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#CubaLibre: The Cuban Fight for Freedom Shows Us What May be Next For the United States

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Things are heating up south of Florida, and it's not necessarily a good thing. "Patria y Vida!" is the battle cry being shouted by thousands of Cuban protestors amidst tight control, government lockdowns, and public pandemonium. What the heck is going on in Cuba?

Patria Y Vida: How Dare They?

The words "Patria Y Vida" stand in direct opposition to a directive given by oppressive president Fidel Castro, who coined the phrase "Homeland or Death" during his terroristic reign of the state. These words of life have been written into a song performed by patriots Yotuel Romero, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo, and El Funky, who are now known as renegades against the regime. Their deliberate inspiration to other Cuban citizens wishing to regain their personal freedoms fly in the face of all that Castro's former administration stands for, and they are p*&%^$$ed. How dare they incite riots, independent thought, and right action?

Influence and Instigation

Thanks to over six decades of oppressive Communist party rule, socialist agendas, food shortages, and economic depression, Cuban citizens have had enough. They have been protesting, demonstrating, and showing their dissatisfaction with government rule and policy; some of these demonstrations have proven violent, escalating to looting, riots, arrests, and at least one reported civilian death, although we wouldn't be surprised to hear that there were/are more.

Attempts to control the chaos were not handled well by government officials. Repeated power outages, police brutality incidents, and Internet interference only served to further anger Cubans who have felt that basic dignities have been ignored for far too long. The country is going through the worst economic state in decades, and citizens are demanding political and social change.

Significance Of Civil Unrest

If you haven't ever lived under Communist rule, let me fill you in on a few things:

  • Government makes your significant life decisions for you.

  • Income and earnings caps ensure that you'll never make it past surf status in a Communist country.

  • Socialist medicine practices determine who gets treatment as well as who is "expendable."

  • Those who do have the gumption to speak up and speak out are quickly squashed, silenced, and "eliminated" from the public eye.

  • You face food, medicine, and care shortages that make living a quality life difficult.

  • You have limited access to news and events going on outside your country; as such, you view your way of life as the norm, acceptable, and something you must deal with.

Can you see how significant this uprising was and how it impacts those demonstrating on the front lines? These people are putting their very lives at risk to attempt to win back personal freedoms and attain a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones; what a courageous act of defiance in support of a better life? Bravo, Cuba! Keep going! Those of us who are fighting for similar causes in our countries are supporting your efforts!

Cuban Regime: Squashing Down Hard

Of course, under the direction of Miguel Diaz Canel, the regime is attempting to squash this civil unrest; their attempts to keep information from the masses is what has been so successful in giving them control for decades. In their frenzied cacophony of deliberate power outages, Internet shutdown, and police/military pushback, they've neglected to take into account the power of the people.

Social Media, Rules! Take That, Canel And Canines!

As much as they've tried to suppress information and keep Cuban citizens from learning the truth about these protests, social media accounts of the madness are leaking out, and the world is getting a glimpse of what happens when oppression's facade starts cracking:

  • Peaceful protestors posted accounts of their activities on social media, live streaming for all to see.

  • Many of these videos are eyewitness accounts of beatings, tear gas, and police brutality at the hands of a monstrous directive by the Cuban "government."

  • Communications blackouts at the hands of the government have been recorded several times in the last week--proof that the people's power is now recognized, and Cuban forces are doing everything they can to shut down channels of free thought and collaboration that will lead to true and lasting change.

What's All The Fuss About?

According to brave protesters that have consented to be interviewed by BBC reporters, the three main reasons for all the din include:

1) Cuba's long-standing economic collapse

2) Continued restrictions on civil liberties and personal freedoms, with heavy consequences for those who violate them

3) The government's failure to adequately handle the pandemic

Cuba faced its highest single day of reported COVID-19 cases this past week, with 7000 newly reported cases and 47 deaths. Protesters are demanding that intervention from other countries be allowed to prevent a state of national emergency due to a lack of adequate medical care and resources.

Miguel's Not Handling It Very Well

Oh, rumors are flying in the face of civil unrest, friends. In an attempt to squash the fury, a number of sinister steps have been taken to censor all anti-government activities. As of Sunday, the government had enacted a nationwide Internet shutdown, leading to a forced communications blackout. As of today, some social media and messaging platforms are still blocked, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Security forces report that at least 100 protesters have either been injured or "detained" by the police for questioning.

Several hundred activists that are said to have incited the protests have gone missing. Wonder where they went?

The Cuban government has released video footage--who knows if it's real or not--of special forces breaking into the homes of private citizens and taking them in for questioning.....or worse. These videos are being broadcast when communications channels are working.

Security forces in large cities such as Havana are ridiculously heavy, leading people to wonder if it's worth it to walk to the corner store for a coffee.

What's Joe Have To Say?

Ironically, Biden took to our "free" airwaves this week to voice his support of Cuban citizens. Calling the nation "a failed system," he stated that its citizens were repressed and oppressed, and that little could be done for a state in such disrepair. I find that ridiculously ironic, since this increased manipulation, propaganda and control of the Deep State agenda seems to be moving us in a very similar direction. Put the kool-aid glass down, please!

Do you see what might be coming for us?

We've already seen the censorship in media, some of us have felt enormous peer pressure from family and friends that don't value individual freedom of expression. Do you see where we are headed if we don't get our heads out of our own keesters and take a few lessons away from the Cuban unrest? A political party that's a little too big for its britches can quickly turn into a regime of control and manipulation, just like we see in Cuba. Wake up, sheeple. Continue to fight for your personal freedoms and human rights, or you might one day find yourself at the tail end of decades-long oppression that must be uprooted.

Is your freedom worth protecting? More speculation on the dastardly deeds of the Deep State soon to come.....


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