Big Tech and the DNC Silence 75 Million Americans!

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

We are witnessing, in real-time, a dictatorial crackdown on free speech, political freedom, and civic engagement, the likes of which have not been seen at this scale since Chairman Mao unleashed his Cultural Revolution on the people of China.

Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and other social media sites are, right now, removing conservative thinkers, speakers and personalities from their platforms, thereby eliminating their ability to communicate with interested or like-minded people.

The Big Tech Crackdown and its Black Friday will potentially be remembered as the start of a new phase in a campaign of war by the progressive left on conservative America. The DNC seems poised, ready, and aggressive in its move to stamp out opposition. With Big Tech in the DNC bag, they now have the weapons to do it with. They seem to have studied the effectiveness of Mao's campaigns closely. He removed opponents from society, destroyed cherished cultural artifacts and elevated the class and race struggle.

Cancel Culture and the woke mobs, up until this point, have been a counterpoint to conservative viewpoints in America. Previously held in balance and ebbing and flowing in a pendulum-like dance, conservative and progressive viewpoints, ideas and policy points existed in equilibrium. But now, on the precipice of complete and total control of the three branches of government and their hands on the controls of the media machine and Big Tech, the DNC is pushing to completely obliterate conservative resistance!

The legality by which these social media platforms are enacting these purges is arguable. As private businesses, they can refuse service to anyone they choose. Still, when they declare that their decisions to cancel conservatives are in the interest of general public safety, it reeks plainly of deceit. When the ayatollahs calling for the elimination of the State of Israel, BLM calling for the deaths of police officers and Antifa calling for outright violent revolution are still permitted airtime, but conservatives are eliminated, we can see the lie.

Conservatives are confronted with a nationwide effort to marginalize, criminalize, de-platform, and eliminate them from the public square. Political bias in the media is nothing new. Still, this new development is a sinister new twist and feels historically familiar. Free speech is under attack.

It's time to resist.

Statues of America's historically ideological leaders have been torn down and a new history is being taught to students wherein America is a racist, genocidal empire built on slavery. Right now, conservatives are being deprived of their ability to speak publicly. Even worse and even more evil is the attempt to associate the more moderate conservative thinkers and citizens with the outrageous, violent, and fringe elements of the far-right movement. This is straight out of Mao's playbook wherein dissidents were removed from society, their works destroyed, their histories erased, and their stories erased by history's victors.

America needs to refuse this new progressive Cultural Revolution.

We are living in a time where conservatives are being made to feel scared to voice their political opinion for fear of retribution.

Will we be disallowed from purchasing an airline ticket? Will our phone or internet service be discontinued? Will employers begin to terminate conservative employees?

We are witnessing selective and discriminatory enforcement of these public safety ideals to the desired disadvantage of conservatives. Conservative thinkers are shifting and adjusting in response to these unfair crackdown techniques to continue to communicate.

It is more critical now than ever before to establish lines of communication.

Continue to publicly voice your opinion and communicate to your publicly elected officials to inform them that you refute the Marxist identity politics that has wrongly divided our nation. Pursue alternative communication platforms to disseminate and absorb conservative ideas and thoughts. America needs free speech in accordance with its cherished Bill of Rights to survive and thrive.


Definition of American:

a native or legal inhabitant of the U.S.

Definition of Reveille:

a signal to wake up.

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