• Kinsley Kurtz

Chain Reactions: Sizzling Witness Testimonials In The Derek Chauvin Trial

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, American Reveille Writer

March 29, 2021, was opening day…...and not the kind that sports fans look forward to at the end of a long winter. That day will live in infamy as the day that opening statements took place in Minneapolis during the Derek Chauvin trial. For weeks beforehand, the city of Minneapolis was preparing---boarding up nearby businesses near Hennepin County Government Center, installing chain link fences, cement blockades and barbed wire all around the courthouse, and battening down the hatches. This wasn’t going to be just any trial…... Minneapolis was (and still is) preparing for a race war to ensue, regardless of the trial’s outcome.

Have you been under a rock?

In case you’re joining the saga a little late, let us fill you in. May 25, 2020, was an unfortunate day for Derek Chauvin---he happened to answer a distress call from a local business owner who had complaints about a patron named George Floyd, who was suspected of paying for purchases with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Chauvin and three other Minneapolis police officers answered the call, and what transpired was outrageous. George Floyd resisted arrest. Chauvin and the other officers were involved in restraining Floyd, bringing him down to the ground and supposedly holding him in a position for nearly nine minutes that caused lethal damage to the brain and body.

After paramedics responded to the call for help, they appeared on the scene. An unconscious Floyd was then taken to a local hospital, where he died a short hour later. As the outraged community responded with bouts of self-destruction and devastation, Chauvin and his cronies were arrested and charged with the murder of Floyd.

So here we are……

A short year later, Chauvin is being held on trial for murder, and the evidence has been flowing like beer at a frat party. The drama is unfolding much like a soap opera, with cast and characters playing their roles to perfection. Who are these characters, you ask? A smattering of “right place, right time” individuals who are crafting the storyline toward a specific end. While it’s a little too early to tell who will come out on top, it sure is an interesting bit of reality television to partake in, as this is one of the only trials in history that is completely televised. Let’s go now to the opening stage and hear what our first testimonials encapsulate:

Genevieve Hansen--Genevieve was an off-duty Minneapolis firefighter who happened to be present and on the scene at the time of the arrest. In no uncertain terms, she claimed that she identified herself immediately to police officers as soon as she determined that Floyd needed medical attention. Because she did not have proper identification with her, Hansen claims she was denied the right to give Floyd the medical attention and lifesaving measures that he needed prior to being taken away by ambulance. She claims that she attempted several times to convince Chauvin and other officers that she was legit, but to no avail.

Donald Wynn Williams III--Donald Wynn Williams was also present at the time of Floyd’s arrest and restraint, and he knows a thing or two about restraint himself. A mixed martial arts fighter and champion, he was prone to angry bursts of defensive behavior on the stand because he claimed “that he had witnessed a murder.” He was one of the first to call 911 as the ambulance transported Floyd from the scene; he was hell-bent on seeing that justice was served. Defense attorney attempts to paint Williams as an angry, uncontrollable presence fell on deaf ears as his emotional recanting of the tale moved people to tears in the courtroom.

Too young to have witnessed

Several young teens and children were also present in the area that day----they unfortunately witnessed the violence and chaos firsthand. Darnella Frazier was a tender seventeen at the time; she and her nine-year-old cousin testified that they have both spent sleepless nights apologizing to Floyd for not being able to do more. There were several other teens present, including Alyssa Funari and Kaylynn Gilbert, who were witnessing violence that no adult should have to process.

Emotion was the name of the game

The opening days of the Chauvin trial held powerful stories, powerful testimonies, and it called into question the hierarchy and heightened police state that people in urban areas are currently residing in. Will the barriers, the barbed wire, and the presence of National Guard members and military forces become the new norm as the deep state pushes us further and faster toward a civil war? Will ongoing racial tensions in our urban areas and civil unrest be what breaks down our nation’s infrastructure? More importantly, will media coverage of these events be our new skewed truth, and will we act on this misinformation to fall right into “Democratic” hands?

Stay tuned

Oh, there’s more, friends…..much more. Things are just getting started again here in Minneapolis, and it’s about to get down and dirty--in the courtroom, in our streets, and even in our homes. Who will you listen to? What sources of truth will you seek out? Will you be a part of the problem-reaction-solution that the deep state is creating, or will you take different action and inspire others to do the same? Perhaps some of the power does lie in your hands…..use it wisely.


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