• James Lane

Did You Know Joe Rogan Owns Nine Amazing Cars?

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

Joe Rogan’s badass car collection is no secret. Anyone with a little Google-savvy can find it within minutes. This blog is meant to be short and sweet. I found all nine of Joe Rogan’s cars (not hard) and listed them below, ranked from nine to one. I’ve included some photos and cut out the unimportant details, fluff, and opinions so I could rate these cars based on facts! Also, I don’t know anything about cars.


9. 1970 Plymouth "Sick Fish" Barracuda

This one is metal and shiny. It looks kind of like a box. It’s number 9.

8. 1993 Porsche 964 RS America

This car looks like a cheap hooker with dollar-store lipstick from the 80s. She looks painful to get inside of. She’s just an 8.

7. 2008 SharkWerks Porsche 997 GT3 RS

I feel like this Porsche is better than the one above because it looks smoother and has a tail thingy! The tires look super hard! Number 7.

6. 2005 BMW E46 M3

I hate this car because the house behind it makes me think an asshole owns it. Imposter syndrome is real. Joe, you aren’t an asshole, please don’t choke me out.

5. 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray restomod

I feel like I’ve seen Peirce Brosnan drive this car. That’s why it's number 5! If the hero from the hit 1997 volcano movie “Dante’s Peak” can drive this car (did he?), so can I!

4. 1995 TLC4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 restomod

The snorkel car gets to be number 4 for its frog-like abilities!

3. Tesla Model S P100D

Every time I see this car, I can’t help but recite every single Stallone line from the movie “Demolition Man!” It really helps with the three seashells!

2. 1969 Chevrolet Nova

This car gets to be number 2 because it looks like Mad Max would drive it!

1. 1971 Ford Bronco ICON 4x4 restomod

Out of all the cars Joe Rogan owns, the 1971 Bronco is the best. Look at the color. If a bird shits on it, no one will ever notice! That’s why Joe’s Bronco is his best vehicle, and I bet he would agree!

Go ahead and ask him! I’ll be waiting right here…

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