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Blue Collar Trucker Wins Big in New Jersey: Elected New Senate President!

Updated: Sep 3

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

If you've been thinking that Democrats and their perceived iron-fisted grip on government and politics, in general, is going to be the new norm, think again. Republicans are taking back the polls in droves, with more deep state upsets to come as we watch the outcome of this most recent election.

All eyes on New Jersey

Here's a fun little story--and it all begins with seasoned Democrat Steve Sweeney. Sweeney was a New Jersey government institution; oh how the mighty have fallen. Sweeney rose to prominence in politics after his election to the Senate in 2002. He managed to steamroll Senate President Dick Codey in 2009, becoming the longest presiding officer in New Jersey history. Loyal constituents and a giant blue presence in NJ made him an expected and endorsed candidate for governor's office in 2025.

Then, the political earth split in two for Sweeney. On election day, he was brought to his knees by a 58-year-old commercial trucker from Logan Township. Edward Durr pulled off the checkmate of all political moves with the most stunning upset in legislative election history.

Durr, a self-proclaimed "lowly trucker" for most of his life, reportedly shot his campaign video on a smartphone, citing that the reason he decided to take Sweeney on was due to his increasing dissatisfaction with the state's restrictive laws on concealed weapons. With a paltry $153 spent on his campaign--a sum that many of us throw down at Costco on a Saturday afternoon, he took down a New Jersey political giant, a move that has shaken other Democrats to their icy cores.

David slays Goliath

With nearly all precincts able to report in Senate District 3, Durr had only 2000 votes that separated him from his powerful opponent. With this vital cog in the New Jersey political wheel officially removed from his seat, Durr discussed his throwdown of Sweeney on Fox News, citing:

"I didn't beat him. We beat him. The state of New Jersey, the people, beat him. They listened to what I had to say and I listened to what they had to say, and it's a repudiation of Governor Murphy, who went and locked us down and ignored the people. Senator Sweeney chose to do nothing for those 18 months."

Durr's resonant campaign platform centered around getting small businesses up and running, opening churches and schools, and focusing on family and relationships. Apparently, it's not just the people of New Jersey that have identified with Durr's values; this campaign victory is getting national attention.

This latest overturn is a bad omen for deep state Democrats who are obsessed with power and control, especially at the federal level. For Republicans, it signals the end of authoritarian control that the Left has tried to impose in recent months. While we doubt that Sweeney will gracefully concede after 11 years of a virtual dictatorship, the 2022 session of the Legislature will have someone else at the podium for the first time in over a decade, with Durr calling the Senate to order.

Durr: We hope he remains true to the people

At this time, we know little about Durr's policy or political beliefs. We know that he is a self-proclaimed Conservative who supports tax cuts, opposes abortion law, and seeks to re-establish decorum between legislators and federal government leaders. The people have spoken in their support of Durr, and they expect him to deliver. He has brand new shoes to fill, as New Jersey constituents have been growing increasingly more discontent with Sweeney's inaction and power-hungry associations with political bigwigs.

Is there hope for the little guy?

In a world where personal and political tensions are at an all-time high, there may be hope for those authentic political figures who rise from obscurity, those who proclaim their values and demonstrate their integrity for all to see. Durr is proof positive that displaying authenticity and knowing his audience can yield massive shifts in political power. Sorry Sweeney; perhaps a shift in priorities and perspective are in order before you attempt to assert your power and influence once more.

Now to decide which office I'm going to run for........

Until next time, friends,


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