• James Lane

COVID-19 Immune "Super Trump" set to Win Election in Landslide Victory

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

Florida Welcomes President Trump Back With Open Arms

With renewed vigor and pep to his step, our President triumphantly mounted the podium to loud cheers and chants.

People screamed, "We love you" and "U.S.A." as Trump made a strong return to the campaign trail Monday night in Sanford, Florida.

As new polls detail an extreme fear of voting amongst Democrats, Republicans plan to show up to the polls in record numbers this year, united against Socialism.

Don't believe me?

Just take a look at Monday's Trump rally in Sanford, Florida.

An energetic President Trump spoke with vigor and zeal, electrifying 1000s of Americans in the fight against Socialism and government corruption.

Americans from all walks of life made up the crowd, representing a diverse base that no previous President has ever had before.

Florida is definitely Trump country!

The Media Re-Imagines Realty

Instead of celebrating patriotism and historical preservation, the Left has waged war upon the people. Taking you for an emotional rollercoaster ride through the depths of Hades, the mainstream media has taken every opportunity to redefine and repurpose our world.

They filled your life with absurd and targeted polls.

These polls tell us that a man suffering from mental deterioration is set to dominate President Trump come November. They pounded this into you all the while fear-mongering the citizenry 24/7 regarding Covid-19.

With such a large percentage of adults getting their news from the mainstream media, the Left had created a horde of zombies, spewing Leftwing talking points and absurd nonfacts.

All because their news is being manufactured, just like their zombie thoughts.

That's why you can't argue with them.

They live in an alternate reality.


Trump Tests Negative for Covid-19

Sticking a pin in the proverbial bubble encasing the Lefts above mentioned alternate reality, President Trump took a Covid-19 test multiple days in a row and came back free and clear.

And to make sure everything was Kosher, Trump even got a doctor's note explaining that he couldn't give the babies in the media the Coodies.

"This comprehensive data, in concert with the CDC's guidelines for removal of transmission-based precautions, have informed our medical team's assessment that the President is not infectious to others."

Said White House Doc, Sean Conley.

After being treated with Regerneron's REGN-COV2 Antibody Cocktail, not only did Trump's Covid-19 symptoms practically disappear, he was healthy and back to normal within days.

To the roaring cheers of the crowd, Covid-19 immune, "Super Trump" vowed to ensure every American has access to the exact same treatment he received.

The fear is rapidly subsiding.

The Left Should Be Terrified

As I watched the Rally and listened to the crowd's deafening cheers, I truly came to an understanding.

The Left should be absolutely terrified.

You see, college kids don't vote, they would rather drink and play video games. What am I talking about? Exactly what I just said, college kids don't care about voting, at least not the way the Left wants you to believe.

What else?

Over 56% of people say they are doing better now, during Covid-19, then they were doing 4 years ago in general. In a world with no pandemic, people literally weren't doing as well as they are doing now. How about the huge percentages of people afraid to share their political opinion in fear of retaliation?

Where do you work? If you wore a MAGA hat or an All Lives Matter pin, how would that go for you?

Would you still have a job?

The mainstream media made a gigantic mistake when they decided to wage war against the people and scare them to death. They went so far with their narrative and fear tactics that when Joe Biden finally left the basement, the majority of his voters ran inside of it and barred the door in fright.

Regardless of what the mainstream media is telling you, the Left should be absolutely terrified as the writing on the wall points to a Trump landslide victory.


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