• Bryan Cornitius

Bryan's Corner: Karma

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

I love karma

When she is by my side

I hate it when we fight

Revenge is so sweet

She certainly is my enemy's delight

They love to watch me break

A lesson I'll never learn

Eternal karma at stake

How this pride can burn

I love karma

When she leans my way

I hate it when we fight

She is never there to stay

She always leaves at night

When I need her most

She can't be found

I guess I am this thing

This eternal clown

Goofy funny silly

Enough to believe in love

Love and karma

Karma and love

Not the same for a man as wicked as me

I can see the wickedness

I can see the evil

I can see the hate

That will never cease

But as for me

I hate karma

I crave love

My soul finally at peace

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