• Andrew Penn

CPAC Wraps Today, and the Keynote Speaker is Donald J. Trump!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

Trump's popularity has not waned an iota among conservatives and his presentation remains the most highly anticipated segment of the entire event. Trump is expected to reassert his control and ownership over GOP, to squash any idea that he might build a third party and reenergize the nation's conservative base, and considering the degree to which the Biden administration's initial policies have been met with failure and disappointment, its also likely Trump will also attract attention from regretful and disheartened Democratic voters. Unfolding before us, we see a great opportunity for the GOP to take back the House and the Senate in 2022 and position itself to retake the White House in 2024.

It is not expected that Trump will address his candidacy for the President of The United States in the 2024 general presidential election but make no mistake…he is the front runner for the Republican nomination and the leader in the clubhouse as it stands right now. His momentum around his base has not diminished; in fact, it's spreading like wildfire.

Trump successfully built a platform for the nation that stands in stark contrast to the platform Biden is trying to establish. Trump's pillars of lower corporate and personal taxes, fewer business regulations, cheap energy/American energy independence, fair trade and increased defense spending resulted in a booming economy, spiked median income rates, historically low unemployment rates and robust, even record-breaking, economic growth.

The America First platform was responsible!

Now with Sleepy Joe, it's 100% America Last. Biden's slew of Executive Orders opened the borders, kept the schools closed and indoctrinated and started slashing American pipeline jobs resulting in rising energy, utility and food prices across the country. The Democrat agenda shows they care more about woke ideology than about the welfare of American working families. Really all they care about is cementing their own power.

Their bill designed to implement widespread voting and election law changes diminishes election integrity could cement their grip on electoral power in the USA. The Equality Act, Green New Deal, and cancel culture targeting conservative thinkers, speakers, authors and broadcasters all illustrate how the Democratic agenda seeks only to please the few Marxist progressive elites. To the new Democrats, the hardworking American family is a racist, misogynist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist cult that needs to be reprogrammed.

Trump is poised to smash all those lies once and for all. As Americans consolidate their understanding that the mainstream media perpetuates lies about conservatives, there will be a groundswell of support for the pillars of policy that Trump has championed since his golden escalator moment in June of 2015.

The media spread lies about racism, misogyny and xenophobia, but the American people can see through all of that now. We are fighting for the future of the country against a cadre of Marxist globalist elites who want to diminish American independence and sovereignty and hold the patriotic freedom-loving American worker in disdain. But the Dems can not find thousands of ballots at three am in every election going forward.

CPAC demonstrates to the nation that there are invigorated American conservatives inspired to fight for the betterment of the lives of American working families. Trump will cap it off today at 3:40 pm in Orlando, Florida. His voice is echoed by the new spirit of the Republican party, which we see in the popularity and success of FL Governor Ron Desantis, SD Governor Kristi Noem, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, MO Senator Josh Hawley, TX Senator Ted Cruz and others.

The GOP can take the House and Senate in 2022. They need to spread their message of equality and contrast it against the Dem's message of equity. They need to say 1776, not 1619.

Our responsibility is to live the dream… to fight for and defend the conservative values our nation was founded on…Liberty, Freedom, Independence and Self-reliance!

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