• Andrew Penn

Democrat's Hold on for Dear Life as Power Slowly Slips Away

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, Writer/Blogger

As final results rolled in from the 2020 presidential elections and Georgia runoff Senate seat winners were announced, it seemed that the death knell had been sounded for our beloved American Constitutional Republic. The Democrats seemed poised to enact their far-Left radical Socialist agenda with schemes like making the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states to add four senate seats, pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges, repeal the second amendment, and remake the federal election landscape with HR 1. These moves would effectively cement the Democrats into a permanent one-party rule situation where they could roll back the freedoms we enjoy, transform our free-market capitalist economic system into an oligarchic Socialist superstate, and finally succeed in killing the American Dream.

Holding on for dear life

Considering the desperate, wafer-thin majority the Dems enjoy, and the tenuous (at best) circumstances by which they “won” those advantages, we can understand how and why they appear so desperate to cram everything through as fast as they can. At the same time, they still have the majority status in the House, Senate, and White House. They can sense that their hold on power is fleeting, so they want to push through their agenda before the 2022 midterms when the GOP actually stands to retake the majority in the House and Senate.

Cracks are beginning to form in their unified front

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who I have continually urged to flip parties and join the Republican party, has recently expressed an unwillingness to vote for the DC statehood bill that has already passed the House on strictly partisan lines. Manchin has become a thorn in the side of Dem House Speaker and chief radical Nancy Pelosi. He has also expressed an unwillingness to immediately end the Senate filibuster, requiring 60 Senate votes to pass legislation. If the Dems can end the filibuster, they would pass their entire diabolical agenda in one day. Manchin and Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema have made it clear they will not agree to end the filibuster.

Out in the progressive utopia known as Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler has finally decided to “take the city back” from Antifa, asking residents to provide information on the identities of Antifa rioters. Even the FBI, which usually only investigates political opponents of the Dem power elites, has begun what is likely a token investigation into death threats made by Antifa against Wheeler. Indeed, it does seem that the tide is beginning to turn as Americans, even traditionally progressive ones like Wheeler, are communicating that the lawlessness of Antifa and their radical Communist, Anarchist agenda can no longer continue to operate without consequence in this country.

More good news rolled in, adding to Democrat woes as the 2020 census results were finalized and reported. A reapportionment of House seats was announced wherein seats were added to the Red States and deducted from the Blue states. These population shifts reflect a flight from Blue states and into Red ones as Americans flee oppressive taxes, intense corporate regulations, and high crime rates. States across the nation, including Texas, Florida, and Georgia, are enacting election integrity laws that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat, which will likely bite into Democratic strongholds. Under this new jurisdiction, no-excuse absentee balloting, ballot harvesting, and no signature verification rules are restricted. These loosening restrictions were implemented by Democrats for the 2020 elections under the nefarious umbrella of COVID-19 restrictions. Solid majorities of American voters support voter identification requirements, as we can now see through the lie that voter ID laws are racist.

Illusions exposed, time is up

Governors are beginning to see that the progressive liberal agenda is an anti-American atrocity. Idaho Governor Republican Brad Little signed a bill into law this week banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in his state. He understands it is a Marxist ploy to divide Americans, teaching children to hate their country, identify only by their race and ignore the inclusive nature of our nation. Similar bills banning this ridiculous educational tactic are being considered in New Hampshire. Similarly, Governors are rejecting the progressive agenda by banning trans people from participating in female sports.

Americans can see that the Democrat platform wants to raise corporate and personal taxes, punish hardworking Americans, coddle criminals and open America to immigrants who take jobs from unemployed Americans. This is clearly not a platform that ultimately will help them. “President” Joe Biden’s recent State of the Union Address recorded less than 27 million viewers, and this is proof that we are starting to see through the smokescreen that the radical left is trying to blind us with. In stark contrast to Joe’s struggle to gain media attention, Donald Trump addressed 47 million viewers during his first address in 2017.

Republican Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Biden’s address was a breath of fresh air; it exposed the cracks in the dastardly Democratic agenda. The South Carolina Senator, who many have described as the future of the Republican Party, directly confronted and exposed the message of the Democrat agenda when he asserted that America is not a racist country. The leftist narrative that the USA is a systemically racist nation that needs to be fundamentally transformed from a free-market capitalist system into a one-party socialist totalitarian state unravels when subjected to close inspection; Scott’s experience and family history, which he eloquently, forcefully and effectively shared, illustrated that.

The Democratic National Committee, Big Social Media, and “woke” corporate America has united in attempting to strangle the independent American voter and bludgeon them into compliance with their anti-American progressive radical rant. Through systematic chaos and division, they try to weaken our communities and scatter unity movements that threaten their power. Their hold on power is tenuous, at best, and must be loosened. The 2022 midterms loom large, and their end is nigh. Americans can see that a growing economy and protected individual freedoms are effective tools to push back against their Marxist madness.

Hardworking Americans and patriots should indeed feel a sweeping sense of confidence and optimism looking ahead to 2022. The Democratic party agenda that seemed formidable and even overwhelming is turning into a thin veneer that will inevitably shatter!

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