• Andrew Penn

Turning a Blind Eye to Democrat Corruption

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

The Democrats have a goal.

They are planning a complete takeover of the USA and installing themselves at the head of a one-party socialist state. Behind them and at their full disposal is the entirety of the Big Tech media complex, academia, the Deep State, globalist cultural elites, and Hollywood. They hate America, the ideals it was founded on, and most importantly, they hate you… the hardworking American taxpayer. They hate the patriot that wants to build a better life through self-reliance, education, and self-improvement.

We are in the middle of what has been called a color revolution wherein a regime is replaced by a means other than military or electoral. The riots that swept the nation in the summer of 2020 were the precursor. The tearing down of statues and monuments that pay homage to our nation's founders followed.

For decades, the systematic and radical infiltration of our public education system has taught future generations that the United States of America was built on racism, genocide, and evil colonial capitalism. The lies of the New York Times 1619 project reinforced these fraudulent teachings. Now here we are… on the cusp of losing the country to a hegemonic socialist Democratic Party.

The Dems are corrupt beyond measure.

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar's campaign paid her own husband's public relations firm more than one million dollars, yet it was barely mentioned in the mainstream media.

California Rep. Maxine Waters plays that same game with her campaign, having paid her daughter almost a quarter of a million dollars. This is the same Rep. Maxine Waters you remember calling on her followers to violently approach conservatives in public, push back on them, and tell them they are not welcome. Sound familiar?

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

When the Hillary Rodham presidential campaign was in full struggle against then-candidate Trump, it paid a former British spy to build a phony dossier and then used that phony dossier to lie to federal FISA judges to obtain warrants to wiretap Trump Tower, US citizens involved with Trump Tower, and the Trump campaign itself. If that wasn't enough, the media then followed up by running with the dossier, knowing full well the "Trump is a Russian Spy" story was a lie and shoving it down the American public's collective throat for four years.

Even more appalling, Hunter Biden's dealings with international firms when his father was vice president defy decency. When Joe Biden was Vice President and in charge of policy toward Ukraine, Hunter Biden obtains a board membership for Ukrainian state gas company Burisma to the tune of $60k plus a month, of course, with no experience in the field.

I mean, come on! Hunter joins the "big guy" VP Joe Biden to China on Air Force 2 and comes back with a billion-dollar deal secured for his own equity firm.

It's Gross.

What's even more disturbing is the media covering for the Dems without fail and in loyal soldier fashion. Recent polling indicates that 14% of Biden voters would have changed their vote if only they had been informed. There was no reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal, the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden himself, or even the efficacy of Trump's economic policies. Policies, may I remind you, that produced millions of jobs during the shutdown comeback of 2020.

The media consistently lie straight to our faces as they pursue the socialist agenda and chase our conservative Americans from the field.

Suppose the Dems win both Georgia Senate seats in the January runoffs. In that case, it is safe to bet that we can expect a dismantling of the gains Trump made on our behalf. Pending the election outcomes, if the Dems control the White House, The Senate, and The House of Representatives, then we can surely expect Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia to become states… thereby loading the Senate with four more Dems senators. We can then expect a packing of the Supreme Court loaded to the max with liberal judges. We can expect the end of the filibuster, which prevents a legislative tyranny of the majority.

There has NEVER been more important a time for American conservatives to reinvigorate themselves and reinsert themselves into the American civic process.

A democratic agenda is a globalist Socialist agenda, and I promise that it does not favor Americans.

It is truly time to Hold The Line America.

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