• James Lane

How Contracting COVID-19 Helps President Trump Win the Re-election

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

Historic News

A historic period that has packed a hundred years of dismay into one, seemingly stretching on forever; 2020 has been a reminder of what it is to be human. Just like you, I woke up this morning like it was any other day in 2020, uncomfortable and uncertain.

Restless and uneasy, I reached for my phone only to find some very unexpected news awaiting me on the screen. News outlets everywhere announced that President Trump and First Lady Melania had both contracted COVID-19. My God, I thought, how can this be, and who is responsible?

Who is Hope Hicks?

A behind-the-scenes player to the average American (many having never heard of her), Hope Hicks has been one of President Trump's most trusted advisors for many years. A young and rising talent, Hicks, 31, has worked with the President for many years, even before he was elected to the highest office in the United States. Having held multiple roles close to Trump, Hicks's most recent role has been that of a special counselor to the President.

Hope tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling with the President and First Lady to Duluth, Minnesota, for a major campaign rally September 30th.

Trump's Transparency

After hearing of Hope's diagnosis, the President and First Lady were tested for the virus and confirmed having contracted it in the late evening, exactly fourteen days before the second of three presidential debates.

The President notified his supporters immediately through the social media platform Twitter:

Thoughts, Prayers, and Punks

Immediately upon reading the headlines I was filled with stomach-churning dread. You know exactly what I’m talking about, the feeling deep in the pit of your belly, somewhere between nausea and nervousness, the place where uncertainty lives within all of us.

I closed my eyes and said a small prayer for the President, his wife, my family, and the entire country. These are truly historic and uncertain times for many people, and we could all use as much positive thought and prayer as possible.

With that being said, many in this country do not feel the same way as us.

Though hundreds of thousands have sent their sincere thoughts and prayers to the President, irrelevant celebrities, from Judd Apatow to Bette Midler, took this moment to beg for attention by publicly shaming the President on Twitter for contracting the virus.

At the same time, thousands of Leftists turned to Twitter with the hashtag #TrumpHasCovid to mock the people's sitting President and wish ill will upon him.

Though classless and disgusting, the Left are only helping our recovering President.

Contracting COVID-19 Will Solidify the President's Re-election

Reading through all the hate as I mentioned above, after the feelings of uncertainty passed and emotions died down, I came to a realization.

In the absolute calm, quiet, and darkness of the early morning, I began to sift through the information at hand.

As I sat in contemplation and visualized all the weaving and winding pathways entailing the delicate balance between the President's office and our citizenry's psychological nature, I recognized how this diagnosis could have a HUGE silver lining.

Contracting COVID-19, now extremely treatable with over 94% survivability for his age group, the President will have actually "contracted" a bridge between himself and average undecided Americans.

For every Leftist who describes our President as cold and uncaring, as someone who cannot relate or understand, our sitting President, Donald J. Trump, will know first hand what it is to have and beat COVID-19. This alone will bridge any and all gaps between himself and "Sleepy" Joe Biden, not only proving Trump's understanding and compassion but also his strength and vitality at 74 years old. When the President comes through this unscathed, he will restore confidence to those uncertain about their health and futures.

He will restore confidence to those Americans uncertain about their vote.

So, if you woke up like me this morning, uncomfortable and uncertain, take comfort in the fact that this ultimately will help our strong President bridge the gap, win re-election, and save our great nation from Leftist tyranny.

The American Reveille offers our thoughts and prayers to the President and First lady for a speedy and full recovery.

Our country's future depends on it.


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