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Dude on the Cover of Playboy?! (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

Having your own culture and community is one thing; making millions of people live according to your rules is another. It is okay that the LGBT folks have their own community but their community is not and cannot be the only community. This is my "get off my lawn" moment!

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Generated Transcript:

They teach it in our schools and presented in our media. It's like it has a life of its own. It's right here and it's it's right here in our backyard. It's in every single state. It's in every single city, across the United States. And, and while the world burns, and the country descends into chaos, the elites put a guy on the cover of Playboy and tell us that gender isn't real. They tell us our biology makes us evil. They they piss on us and tell us it's raining. I want you to take a look at this article from breitbart.com so you know I'm not Bs and yeah, there it is. playboy celebrates first ever male Cover Model breadman rock, quote, a huge deal for the LG bt community. Alright, let's read this. playboy has put a male bunny on its latest cover. It's funny, I couldn't even think of anything to say I just had to go right into Let's read this because it's just so ridiculously unnecessary that it blanks the slate in my mind and it just makes me speechless. Let's read this. playboy has put a male bunny on its latest cover, making Filipino born beauty influencer Bregman rock. It's October digital Cover Model, folks, this doesn't even look like a woman. If you're listening and you're just tuning in. We're talking about playboy, celebrating its first ever cover Cover Model. It's a male Cover Model. And I want to describe to you this is a Filipino guy. All right, a small boned yet muscular statured tan gentlemen, all right, even with all of the makeup, it still looks like a dude. It's a tattooed dude. Wearing a bunny costume with his butt hanging out in his torn nylons on giving you the huh the Magnum the Magnum from from that movie? What is that Zoo lander? Right? Huh? The Magnum is giving you that, that that duck, that duck lip look that all the Instagram models like to give. I don't know what has gone wrong in this country. All right. But this woke nonsense has got to stop and I wanted to bring you the store. I wanted to bring you all of the story to paint the picture that this episode this shows going to paint this week All right, that this woke world has taken over. And meanwhile, everything in the background the stuff that you're not seeing is falling apart. It's completely falling apart. Let's keep reading guys. The once iconic magazine is celebrating breadman rocks cover spot as a milestone for the LGBT community. The photo and accompanying video showing rock posing and playboys traditional bunny custom complete with high heels rabbit ears and the bushy tail really quick Let me ask you a question because I know playboy, it's not the most explicit it's not a hustler, right? It's not going for the colonoscopy. All right, it tries to be tasteful as they call it. So is this guy here? All right, and that's what he is. He's a guy is Is he going to just stand there topless? Oh, here's my guy nipples. Or Or was he gonna show part of his his anatomy? Is there going to be part of his male anatomy on there? with the goal of selling it to young men? as natural and normal? I'm curious but not curious enough to go take a look. I never want to take a look quote for Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBT community. For my brown people community. It's just so surreal rock said a total in this even effing is this Excuse me? Is this even effing happening right now type of vibe. And I'm so pretty. That's what he said. He said it's Bratman. Mitch. Copying Britney Spears rock 23 currently stars in his own MTV reality show that streams on YouTube so while they censor my content on YouTube, this guy right here he gets his own MTV show. He also appeared in the YouTube Original Series 30 days with Brett min rock, which followed him and his friends on their adventures in the wilderness. Lovely. The beauty influencers amassed millions of social media followers for styling and makeup tips as well as his workouts and interactions with family members. See, that's what gets millions of tip of hits on social media folks, not God, not guns, not liberty, not family, not funding. mentals nope breadman rock and his maximum is maximum, maximum mandatory, magnificent makeup tips. Amazing folks. Absolutely amazing. playboy, which has always been left wing of course in terms of politics and social issues has grown increasingly woke since the late founder Hugh Hefner stepped down from the company. The magazine announced its first transgender playmate in 2017. Putting male to female French model Enos Rao on its centerfold spread, I forgot all about it. And I hope that was the last time they did it. But no, no, now, this is all normalized. Now. This is a part of our life. Being a normal married heterosexual male or female is bad in 2021, the United States of America. The year before a Muslim journalists became the first woman to pose and he job for the magazine. playboy shut down its print edition last year, probably because of the 2017 article, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, after nearly seven decades, as the country's premier adult magazine for men, the company still publishes online with the occasional print product. So tell me, how is that not brainwashing? Our kids? Do you read playboy? I'm a 36 year old man, I don't need playboy. I don't read playboy. But you know who's interested in playboy? young people, at least were interested in playboy when I was young. So I'm going to assume I'm going to assume that young people today who may be inexperienced as a where to go maybe to find material for their urges, maybe just maybe, maybe they seek out playboy due to its reputation due to its popularity. 70 years, that's a long time. So maybe, maybe they get exposed to this kind of material against their will, right? You say well, they purchased the the digital publication, they went and took a look. Well, they were looking for one thing, and they found another that that wasn't what they were looking for. That's not what the reputation of Playboy is selling. That's not the product that they are trying to purchase. They say it's a huge victory for the LGBT community. But I find this to be very malicious. the LGBT community they once wanted to be equal, and just do their own thing. But now they want LGBT ideology to be the law of the land, and all beliefs and science to be stricken from the land. I don't think this is the entire LGBT community. Let me make myself clear. But here's what I believe. What I believe is that a Marxist militant segment of the LGBT community controlled by woke progressive elites has taken over the LGBT agenda and is now pushing it as hard as they can. The elites hit our kids from every angle, and it almost feels impossible to fight.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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