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Corporate Media Covers Up Historic Anti-Mandate Freedom Convoy!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Oh, our media has become adept at masterfully manipulating our view of the world, hasn't it? From pushing us into our homes and "recommending" that we all stay indoors to wearing masks and dictating our next vaccination moves, they have truly pulled the wool over our eyes with respect to what is happening in the world. How much do you know about current world events and those going on in our own country?

This Could Be The World's Biggest Convoy! Have You Even Heard?

Unless you're looking at some non-traditional media sources these days, you may not have heard all the buzz surrounding a Canadian trucker convoy that started its march across Canada last Sunday. Truckers from around the country rallied together in support of freedom from vaccination and mask mandates, traveling cross country to send a message to their "fearless leader," Justin Trudeau.

This comes on the heels of an impending mandate that was supposed to be put into effect today, requiring that all truckers nationwide had to receive the vaccination in order to keep their jobs. With truckers citing that they are one of the least likely populations to spread COVID-19 while on the job, their push back is both timely and historic. As we speak, more and more support is pouring in for these brave souls who are clearly not going to take any mandate sitting down.

Support Keeps Rollin....Rollin....Rollin

With nearly 50,000 trucks in succession heading across the country, they were bound to make headlines, right? Not so much. Even as Canadian indigenous peoples, Hutterite communities, and American trucking institutions headed toward the convoy to show their support, not a peep has been mentioned on left-wing media sources. The length and impact of this convoy has not gone unnoticed by those that it travels by, however. Reaching an estimated 430 kilometers (267 miles) long by the time it reached Ottawa on Saturday, people across the Canadian countryside are joining the convoy cause, screaming that freedom needs to be returned to the people. Human rights violations must cease!

Nun protests in support of Freedom Convoy truckers!

LouAnne, a representative for the indigenous people in Canada, spoke out at a support rally as trucks rolled through her hometown this week, making a significant impact on traffic for hours.

"I am marching because I feel we have a right to choose whether we are vaccinated or unvaccinated. They have tried to divide us, but they can't divide us anymore because we have become united--both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed."

People are tired of the mandates, and the growing impact of this convoy proves that we aren't going to take their supposed control much longer.

Why haven't we heard?

Are you really surprised that there hasn't been media attention on this? Strength and power lie in numbers, and those who are courageous enough to push forward on the front lines of resistance give the rest of us the courage to step up as well. The more people push back, the sooner this will all turn into a poignant memory in the rearview mirror. Our left-wing media sources don't WANT us to see that our numbers are growing; that's an indicator that their grip on us is slipping. The media even went so far as to post "still" video of quiet streets, trying to silence the chatter and shut the truth down that might serve to reveal the nefarious nature of our big government news channels. Thankfully, others posted videos of the action via YouTube, Rumble, and Twitter to show what was REALLY going on.

Here’s what the real convoy actually looks like:

And that's exactly why we need to educate ourselves with news OUTSIDE of traditional news sources. You've come to the right place.

Ottawa: A Noisy Place

As trucks rolled into Ottawa on Saturday, truckers rallied around the capitol building, raising a ruckus with their truck horns and demanding to be heard. Thousands more situated themselves among the big rigs, clapping and cheering at the display of patriotism and bravery that all were partaking in. Through all of this activity, truckers maintained a commitment to peaceful protest and adherence to safe traffic protocols. With nearly a million people pouring into Ottawa surrounding this protest, it'll be very interesting to see how our fascist media chooses to portray the situation.

Children show their support for Freedom Convoy truckers!

Justin Trudeau: The Ultimate Coward

In a press conference early Thursday, Trudeau called the convoy and all that were associated with it a "fringe minority with unacceptable views." Since when are a million people considered the fringe minority of anything? He went on to say that the only way that people could regain their freedoms once more was to "comply" with local and national mandates.

Comply? Since when does the word comply have anything to do with freedom? In a small yet significant film entitled V For Vendetta, actor John Hurt emphatically states:

"The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance."

Of course, this is a dictatorial statement uttered in fear just hours before his untimely demise at the hands of a freedom-seeking rogue. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we have to come to fisticuffs over this issue, but we need to begin to see that our human rights are being threatened by the fearful mandates they are attempting to control us with. We should have the right to choose!!

Back to Ottawa

So here we are, with truckers rolling into Ottawa, and Trudeau calling the fringe minority downright ridiculous. We can't wait to see how he weighs in on this "invasion" of his home territory.

Wait a minute........where is he?

Turning Tail

It seems that earlier this week, Trudeau had gone in for a Covid-19 test himself, and even though he tested negative for the virus, he has moved to an "undisclosed location" for a few days just to be safe. He wouldn't want to run the risk of doing harm to others now, would he?

This grown man is hiding. He knows he has absolutely nothing to stand on, his foundation is crumbling, and he is hiding.

Man protests against Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau while supporting Freedom Convoy 2022.

Will Your Eyes Be On Ottawa This Weekend?

With the action happening right now in our neighborhood to the north, will YOU choose to take off your traditional news goggles and look at what's really happening on this planet? Other countries have already seen through the facade of the mask and vaccination mandates, and they are declaring an "end"emic to the "plan"demic. Are you tired of the control yet? How about that mask---isn't that getting a little uncomfortable? Surely you can't want to willingly stand in line for another booster shot that supposedly weakens your immune system with every subsequent dose.

Time to wake up, people. Do your homework, take a peek at some of these hyperlinks, and see for yourself.

Till next time, friends,


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