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HEY CONSERVATIVES! Yea, you. Yep, you too: Logically Analyzing the Facts.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Dessica Leigh, Contributor

If you are Currently Panicking over the State of our System and What May or May NOT BE Happening Regarding this Absolute Cluster of a Process, This One is for You.

Yes, I know that Composition 101 and Journalism 101 both stress never to use "you" statements, but I'm taking off my citizen journalist hat for a moment and putting on my friendly confidant hat. Come, sit a spell and let's talk.

This is a gross miscarriage of justice! The fraud and dishonesty are so blatant! Why do cases keep getting thrown out of court? The legal team is distancing from Sidney Powell! The GSA approved finances and offices for Biden's transition team! What about the Kraken? What is going on?!" (If you didn't read that with John Krasinski's Jim from 'The Office' in mind, I don't even know what to say to you right now, but I digress.) Now is not the time to panic. It's really not.

First and foremost, it's the time to dig in deeper. It's time to look not only at what *is* being said but what *is not* being said. It's also time to apply Dan Bongino's 24 Hour Rule: After any "big news" hits the mainstream (mockingbird) media, wait twenty-four to forty-eight hours to see how what's being reported shakes out. We already know that the mainstream media pundits espouse a decidedly leftist agenda and all despise President Trump. They *want* to see him fail, to see him lose. They sit smugly behind their desks and spin every innocuous morsel that comes their way as yet one more failure. They are taking victory laps and crowing that Trump has conceded (he hasn't) or is on the verge of conceding (he isn't). Obviously, fair and balanced isn't really a thing anymore.

To attain a broader view, citizens are now forced to do the heavy lifting. The media hacks refuse to do their jobs, so common people have taken the helm. I've been digging deep. I'm a skeptic and a researcher by nature, so no matter the topic, when I see that only one side is being shown (especially when that side is increasingly sketchy), it lights a fire in my belly to find out why. Over the past several weeks, I've been doing my due diligence to figure out what is actually happening, and y'all, there is so much.

So much.

Let's Address the Gross Miscarriage of Justice and Blatant Chicanery.

Yes, we have seen TONS of red flags and anomalies in key battleground states.

One of the more egregious discrepancies seems to be the "3:00 am ballot dumps" in places such as Detroit and Atlanta. Obviously, this occurred after counting had been suspended for the night. We're told that of these ballots (some, upwards of 100,000), a whopping 98-100% went for Biden. Now, I'm not really a numbers person; words are more my thing, but people much savvier with math and statistics than I, such as physicist and aerospace engineer Travis S. Taylor, have stated that this particular anomaly is not just improbable, but statistically *impossible.* For example, Travis Taylor used MathCad software to work out the statistical probability based on red and blue marbles.

Yes, marbles. Stay with me.

According to Taylor, "In a sample space of 1 million marbles, 800,000 blue and 200,000 red, the probability of drawing a blue marble is 80% the first time. To draw about 30 blue in a row is 0.124%. To draw 100 in a row is 0.0000000235%. To draw 250 in a row is more zeros to [sic] right of [sic] decimal point than stars in the universe!!!! To draw 138,000 blue marbles in a row is mathematically impossible within the age of the universe without human intent and interaction. In other words, cheating."

Now, to be fair, this analysis alone isn't enough to give me the warm fuzzies because honestly, I absolutely would believe that these results are fraudulent even without raw statistical numbers. I mean, red and blue marbles, heads and tails of a coin, I know logically that when there are two options, there will be a deviation. It's just common sense. The trouble comes with proving it, especially now that we have contested states (*ahem* looking at you Michigan and Pennsylvania) certifying election results that don't pass muster. One thing to keep in mind: certifying fraudulent election results means that those states are "certifying their own fraud," as stated by Sidney Powell herself to Mark Steyn on November 16, 2020. She put them on notice that they were certifying at their own peril when she threatened to bring class-action suits against any states who knowingly certify results that are being contested for alleged fraud.

But wait!

I thought the Trump legal team "disavowed" and "distanced" themselves from Sidney Powell due to her "spurious fraud allegations" over the weekend?

Not quite.


That's How the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Other Mainstream Media Members Presented It.

The mockingbirds basically went on record, stating that Powell is cuckoo-pants-crazy and Trump had her removed from the circle of trust. They drooled over this supposed "fact" that, in their opinions, meant the Trump team was turning on and eating their own. Why would they think such a thing? Because, of course, that's what they themselves did. Interestingly enough, almost simultaneous to this announcement being dropped by the Trump team, Sidney was locked out of Twitter for 12 hours.

Michael Flynn Jr. (the son of General Mike Flynn) quickly addressed the press release and subsequent media crowing. He immediately came out with statements on Twitter and Parler, explaining that it was nothing to do with "disavowing" Powell's words or actions and everything to do with financing. According to Sidney herself, she agreed fully with the statement as she "never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for [her] expenses or fees." The distance frees her up to go after the allegations that Dominion used an algorithm to switch votes (which is a longer, more detailed, and arduous process) while the President's main team (Guiliani, Ellis, et al.) focuses on the disenfranchisement of voters and works toward getting their case before the Supreme Court.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, did you see the new Circuit Court assignments for the justices? I'm going to guess you haven't. Strangely enough, the mockingbirds in the mainstream media have been very quiet about it. I came across it on a Parler post and then searched it out myself on the Supreme Court's website.

To break it down, effective last Friday, Justice Samuel Alito presides over the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (Pennsylvania), Justice Brett Kavanaugh presides over the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (Michigan), Justice Amy Coney Barrett presides over the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (Wisconsin), and Justice Clarence Thomas presides over the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (Georgia). Four very conservative justices, four highly contested states, one of which already ignored the edict passed by said Justice (looking at you *again* Pennsylvania). This is a very good thing. As for the GSA and the release of funds and offices for Biden's presumptive transition team, according to Flynn Jr. and President Trump himself, it's much ado about nothing.

Emily Murphy, the gatekeeper to the funds, sent a letter to Mr. Biden stating that while she was not "declaring a winner," she would release the funds due to "recent developments involving legal challenges and certifications of election results." In the letter, she also stated that she had received thousands of messages via phone, mail, and online threatening her, her family, and even her pets. President Trump tweeted out his full support and understanding of the decision while making it clear that the team continues to fight for the American people, stating via tweet, "We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & Dominion."

Does this sound like a man who is defeated?

No. Not at all!

So WHY are Some of you Acting Like it's All Over?

Stand tall, patriots. We're on the side of justice here. Don't be like the spineless Republican lawmakers and supposed Trump allies who are urging him to concede. Take a breath and remember: This country is in the fight for its very soul, and it's always the darkest before the dawn.

Oh, and the Kraken?

Sidney Powell says it's already been released, and according to attorney Lin Wood a major lawsuit will be filed tomorrow in Georgia. Get your popcorn ready, and stay tuned.

I believe it's going to be a glorious Thanksgiving.


[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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