Because if it just gets worse, the more they profit, they make more money, the crazier things are in this country. What happened in Minaj, resonated with kado because he like Minaj had been censored on social media for posting a story about a relative who had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. He said his posts were deleted and he was placed in Facebook Jail for daring to discuss it and ask questions. Quote, I'd made a post asking for prayers for my aunt, who was having side effects from the vaccine. It was taken down he explained, even on Instagram, I couldn't go live for a week. I can't voice my opinion online. So where else do I do it? Other than outside the CDCs gates. So he doesn't, he doesn't lie there. I'm In Facebook Jail every 30 days. All right. If anybody's wondering why American Reveley hasn't been posting anything on Facebook, I'm In Facebook Jail again. All right, for literally making a comment about a video from a bouncer video, a video literally about a drunk person in front of a nightclub in England, and I was a bouncer for a long time. So I had a professional opinion, and boom, I'm banned again. I'm banned, again, off facebook, facebook, jail, all the way as many of you are. It's part of the censorship. So I believe him when he says that the algorithms, they censor everything, talking about a subject, all right. It's not just people on the right. It's anybody that goes against the leftist elite narrative. They all get censored, there is no mercy. There's no mercy if there was Nicki Minaj wouldn't have been hit plain and simple, plain and simple. The highly animated and charismatic organize Asian leader continued on to say that I've had these liberals, these leftists and communists who talked about the rights of the worker Really threatening me saying How dare you protest with trumpers? How dare you protest with them and not with us, but they are pushing the vaccine. And that's something that he's revealing that people need to understand. All right. There are all these crazy leftist groups out there that we don't agree with. But most of them are under the control of the government. All right, most of them follow what Biden says what Fauci says what the CDC says, what the government tells them to do. They're not actually following their beliefs, they don't actually stand for what they believe them. If I don't agree with cod's, oh, that's okay. If he stands for what he believes in, even somebody that I don't agree with even somebody who may be an enemy, whether we are not that I don't know, I've never met the guy, I don't think we are. But if he was, there's a such a, there's such a thing as respect for each other still, you can respect your enemy, you can respect a neutral party, your neighbor, you can respect somebody you don't agree with, you can respect each other and not like each other. That's okay. I can respect somebody who stands for what they believe in. And these elites do not stand for what they believe in. And these subgroups are right, these these BLM groups, these antiva groups, they don't believe they're different chapters across this country, and they just Tow the line for Joe Biden. This is from Cod, so quote, all these socialist organizations, all of them, they're pushing the vaccine. I mean, they were even pushing it back in the day, when only old people could take it, he explained, they're telling me that it's okay for Joe Biden to say that my people can't work. If we do not take the vaccine. If you can't agree with me that my people have the right to decide what goes in their body, and that if they make a choice, you disagree with me, and they still have the right to earn money and be able to eat. If you can't agree with me on that. There's nothing else for me to talk to you about. I don't care about Marx, I don't care about your hammer and sickle. You don't want me to have a right not to have an injection into my body. Even with all the politics that I believe in, like anti colonialism and the white power system. I do not agree with white people not being able to feed their children. I don't want that type of world. If you say you're a freedom fighter, how much more to the base of freedom can you get with that issue? Alright, how much more to the base of freedom can you get? Then this issue? kado continued with that statement. cod's have said that when they were outside the CDC, they were praying and singing with their signs not being aggressive, or causing any trouble. But that employees from the agency were being highly confrontational, confrontational and disrespectful towards them. Some console says we've been throwing things from their luxury vehicles, I don't have one. Quote, the people that work at the CDC started flicking us off and started trying to get out of their cars to attack us. Homeland Security came and they were protecting us from the CDC employees, it was wild. So again, again, I can agree with that, you know, this country, America, the United States of America, it was founded on being able to have your belief, being able to have your own cause to fight for freedom and do it peacefully. All right, Martin Luther King, did a lot of things did most things, did all things peacefully, he wasn't Malcolm X. All right. And this guy right here is promoting a Martin Luther King type way, if he wants to get his point across whether I agree with it or not, if he does it peacefully, it's allowed by our Constitution, and I have to respect it. And by him calling out all of these other left wing organizations by him calling out the socialists, calling out all these folks and saying that they don't represent what they stand for. I can at least respect that. All right, I can start with I can work with that. All right. He doesn't have the power to control my mind. He doesn't have the power to control my life, my property, my family, my beliefs. All right. But the government the tyrants in the government, they do they can they can they can come and take everything from us. They can come and take everything from us. konzo said that homeland security agents had to tell CDC employees that the protesters were not doing anything wrong or breaking any laws. The diverse group who had gathered including a Trump supporting nurse and a scientist, he said, but the media did not report on that aspect of it. I was there asking questions. We've done nothing but be their slaves for 18 months. We've had to do whatever they said for 18 months and nothing has changed, but they're surprised where they're, you're surprised people are upset with you. cod's codes upset of the CDC employees that were angered by the press. Protesters presence. The organizer said that while his group wears masks, he does not understand why people get mad those who choose not to. He pointed out that Dr. Fauci had originally said that masks do not work, but then kept changing his story quote, Fauci never went back and said, you know what I was wrong. And Fauci had to go on TV and tell everyone each time he was wrong. He wouldn't be America's doctor anymore. Cosmo said, kudzu asserted that these days, it seems like the unelected Dr. Fauci is the only one who is actually running this country and calling the shots. He also noted that the doctor had originally claimed that there would not be any kind of vaccine mandate placed upon the American people, which was obviously untrue, you remember that? I remember that. He said, he didn't see that coming. It's not gonna happen. But here we go. Here we go with Joe Biden being a tyrant and breaking his constitutional oath, by acting like King sh. You know what? plain and simple, plain and simple. Ever since Joe Biden This is a quote, has been the president. He has been a puppet for whatever Fauci says. Dr. Fauci is the freakin president. I don't know what Kamala is doing. Every time you ask her questions. She's just giggling. Kondo said, adding that every issue she tries to fix she just seems to make worse. When asked if there's anything else caza would like to say to Gateway Pundit read read readers, excuse me, I got stuck there, skipping like a CD player with no anti skip from 1999. When asked if there was anything else kado would like to say to Gateway Pundit readers, he urged people to keep asking questions, do not let this propaganda machine tear you away from your core values. kado said, and you know what, folks? It's true. It's true. It's not it's 2021. Folks, it's 2021. We can disagree on other things. We're evolved. We're human beings, all right. We're not a cockroaches. Alright, we're all human beings. We can disagree with some things and agree on other things. All right. There are people in this world who aren't completely poisoned by Trump derangement syndrome or are completely poisoned on the other side by some hate, or some sort of racism that doesn't exist. But in small, tiny pockets around this country that the left has blown up into some crazy story. There exists, differences, yes, cultural differences, music differences, food, likes, weather, all kinds of political differences. But once upon a time, we were able to put those things aside and talk about things agree on some things, move the political process forward, move forward in a good way, you don't even know your neighbors, do you? Do you tell me what's your neighbors name? Do you know two of your neighbors, who are your neighbors, I don't know my neighbors where I live, we have to get back to some old school values with maybe a new school facelift. But we can't get anywhere without talking without communicating without respecting each other. And if he can respect me, I can respect him. And we can meet at a table and we can talk that is the American way. That is the American way. And don't ever forget it. If you hope to retain and maintain the righteous high ground, you have to be able to do what I just said, plain and simple. You have to be able to do what I just said. And let's see who these folks are. Let's do a little experiment. Let's take a look at their website, black hammer. org. Let's take a look at their website and see if there's anything on it we can agree upon. Boom. Right here. Look at this sellout. AOC dropping jaws and dropping bombs. That's their top article. All right. AOC. They don't seem to like her very much. They don't seem to like or very much Haitian migrants whipped on horseback while trapped. We know that that's been disproven. We don't agree with that narrative. But this is an anti white group. They're an anti white, black anti capitalist group. Right? So hey, we're not going to agree with the things that they're talking about. Right? We can agree we don't like AOC, right? We know that the Haitian migrant whip thing has been debunked, right? The elites, the elites in this country. They're trying to hang on to that woke narrative and manipulate folks through it, trying to manipulate folks through it, but I can agree with not liking AOC. They have all kinds of stuff on here. They don't believe in the COVID shot. They are doing their own thing. All right. I'm not a part of their group. I don't agree with their group. But you know what, again, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Right? You've heard that before. And the elites in this country, they have the power to destroy this country. They have the power to take this country away from them for us from everybody to take our rights away from us. Look what they're doing right now look how they're screwing this country up, look how the elites are screwing the world up. So if we can put our differences aside to work together on little things, we can settle our differences later. And you know what? I have something to say about this. I have something to say about what I think would be helpful for this. Alright. states rights, states rights are a thing, I believe. And correct me if I'm wrong, you can put it in the comment section below or send me an email James Lane at American Reveley calm, but I believe in one of the federalist papers that talks about how the electoral college doesn't have to meet in Washington, when it's time to elect the president, because they believed it would cause too much fighting. Because America was so big, it was so vast, there was some kind of thing where they believe that all the cultural differences of all the different states would lead to problems in Washington, D. C, so they send that stuff in, and it made me think it made me think about how this great big country of ours, it's huge, it's gigantic, you have no idea you really need to Google how big this country is. You don't want to Google use DuckDuckGo, I use DuckDuckGo a lot. But folks, this country is so big, that there's literal cultures, there's literal, different ways of life across this country, this huge, huge country of ours. There's room, there's room, it's huge. Have you ever driven across this country, I've had to drive across this country multiple times. It's a gigantic country. So by giving the power back to the States, let there be states that make their own laws and rules and regulations. Let the federal government mind its own business and butt out. Let's get rid of all of these overreaching federal policies. And if California wants to be woke crazy paradise, let them be, and all the freakin people that want to live like Oklahomans move out of California and move to Oklahoma and vote like Oklahomans. And if you don't want to be in Oklahoma, and you want to be in Chicago, get your asked to Chicago, but get your culture right, let the states have their own culture, their own laws, their own beliefs, their own rules, their own rights. Let's figure it out. There's obvious things. Look, I'm not telling you to repeal amendments that protect people that protect the rights of people that give people citizenship that give people voting rights. That's not what I'm talking about. But I'm talking about the federal government coming in. All right, and telling you what you can do what your body telling you what you can do. with with with your citizens. I don't think that's right. I think there's a way that people in this country with different beliefs can come together in every state and find some sort of common ground. There really has to be a way it's 2021. Folks, get your crap together, really get your head out of the sand and get your stuff together. There has to be a way there really does

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