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Do Not Comply With COVID Jab Mandates Even If Your Church Says You Should!

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

In last week’s piece, I presented several reasons why Americans should not comply with the tyrannical mandates attempting to force all to take the jab. This week I addressed how to exercise non-compliance against the mandates, as well as the reasons that a majority of even the evangelical church organizations worldwide favor requiring the jab and why they are wrong.

Though these may seem disparate subjects, there is a substantial connection between the two as will be explained momentarily.

Realize that though you are exercising Constitutionally protected rights given by God, as recognized in our Declaration of Independence, it will take great courage in today’s world to stand strong in your convictions. We know that the forces arrayed against us in both the physical and spiritual realms are formidable, especially in our time.

Moreover, though the Christian church as a whole should be helping its people battle the forces of tyranny and to voice opposition to jab mandates, the truth is most are favoring the lead of government health dictators like Fauci.

The majority of Protestant church bodies, the Catholic church, and their leaders wrongly favor the jab

I have had extensive education and experience within the bounds of the “evangelical protestant church” arena. In both seminary and during two decades as a pastor and working within the church political systems, I learned many important lessons, two of which are relevant here.

One is that church politics can be every bit as cutthroat as public politics, and just as petty. The second lesson is that the “evangelical church” has been drifting toward the Left for a long time.

As was the case when I was active as a pastor, I am certain that most of the local church membership in these national bodies are only vaguely aware of the Leftward lurching. However, I am equally as certain that the leadership at all levels is acutely aware and many actively support it.

By lurching Leftward I mean in both the public policy and the spiritual areas of life. For example, I chronicled how the National Association of Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist Convention were wrongly siding with the Left on the Trump border policy in the previous version of this journal three years ago.

So it is no real shock when these same two entities, and many others, are pro-COVID jab and even stoop to coercion and force against their own as was the recent case with the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Missionary Board.

The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention announced that its missionaries must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and strongly recommends that their children who are at least 12 years old be vaccinated as well.

An article in the Christian Post reported favorably in August of last year about a statement from a group of 2,700 professed evangelicals with the title 2,700 Evangelicals Warn Against PolIticizing Coronavirus, Urge Christians to Take Vaccine. When I read this piece, alarm bells went off in my head about two items.

The first was the date of this piece was very early in the ‘vaccine promotion’ timeline as none of these experimental medical protocols were ready and wouldn’t be for some months. How could they possibly be so sure these substances were going to be both safe and effective?

The second item is the absolute assurance they had that their advocacy was justified. The old Shakespearean line, “Methinks thou dost protest too much,” comes to mind.

The statement produced by these concerned evangelical and scientific leaders,

… urges Christians to wear masks, get vaccinated, correct misinformation, work for justice and pray. “Mask rules are not experts taking away our freedom, but an opportunity to follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves,” it says. “Christians are called to love the truth; we should not be swayed by falsehoods. “Get vaccinated against COVID-19 when a safe and effective vaccine is available and as directed by a physician. A large fraction of the population needs to be vaccinated to develop the ‘herd immunity’ which protects the immuno-compromised and others who cannot be vaccinated. Vaccination is a provision from God that will prevent disease not only for ourselves but for the most vulnerable among us (Matthew 25:31-36).”

The statement also absolutely supports Dr. Fauci and all his grand pronouncements, which should be more than enough to give anyone who has been paying attention pause and ask themselves since when did the announcements of church leaders sound so much like the promotion of a tyrannical mandate by a government official?

If you thought that the Catholic church might oppose the jab because of their connection with using aborted fetal cell lines in the development of these experimental medical protocols, you are mistaken. According to a recent article in America Magazine online,

the C.D.F. [Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith] makes clear in its statement, “it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.” This position has been affirmed by the U.S.C.C.B. [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops] and prominent pro-life Catholic scholars.

In case that is not authoritative enough for the Catholics among you, consider this.

In fact, if a Catholic decides that it would be wrong to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, they are in opposition to the church’s magisterial determination that receiving the vaccine is not only morally acceptable, but also, according to Pope Francis, constitutes a moral obligation in order to protect one’s own health and safeguard the common good. Hence, the Archdiocese of New York recently instructed its priests not to grant religious exemptions for Covid-19 vaccines.

One of the purposes of the Christian Churches is to help supply believers with aid in the battle to live one’s Christian convictions. It is discouraging to see that much of the Church is in favor of denouncing our convictions and coercing us to get the jab.

Ways to avoid compliance with the COVID jab mandates

Let me begin here with an insistence upon resistance with all the Constitutional tools at our disposal and absolute dependence upon the strength and wisdom of the LORD. Sailing against the prevailing winds of the world is never an easy task, and our non-compliance will likely be subject to scorn among many in society.

However, we can thank the LORD he endowed our founders with the wisdom to codify the protection of religious freedom in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That enables us to claim exemption from this tyranny for religious belief.

In the following video presentation, attorney Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel explains in detail how exemptions from these mandates can be legally obtained. It is an overview packed with valuable information to enable you to exercise faithful and legal non-compliance.

Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel are valuable allies to combat this tyranny being visited upon your individual person. Others have been rising up to assist in this task in various areas around the nation.

One such man is Eric Deter who runs a legal firm in the Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky ‘tri-state’ area of the U.S. He has been on a legal crusade against the COVID mandates with great success.

Though Mr. Deter’s firm is headquartered in that ‘tri-state’ region, he has stated they are pursuing various legal cases in states all over the nation. He is a legal “bulldog” indeed and well worth listening to on COVID and other issues.

I will conclude with an example of at least one church of real substance and Christian integrity that has fought back successfully (so far) against the jab mandates. This fellowship has articulated the best argument I have yet discovered to oppose receiving the jab based on their pro-life stance.

This comes from Calaveras Presbyterian Church in California, of all places, and shows that even in a virtual Marxist state, faith can breed courage to make a principled stand and defend it. Among the many items on the church website, two, in particular, stood out as especially relevant for the jab debate.

One is the plain declaration that masks are not required to attend any service in person at their worship location, which is a sentiment worth applauding and a statement that should be standard for any fellowship that claims to follow Christ. The other is a well-researched statement condemning the COVID jab based on the fact that the development of this experimental biological protocol was developed with the use of fetal tissue cells obtained through abortion.

Most of us have only been hearing about four companies that produce the jab therapy, Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. However, there are two dozen companies that are producing these experimental substances and they are all listed on the Calaveras church statement of faith against the use of the COVID “vaccines!”

The Church believes it to be definitely inadmissible to use the methods of so-called fetal therapy, in which the human fetus at various stages of its development is aborted and used in attempts to treat various diseases and to “rejuvenate” an organism. Denouncing abortion as a sin, the Church cannot find any justification for it even if someone may possibly benefit from the destruction of a conceived human life. Contributing inevitably to ever-wider spread and commercialization of abortion, this practice presents an example of glaring immorality and is spiritually criminal as a violation of Divine Law. Calaveras Presbyterian Church firmly holds that Scripture defines appropriate Christian behavior. Because of this, it would be a violation of our faith to receive the following coronavirus vaccines:

They then go on to list each of 24 companies that are involved in making this harmful brew and cite evidence revealing that despite any of their protestations, cells obtained through abortion are used in the development of all these formulations. The Calaveras Church statement further lists more theological and rational reasons for refusing the jab and is the best comprehensive set of arguments I have yet seen produced by anyone!

Moreover, their position statement on the jabs also functions as a letter of exemption for those blessed enough to be a part of the Calaveras fellowship. So, unlike the worldly posture of the church bodies listed above, this church body is an example that I sincerely pray all other churches follow to faithfully fight against COVID tyranny.

Do not despair because of the tyrant in the White House. You do not have to or need to take these experimental medical protocols that are continuing to produce more harm than good and there is help available if you wish to exercise your right to refuse the jab, beginning with the assurances of our LORD Jesus Christ that He is with you as you follow Him in the truth.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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