• Sarah Connor

Blue States and Stadiums to Require Vaccine Passports for Entry Into Restaurants and Live Sports

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Sarah Connor, Writer/Blogger

The Blue States and professional sports teams are doubling down on coaxing those unvaccinated (and the most educated amongst the population) to get their experimental COVID shots in exchange for the freedoms that they already have through The U.S Constitution.

In an unsurprising move, Colorado's Governor and self-appointed overlord Jared Polis announced this week that Coloradoans can now remove masks in public indoor spaces provided 80% of the individuals have been given the experimental COVID shots and provided they can prove it. FYI, I don't need the permission of King Polis to live my life.

I also don't need tea leaves to read what he was really saying or any "blue state" governors for that matter. This is a green light and the power for restaurants, grocery stores, and maybe even the local 7-11 to enforce some sort of bullshit "health passport" in order to step inside and enjoy a burger, pick up a loaf of bread or suck down a Slurpee.

For nearly a year, I've had to listen to propaganda piped in through speakers instead of Huey Lewis and The News while I strolled aisles with rabid shoppers practically foaming at the mouth over my right to not suck bacteria back into my lungs.

The messaging was always the same, "in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, we require all shoppers and vendors to wear a facial covering. Small children are exempt. If you are unable to wear a facial covering, please consider placing an order for curbside delivery or pickup." The end of the campaign message to depopulate the planet usually ended with some sort of, "we're all in this together" phrase. Umm, no, I'm not with you on the highway to hell, I've got my own ride and I'm taking a detour.

Vaccine Passports Are in Play for Sports Stadiums Across the Country

It was only a matter of time before the sports stadiums made a play for our freedoms as well. If you haven't banned the MLB by now, here's another good reason. New York City's Yankee Stadium and Citi Field have jumped on the tyranny train, followed by Oracle Park in San Francisco. I felt compelled to mention that one-third of NBA teams will be requiring vaccine passports or the "Health Pass" app but who the hell wants to pay to hear LeBron's racist rants in person.

Support for professional sports across the board has been plummeting ever since Kaepernick took a knee. Hell, even NASCAR took racial virtue signaling for a spin and crashed and burned. When the FBI has to be called in to investigate a rope pull on a garage door, you know that whole franchise has lost its damn mind.

These venues also host concerts for some of the biggest names in music….names that I have come to not give one flying flip about anymore. No one wants to watch Satanists like Lady Gaga bump uglies with a skanky recording artist spewing sexual vitriol about her vagina. Seriously, save it for the stripper pole.

At this point, no one is shocked by the news but I have a hunch the professional sports teams might be. It's time to take a page out of UFC's President, Dana White's playbook, and say, “go F yourselves.

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