• Kinsley Kurtz

Christmas Cancelled? Supply Chain Shortages Could Stop the Holiday Season Right in its Tracks!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

So we've weathered a worldwide "plandemic," and we are currently pushing back at insane and highly illegal vaccine mandates, what more could possibly happen?

Oh, wait......the Deep State has other things planned to facilitate their attempted global shutdown. Get ready to see some bare shelves in your favorite marketplace.

Been shopping lately?

If you've purchased groceries or household items in the last several weeks, you've likely seen the ridiculously enormous spike in some of your favorites. Breakfast bacon is now a thing of the past in our house, as even Walmart shelves are sporting generic brands at a whopping $11 dollars per package. Grocery bills across the country have reportedly risen by almost 45 percent, leaving most households strapped for extra cash and wondering how they will make it through one of the most expensive seasons on our Western calendar.

The perfect storm continues

If you've been wondering why the squeeze is on at stores and markets across the globe, the perfect cocktail of mismanagement and employee outcry is at work here. Several industry groups continue to warn world leaders that a worldwide supply-chain system collapse may be just around the corner. A combination of pandemic restrictions, fewer workers on the job, and tighter regulations at ports across the globe have led to the mess before us, and few people are stepping up to right the ships, so to speak.

What's been affected?

The average American family has really felt the brunt of this strained system in recent weeks. Gas across the country has approached $5.00 a gallon in some parts of the country, and rumbling tummies are testament to the fact that we can't put solid meals on the table like we used to. Need a contractor or a service professional to fix something around your house? Forget it. We ourselves waited nearly two weeks for a plumbing issue to be resolved, and it was a painful and inconvenient lesson as to how far away from self-sufficiency we've really moved. Time to start watching those DIY videos and getting the hobby farm in shape, folks. Christmas-a-coming.

Goods are still being made......but where are they?

Glad you asked! While it's true that all types of industries are still cranking out goods and services, they are getting backed up at customs ports around the world. At the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, a record-breaking 62 cargo ships are not-so-patiently waiting to dock and unload. Stuck floating just off the Western coast, any hopes of resurrecting these perishables and consumables is quickly fading in light of the stagnant, restrictive conditions these ships sit in.

Once these goods finally make it to dry land, the next obstacle to overcome is that of a shortage of land transportation. Workers in trucking and freight train operations are resisting vaccine mandates, in some cases walking off the job and leaving companies at a loss as to what to do with full loads that cannot be delivered.

This supply chain issue then filters down to stores such as Costco, Target, and Kroger, who are withholding supplies from store shelves in anticipation of a future shortage. Customers are met with a "one package only" mandate, with many products never making it to floor shelves in the first place.

Another sinister plan in place?

There are some in the shipping and customs operations industry that report that all is well when pulling up to shore, but they are "given orders" to cease docking and unloading until further notice. Who is giving these orders? Why would this restriction be put in place if we are experiencing shortages? Who's making the decisions at the top that are apparently affecting all of us? Could it be yet another aspect of the dastardly plan put in place by the Deep State who, in their death throes, are attempting to take as many of us out as they can? Perhaps it's all part of their attempts at totalitarian control--from what we are able to eat to what they put in our bodies.

We may be dealing with cancel culture, but they will not cancel our resolve!

Our advice to you as we are walking out this ridiculous plandemic? Take care of your health. Stock up in small ways--a little food here, a little water there; don't be a piggy. Take care of each other, as family connections are vital at this time. Start talking to each other, speaking out against government control and manipulation, and get back to learning some of those basic survival skills that we hear our treasured elders talking about. It's never too late to learn something new.

As for Christmas?

We all know that the REAL REASON for Christmas has nothing to do with supply, demand, materialism, or glitter and sparkles. Perhaps it's also time to have some heart-to-heart conversations with our little ones, setting priorities straight and strengthening relationships right now. Our strength in numbers and true connections might just see us through this mess.

No fear.......easier said than done

The greatest enemy of fear is action. Start today to take action in small ways, fortify your family and your own living conditions, then extend the arm of mercy and compassion to those around you. As you do so, you'll find an inner strength and power that may surprise you. We may just be headed for a new, more authentic way of living and being through all this trauma. Embrace it, and let it uncover your true potential.

I'm rooting for you. We're all in this together. See you soon, friends.


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