• Sarah Connor

Doctors Continue to Kill Americans With Ventilators!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Sarah Connor, Writer/Blogger

Stop me if you've heard this one before….a man with COVID walks into a hospital, HE is sequestered from family/personal advocates for his care, is put on a ventilator, and dies shortly after. The hospital collects 39k plus for his death.

The story has become so familiar to me since March 2020 that I am starting to feel like Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, except the patients have become the albatross. The doctors and health professionals SHOULD be the mariners burdened with re-telling this story as a remittance of payment for their sins related to an innocent and senseless death.

Last week, one death squad of health professionals (in a hospital that shall not be named) claimed the life of a 44-year-old man who was a loving husband, devoted father, and respected member of the community.

There was NO hand to hold as he struggled to recover… NO words of encouragement from the very people that are his reason to live in the first place…

This time, it was fucking personal! This man was my BROTHER-IN-LAW! Sadly, my sister and I were estranged (at the time), and I did not know of his condition, and she did not know what I knew regarding treatments for COVID. I was taken aback. My sister is as smart as they come and treats the word of the MSM with the same brevity she has towards toilet paper.

He was not offered proven life-saving protocols from the likes of Dr.Vladimir Zelenko. Instead, he was given a slim chance to survive as a healthy young man in the prime of his life while his wife and children were locked out of his room–all denied conversations with medical professionals.

Maybe these said "professionals" were working on a coordinated dance routine or were contemplating the lint in their navels. Either way, their minds were not on healing....they were on following hospital protocols that have not been working in the better part of a year.

I could cite several studies regarding the presence of family members and their effectiveness in the healing process, but that is the very essence of the human spirit and needs no further explanation.

I don't know if this new variant is from a fraternity house, India, or even a strip club (but COVID is so clever you can't catch it after 9 pm or from a lap dance), but you can bet your ass real or not, many of our healthcare professionals will be financially compensated if you die rather than live. That alone should keep you the hell out of a hospital, even if your knee is hanging on by a thin thread of ligaments.

Like the death of Coleridge's albatross, perhaps these healthcare professionals will grow a conscience and atone for their sins, but I won't hold my breath and certainly not for them.

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