• Kinsley Kurtz

Chain Reactions: The Elites will NEVER let us Breathe Again!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

April 20, 2021….we were all waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of one of the most notorious trials in recent history. Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis police officer, was convicted on three counts of manslaughter and charged with the death of George Floyd. From the moment that the encounter between the two occurred back in May of 2020, racial tensions sizzled, not only across the country but across the world as Blacks cried “foul,” claiming years of discrimination, repression, and missed opportunities in light of what appears to be domination by White leaders.

Protests, looting, and destruction spread like wildfire as people took to the streets, pouring their outrage into tearing down the infrastructure of their own communities. Some of these protests were elaborately staged and organized by Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups simply to stir up hatred and division between cultures and inciting violence against the very police and law enforcement structures that are charged with maintaining safety and security.

Can we “breathe” again? Most likely not.

News broke that Chauvin had been charged “guilty” on all three counts of manslaughter, and the Left--and the sheeple that support their agenda--were breathing collective sighs of relief. My own father, who has been a staunch conservative all his life, alarmed me by calling to say, “Hallelujah, it’s finally over. We can get back to normal again.”

Are you kidding me? This divide, this agenda, this “progressive movement are FAR from over, and if they can pull the wool over a college-educated professional like my father, we have our work cut out for us.

While we may be in a collective lull at this moment, the movement that began as far back as the 60s has not stopped nor even slowed down. Mob mentality continues to reign supreme in our liberal Left cities. BLM and Antifa organizers are simply looking for their next excuse to stir up trouble, cause destruction, and weaken our great nation even further. One only has to look at the madness surrounding Daunte Wright, or 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot and killed by police moments after the Chauvin verdict had been delivered. Are all of these incidents of police brutality unfortunate coincidences, or is there something larger and more sinister transpiring? Read on if you dare….

It’s not over……...it’s only just beginning

According to a shocking collection of on-the-ground interviews taken by journalist Ami Horowitz at the George Floyd Memorial on April 20, the general population climate isn’t so warm and fuzzy. Here’s what some “peaceful” protesters had to say about racial tensions in the United States:

“Burn the city down so we can set an example of other communities like ours. Let them see that we’re still here”, one woman said.

“Chauvin should never have received a trial. There’s street justice for hoodlums like that….we would have taken care of him”, one man proudly boasted.

“I’m not saying we need to start killing white folks…..but they need to feel the hurt and pain as much as we have”, one Black militant extremist said.

This is as close to threats of violence that can be justified without criminal prosecution and it’s only a matter of time before these tensions are expertly manipulated, heightened, and directed by those who will see it as a perfect opportunity to advance the radical Leftist agenda, which is total control and death of our freedoms.

Who’s waiting in the wings?

Could it be that the sole purpose of Antifa and BLM activist movements is to create a deep-seated mistrust of law enforcement and to inspire people to act from places of hatred and fear in order to destroy our communities, our land, our country? The fact of the matter is, Antifa has been in existence long before 2020, and they have been actively involved in plots to disintegrate American institutions of law, justice, and freedom. An official from the Washington Post recently disclosed that Antifa groups had been hard at work making plans for future unrest, more death, and riots that will continue indefinitely----until they are stopped, or until our great country crumbles to the ground. BLM and Antifa seem a bit too big for their britches, and perhaps we’ve underestimated their power to incite mob violence and stir our emotions in such a way that continues to cause chaos and division.

Who’s really pulling the strings?

Theories exist that both Antifa and BLM are on-the-ground activists representing the radical Left political bigwigs who wish for totalitarian control. Small militant groups have existed for eons, but few have the persuasive techniques or far reaching influence of these two degenerates. Someone must be funding them…...who could it be? Perhaps it’s the Clinton family or George Soros. Is Hunter B in on it too? How about crazy old bat Nancy Pelosi? Maybe they are all in cahoots with one another; perhaps there’s a round table discussion coming to continue to strategize their attempted takeover of the free world. If only we could get a ticket to that discussion………

Will you succumb to the mob mentality?

If you are caught up in all the injustice, all the hype, all the chaos and control, then you’re playing right into radical Leftist hands. If you are out protesting and tearing down our cities for those who have been unfortunately silenced by misunderstandings and fear, you are part of the problem. We have to move beyond this. We have to embrace unity and peace, not chaos, control and fear. Change starts with YOU, dear friend. Refuse to believe what you are seeing and hearing on traditional media sources. Begin to talk to neighbors, friends, family about moving in a new direction and refusing to participate in the drama. You may be one small individual, but there is tremendous potential to be found in speaking the truth in your little corner of the world. Be prepared for a little push back when you try to affect change; this agenda has been centuries in the making. With a little consistency, a little help, a little persistence, and a lot of compassion, we can see true change.

Stay tuned

Oh, we’re not through the tunnel yet, my friends. We’ve got a bit of a bumpy ride ahead of us. Stay with me, seek truth, open your eyes, and embrace the opportunities that are yours to change your world in small ways. With enough of us steering the boat in a different direction, we will eventually see a permanent change of course.

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