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You Don't Have Civil War Insurance? Why Concealed Carry Insurance is a MUST in 2020!

Updated: Jun 20

#CollectYourDead Column 4, by Tino Dilullo

Drastic Situations Sometimes Call for Drastic Measures

With the current threat of Antifa terrorists, emboldened criminal elements, and a looming possible Civil War, the need to carry a firearm has never been more critical or personal. This is especially true for those who place value on the safety of their family and friends.

While I absolutely do not condone violence, some situations call for drastic measures.

As more and more Leftwing extremist groups weasel their way onto the streets of suburban neighborhoods, it may not be long before masked marchers, screaming for the downfall of society, are tossing Molotov cocktails through a window near you.

In times like these, the possibility of having to discharge your firearm in self-defense becomes all too evident.

Best-Case Worst-Case Scenario

In the worst of cases, you may need to defend yourself from being ripped out of your vehicle by crazed Leftwing extremists attempting to beat you with rocks and sticks for NOT being a vegan, bi-curious, Black Lives Matter supporting, wall street fogey.

Let's imagine a more common scenario than the above.

Imagine you and the family take a trip to the local supermarket. Many places are still just opening up from Soviet-style lockdowns, while others still resemble the Gulags. You delicately coast down each aisle, passing the cans of Hunt's tomato sauce, Campbell's chunky soups, and ramen noodles.

Directed, of course, by Big Brother's COVID-19 arrows on the floor, dictating your approved pathway through the store.

It isn't ideal, but you're tired from the day's hard work, so you do your best to enjoy yourself.

With exhaustion creeping up on you, it seems like the best decision to make haste towards the parceled and plexiglass checkout lanes. Bobbing and weaving through the main aisle, you scan the store for the most practical route towards the door.

Awesome! You think to yourself, relieved as you find a register with just one person ahead of you in line.

The person in front of you makes you nervous. They are unusually dressed, mismatching hoodie and grey sweatpants, and of course, a practically mandated facemask. As you're snooping through their unusually random assortment of groceries with your pretrial vision, they pull out a handgun and jam it in the cashier's face.

As the adrenaline begins to flow, you recognize your heart rate elevates, your senses sharpen, and time slows to an astonishing pace.

Your fingertips tingle with electricity.

As the assailant demands money from the cash register and begins to turn towards you, you realize that there's no way to safely escape. In a nano-second split decision, you pull out your gun from the holster concealed in your waistband and begin firing into and at the threat.

In the heat of the moment, you fire off several rounds, some hit, some miss, and the threat falls to the floor full of holes, dead or dying.

Guns Don't Kill People, Court Kills People!

The paramedics arrive along with what seems like the entire police force in your area. Don't they have rioters to lock up or Something? Several witnesses give short statements. The ordeal seems to be over.

But is it really over?

What they forget to tell you about these situations is that you end up with a store full of terrified people who all seem to need psychological counseling. You may even find out later that you spooked someone who enjoys the company of several renowned lawyers, and they begin taking up pro bono cases against you.

The fate of your threat is also at this point unknown, but of course, their family shows up and blames you for critically injuring and/or killing their innocent baby who was just threatening to murder a cashier for a "C" note.

So with all of this chaos fresh out of pandora's box, what are you, the other person with a gun, to do immediately following a self-defense shooting? I will let you in on Something more people need to be talking about.

I've been hearing stories across the internet lately—stories about people who have had to use their second amendment rights. In many cases, this has been to simply deter what would have possibly been a life-threatening altercation. Yet, I have read cases where charges and civil suits literally ruin innocent Americans plainly defending themselves and their loved ones against criminals.

The war on our second amendment rights is not fair or just.


Civil War Insurance AKA Concealed Carry Insurance

Of all the cases and conflicts I have read about, one thing that seems to separate the winners from the losers more often than not.

Conceal Carry Insurance, otherwise known as CCW.

I was shocked to find out how many people actually lack this insurance and just how robust the coverage actually is. Last week I spoke with someone who had to use his CCW for merely open carrying his handgun in a riot zone.

He was protecting his business.

Someone called the police claiming he was brandishing his weapon, and of course, he was arrested. When he arrived at the station, he immediately called his CCW insurance, and soon after was not only released, he was released WITH his firearm.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty sweet service to have at your fingertips when the [expletive deleted] hits the fan. I was also surprised to find out just how cheap it is!

This is a stark contrast to not having any sort of coverage for your firearm (keep in mind, George Zimmerman was almost 3 million dollars in debt by the time his case wrapped up). Something as simple as a negligent discharge in a public area can cost you insane sums of money, insane sums of money that are, of course, covered by these insurance policies.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • A large network of self-defense lawyers.

  • Court and lawyer fees paid.

  • Bond paid.

  • Home defense coverage.

  • Bill payments for lost time at work.

  • Customizable plans.

Though these insurance companies don't compensate me in any way, I was so shocked that so many people are unaware of its benefit.

The most popular insurance choices are provided through the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and CCW Safe with impactful plans as cheap as ten to thirty dollars a month. This is far cheaper than any car insurance or health insurance plan you are paying for right now and in a situation where your life and future are on the line.

It's in your best interest to have a team dedicated to ensuring your personal and financial freedom remain free.

It Isn't Like the Movies

Surviving a life-threatening ordeal is a life-changing event for any American, and I can assure you, it isn't like the movies.

Speaking of the movies, ever see the Tarantino flick 'Pulp Fiction'?

Do you remember Winston Wolf? The genius problem-solving character played by Harvey Keitel?

I like to think of CCW as your own personal form of Pulp Fiction style insurance.

What do I mean?

When you're driving down the street with Samual L Jackson and accidentally shoot poor Marvin in the face, wouldn't you want an army of problem-solving lawyers on your side?

Yeah, so would I.

So just like Mr. Wolf, you too can make your very own phone call to the Marcellus Wallace of Insurances and have them send some people to #CollectYourDead.


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