• Bryan Cornitius

Bryan's Corner: I Saw a Man Drowning

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

I saw a man drowning

As I walked along the beach.

My heart started pounding

I thought practice what you preach.

I ran to the water

And I dove right in.

I paddled harder and harder

The waves crashed time and time again.

I finally reached that drowning man

I did everything I could to save his life.

I tried to pull him up by the hand

But in the struggle and the strife.

He tried to pull me down

As I tried to pull him up.

He was so desperate not to drown

He wanted to live no matter what.

I saw the fear

As I looked into his eyes.

It was then it became clear

It was then I had to realize.

He was so frantic to survive

And my strength was running low.

If I wanted to stay alive

I would have to let him go.

As I swam back to the shore

And he was lost to the grave.

It struck me to the core

The fact that I couldn't save.

That lost soul

That drowning man.

Out of my control

Eternal wandering Spirit's plan.

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