• James Lane

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Fronts for Socialist Infiltration

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

Man throwing a Molotov Cocktail

Ongoing Infiltration

Everyday Americans; Blacks, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Whites, and all kinds of immigrants, have been, and still are, working hard side by side to keep this country running during the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequential yet ever-decreasing economic side effects.

While we kept the power on, the roads paved, the grass cut, and the shelves stocked, Neo-Marxists decided to try and force an entire nation against their will into a war of ideologies and now apparently, physical violence, as we have witnessed with the months of unchallenged rioting in many Democrat cities.

Immigrants from socialist countries are especially familiar with this routine.

While we the people support Capitalism, the constitution, and equality for all, unfortunately, Black Lives Matter (BLM) (the group leadership itself, not the idea that most think they are following) supports Marxist ideologies hidden within a sea of positive and misleading twists and turns and wordplay. There is an aspect of the movement fighting police brutality, which we overwhelmingly support via other means than defunding (scientifically backed).

Still, there are always other heads lurking on a hydra.

Black Lives Matter just as much as any other life on this planet and MOST BLM supporters believe this as well, but sadly, they are not getting the rest of the information from the core of the group itself.

BLM leaders will say the previous statement takes away from their cause and isn't the point, but what is their cause, and what is the point?

Why divert from this topic? Let's take a look.

The Cause

Forget for a minute that the BLM's own website calls for the abolishment of the American "nuclear" family (both parents) and a replacement of our society with communal villages... the founders and drivers of BLM are "trained Marxists" at their own volition.

Plain and straightforward, all Marxists want nothing more than the fall of Capitalism and the coming forth of some sort of classless utopia (in the form of Socialism which upon its failure evolves to Tyranny).

This is no secret as the three leaders of BLM are open supporters of these ideals. Pay very close attention to how definitions are changing. They will blame Capitalism for the world's suffering when, in fact, Capitalism is responsible for the world's wealth, and comforts including the fantastic quality of life people live in compared to many years ago.

Yes, some countries still suffer, but many of these countries are being led in that direction by their own leadership, not by the system of Capitalism, which has allowed for such affluent and privileged individuals as Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James in the United States to flourish and have a voice. There would be no Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James in a Socialist society.

Socialist societies do not foster economic freedom while Capitalist societies do, and it is the push against Capitalism, the excessive addition of the government hand into the free markets, which slows the spread of wealth.

But what the heck is economic freedom anyway, and what proof is there that it helps anyone?

American Capitalism Equals Economic Freedom

From the Heritage Foundation itself, "It is not massive redistributions of wealth or government dictates on wages or prices that produce the most positive social outcomes. Instead, mobility and progress require lower barriers to entry, freedom to engage with the world, and less government intrusion". The previous quotation is what Socialist groups like BLM, ANTIFA, and Socialist leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Bernie Sanders are screaming for.

So what is the answer?


Yes, the real data backs it up, but before we talk about it lets take a moment to better understand why Socialism does not equate to economic freedom.

Socialism: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Economic Systems

Think about Socialism like this:

If you know anything about workers unions, you know that some unions do a decent (yet flawed) job of representing their members while many do not. Many workers find themselves stagnate in a position and lose all motivation to innovate, be creative, or even feel purpose.

Why is this?

Because of a lack of incentive depending upon how the union negotiated its contract.

Ask yourself this question, If I worked at my local grocery store and had to stock cans and collect shopping carts, would I collect them any faster or better if I knew I was getting the same raise and had no performance reviews?

The answer is obviously no.

Why would you?

We as humans are built for efficiency, and no one in their right mind is going to do more than they have to. What I just said is why Socialism eventually fails, and all of the immediate benefits wash away in time and lead to chaos. When this happens, someone has to take charge and get the people producing…

by any means necessary.

I don't have to tell you this, history tells us this time and time again whenever someone thinks that "they" found the magic formula to make socialism work, sadly, the same people that Marxists claim to be representing suffer immeasurably on the back end of the deal that the BLM's and AOC's of the world are offering.

A counterfeit check which is impossible to cash.

Socialism as a system is like the shiesty conman that keeps reoffending after he gets out of jail. He finds a different mask and tries to sell you the same story, yet remove the mask, and it's still the same shiesty conman.

Show Me the Data!

We can all agree that Capitalism is a system defined by economic freedom, and economic freedom leads to and has historically led to amazing innovation and social progress. In fact, the following index scores show unparalleled growth in innovation and social progress around the same period as the end of World War II and the defeat of the National Socialists. Take a look below at the gigantic contribution economic freedom has done for global innovation in the last few decades.

The world is trending ever upwards as the economic freedoms Capitalism has provided rapidly continues to spread throughout the world. Now take a look below at the massive benefits and fantastic social progress the world has made over the last few decades all because of the free market, facilitated by Capitalism.

If the data doesn't lie then why does it feel like we are being torn apart?

The truth is that we aren't.

What Does This Mean?

A Cato Institute Survey asked if "the political climate these days prevents me from saying things because others might find them offensive." In my professional opinion, the results of this survey showed that the majority of Americans are being held hostage and having their first amendment rights infringed upon and that the majority of Americans have a secret. Take a look below.

This chart should terrify the Left and help to unify the Right, and It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what Elon Musk already knows.

Capitalism is good for the world.

We Have a Secret

I understand that this movement took everyone by surprise.

It may be frightening to some that such a time is upon us, a historic time, a time to look deep down inside ourselves and ask if we are fearless, truly courageous, genuinely empathetic, genuinely caring, ever so hardened, and indeed Americans embodying the American Spirit.

In these delicate times, we must come together (as we have done historically) from all walks of life, all colors, creeds, and understandings of happiness and existence and in one voice at the polls, both local and national, proclaim:


What does this mean for the left in November?


We have a secret…


"The AMERICAN People"


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