• James Lane

Enslaving the Planet: Freedom of Choice is a Marketing Ploy, And This Comprehensive List Proves it!

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

So you just got off a long hard shift, and you can feel the day sticking to your skin. Driving on the interstate, you see your exit up ahead. You turn on your blinker and head off. Suddenly, a loud pop. Great… you just blew a tire. Up ahead you see a tire shop and decide to commit the cardinal sin of rimming it up the street. You slowly pull up, double park it in front of the shop, pop the hazards, and head to the counter. The tech quotes you for Goodyears and your stomach instantly turns. You remember when Goodyear went woke and you don't want to support them. Luckily, they offer you a choice. You sign in relief as you dig for your last few dollars.

But what if that choice was an illusion?

What if you could boycott one company while supporting others and unknowingly still be supporting the company you are boycotting? You walk away with a good feeling, yet in reality, you've done absolutely nothing to make a difference. This scenario is unfortunately not far from the truth. Eleven major companies own most companies and brands that we buy goods from. These companies are Kellogg's, General Mills, Kraft-Heinz, Mondelez International, MARS, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestle.

You may say, big deal! So what! To that I say, allow me to provide you a listing that may startle you: a straightforward listing that demonstrates how eleven big companies win, no matter what products you buy or boycott. All of these companies support causes that slowly destroy individual liberty and true equality. This is a long but powerful resource that I hope you can use to your benefit though unfortunately, we may be too far gone to do anything about it.

Most of the following information is taken from the previously mentioned eleven companies' 2021 Annual Report. That is SEC Form 10-K, to be exact. This is the real stuff that no one breaks down for you!

Kellogg's (founded 1906)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 54), Kellogg's 2021 Net Sales come out to 14.18 Billion US Dollars. But where does all that money come from? Here's a list of companies, brands, and products under the Kellogg's umbrella:

Between the years 2000 and today, Kelloggs has acquired Kashi, Morningstar Farms, Pringles, Tolaram Africa, BiscoMisr, Mass Food Group, Parati, and RXBar. This list is actually far larger than this and includes big names like Keebler and the Eggo Company.

Here are the brands and products being pumped out according to their own website:

  • Special K

  • Cheez-It

  • Pringles

  • Austin

  • Morningstar Farms

  • Carr's

  • GardenBurger

  • Frosted Mini-Wheats

  • Rice Crispies

  • Pop-tarts

  • Eggos

  • All-Bran

  • Nutri-Grain

  • Frosted Flakes

  • Crunchy Nut

  • Krave

  • Coco Pops

  • Froot Loops

  • Corn Flakes

  • Corn Pops

  • FiberPlus

  • Town House

The truth is that all these brands and companies are related. They are interwoven and netted together, forming a trap for the general public. They give us the illusion of control over the brands we enjoy, yet hiding right in front of our faces is proof that we control absolutely nothing. Amnesty International commonly accuses Kellogg’s of human rights violations and child labor. But wait, there's more!

General Mills (founded 1928)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 19), General Mill's 2021 Net Sales came out to 18.127 Billion US Dollars. Let's take a look under the hood and see where all this green is coming from. You say you want to make a difference, right? Then you need to know the painful truth. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products under the General Mill's umbrella:

  • Annie's

  • Autumn's Gold

  • Betty Crocker

  • Bisquick

  • Blue Buffalo

  • BoldCultr

  • Bugles

  • Cascadian Farm

  • Cheerios

  • Chex Cereal

  • Chex Mix

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Cocoa Puffs

  • Cookie Crisp

  • Doolies

  • Dunkaroos

  • EPIC

  • Fiber One

  • Food Should Taste Good

  • Gardetto's

  • Gold Metal

  • Golden Grahams

  • Good Measure

  • Green Giant

  • Helper (Hamburger, Tuna, etc.)

  • Häagen-Dazs

  • Jus-Rol

  • Kix

Look at all of these products you used to think were separate! If one company goes woke, you're still supporting them because you may be consuming something impossibly related! The strategy of boycotting the Left doesn't seem very tenable because secretly, it may not be having an effect! I am not saying that any of these brands have or haven't offended. I am just using them as an example. I expect you to do your due diligence and research your products so you can make decisions best for you and your family.

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Kraft-Heinz Company (Merged in 2015)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 24), Kraft-Heinz 2021 Net Sales come out to 26.185 Billion US Dollars. This mega-company controls everything from Velveeta Cheese to the TGI Fridays up the street! Here's a list of companies, brands, and products that encompass the Kraft-Heinz behemoth:

  • A.1.

  • Back to Nature Meals

  • Bagel Bites

  • Bakers Chocolate

  • Capri Sun

  • Classico

  • Claussen

  • Cool Whip

  • Country Time

  • Crystal Light

  • Delimex

  • Gevalia

  • Grey Poupon

  • Heinz 57 Sauce

  • Heinz Chili Sauce

  • Heinz Cocktail Sauce

  • Heinz Gravy

  • Heinz Ketchup

  • HeinzSeed

  • Heinz Vinegar

  • Jack Daniel's Sauces

  • Jell-O

  • Jet-Puffed

  • Just Crack an Egg

  • Kool-Aid

  • Kraft Barbeque Sauce

  • Kraft Foodservice

  • Kraft Heinz Ingredients

  • Kraft Mac and Cheese

  • Kraft Natural Cheese

  • Kraft Salad Dressing

  • Kraft Singles

  • Lea & Perrins

  • Lunchables

  • Maxwell House

  • Mio

  • Miracle Whip

  • Mr. Yoshida's

  • My Heinz

  • Nancy's

  • Ore-Ida

  • Oscar Mayer

  • Philadelphia

  • Primal Kitchen

  • Shake N Bake

  • Stove Top

  • Sure-Jell

  • Taco Bell

  • Tassimo

  • TGI Fridays

  • Velveeta

  • Smart Ones

  • Wyler's

But wait! That was just US products. There's an entire world of products!


  • Heinz Australia

  • Greenseas

  • Golden Circle

  • Heinz at Home

  • Heinz for Baby

  • Original Juice Co.


  • Heinz Belgium


  • Heinz Brazil

  • Quero


  • Heinz Baby

  • Kraft Heinz Canada

  • Kraft Heinz Canada

  • Foodservice


  • Heinz Hong Kong

  • Kraft Heinz China

Czech Republic

  • Heinz Czech Republic


  • Heinz Denmark


  • Heinz Finland


  • Bénédicta

  • Heinz France


  • Bull's-Eye

  • Heinz Germany


  • Heinz Ireland


  • Heinz India


  • Heinz ABC


  • Aproten

  • Biaglut

  • Cuore di Natura

  • Heinz Italy

  • Kraft Italy

  • Nipiol

  • Plasmon

  • Plasmon, Biscotto dei Grandi


  • Heinz Japan

  • Heinz Japan Foodservice

  • Heinz Ketchup

  • Ore-Ida


  • Kraft Heinz Korea


  • Heinz Mexico

Middle East

  • Heinz Africa and the Middle East


  • Amoy

  • Brinta

  • De Ruijter

  • Heinz Netherlands

  • Honig

  • Karvan Cévitam

  • Roosvicee

  • Venz

  • Wijko

New Zealand

  • Cats Prefer Chef

  • Food in a Minute

  • Wattie's For Baby

  • Good Taste Company

  • Nurture Baby

  • Nutri+Plus

  • PurePet

  • Wattie's


  • Heinz Norway


  • Heinz Poland Ketchup & Sauces

  • Pudliszki

Republic of the Philippines

  • Lea & Perrins Kitchen


  • Heinz Russia


  • Heinz Spain

  • Kraft Spain

  • Orlando


  • Heinz Sweden

United Kingdom

  • Heinz UK

  • Amoy

  • Daddies

  • Heinz Baby Food

  • Heinz Ketchup

  • Heinz Salad Cream

  • Heinz Soup

  • HP Sauce


  • Heinz Venezuela

And you wonder why so many companies support and push for a Globalist agenda? In the immortal words of comedian Bill Engvall, "here's your sign."

Mondelez International (founded 2012)

Directly on the Mondelez Internationals website, a place many have never heard of until now, you can find the diversity and inclusion section. Their mission, under the racial equity slogan, is as follows:

"To Mobilize Brands and Marketing partners to drive change, equity and inclusion."

Equity, the opposite of equality, is a racist tool being used by many governments and companies to redistribute wealth in their favor. It's a new way for powerful entities to control the poor and weak-minded. No longer will anything be decided by qualification, it will be decided by race and social status.

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing Summary of Results (page 35), Mondelez International 2020-2021 reported net revenues were 26.6 Billion US Dollars. This is a worldwide company pushing everyday brands and products. You may say to yourself, hey, I don't want to support this racist company. Well, good luck... These are the brands and products they control:

  • 5Star

  • Alpen Gold

  • Barni

  • BelVita

  • BournVita

  • Cadbury

  • DairyMilk

  • ChipsAhoy

  • Clorets

  • Club Social

  • Cote D'or

  • Daim

  • Enjoy Life

  • Freia

  • Halls

  • Honey Maid

  • Hi Kinh Do

  • Lacta

  • LuMarabou

  • Maynards Bassett's

  • Milka

  • Oreo

  • Perfect Snacks

  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  • Prince

  • Ritz

  • Royal

  • Sour Patch Kids

  • Stride

  • Tang

  • Tate's Bake Shop

  • Tiger

  • Toblerone

  • Trident

  • Triscuit

  • Tuc

  • Wheat Thins

Now next time you're enjoying a Cadbury egg, a piece of Toblerone, or just some cream cheese on your bagel, you have to be reminded that you're lining the pockets of companies that don't have your best interest in mind regardless of your wealth, race, or social status.

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MARS (founded 1911)

I don't know about you but when I think of MARS, I think of the candy. I used to eat MARS Bars as a kid. Chewy nougat, sticky caramel, and creamy milk chocolate… ooey-gooey, yummy, and delicious. But don't let them fool you. Our all-American childhood dreams are full of lies. Also, when you take your dog to the vet, Willy Wonka is apparently running the show (you'll see).

According to Forbes, as of 2021, MARS is a gigantic 40 billion dollar megacorporation made up of four business segments: MARS Petcare, MARS Food, MARS Wrigley, and MARS Edge. Each of these business segments contains businesses and brands we use on a daily basis. Let's take a closer look:

MARS Petcare consists of

  • MARS Veterinary Health

  • AniCura


  • Asia Veterinary Diagnostics

  • Banfielf Pet Hospital

  • Blue Pearl Specialty & Emergency Per Hospital

  • Linnaeus

  • Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

  • VCA Animal Hospitals

  • VES Veterinary Hospitals

  • VSH Veterinary Hospitals

  • API

  • Aquarian

  • Buckeye Nutrition

  • Cesar

  • Dreamies

  • Eukanuba

  • Greenies Dental Treats

  • IAMS

  • Nutro

  • Pedigree

  • Royal Canin

  • Sheba

  • Spillers

  • Temptations

  • Winergy

  • Whiskas

MARS Wrigley consists of

  • 3Musketeers

  • 5Gum

  • Altoids

  • American Heritage Chocolate

  • Amicelli

  • Balisto

  • Big Red

  • Bounty

  • Celebrations

  • Combos

  • Double-Mint

  • Dove

  • Eclipse

  • Ethel M

  • Galaxy

  • Goodness Knows

  • Hubba Bubba

  • Juicy Fruit Lifesavers

  • M&M's

  • Maltesers

  • Mars

  • MilkyWay

  • MyM&M's

  • Orbit

  • Skittles Starburst

  • Twix

  • Winterfresh

  • Extra

  • Spearmint

MARS Food consists of

  • Abu Siouf (Uncle Ben's with a turban)

  • Ben's Original

  • Dolmio

  • Ebly

  • KanTong

  • Master Foods

  • Miracoli

  • Pamesello

  • Raris

  • Royco

  • Seeds of Change

  • Suzi Wan

  • Tasty Bite

MARS Edge consists of

  • Mars edge technically has one product. They are pushing a health supplement called CocoaVia. They are literally trying to use medical science to say that the foundations of chocolate are good for you and you should buy their pill or powder. Here's a direct quote:

"We are building world-class and innovative partnerships with academia, start-up companies, and philanthropic organizations to bring our ideas to life. Today, we're taking the first steps to help close the nutritional gaps. Through the dietary supplement CocoaVia™, we're using our research on cocoa flavanols to create evidence-based products that support healthy blood flow to help people support their heart and brain health. And we are building a global Personalized Nutrition business starting with our partnership with foodspring® — one of Europe's largest and fastest-growing direct-to-consumer targeted nutrition companies."

There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, every product, every single thing we enjoy seems to be somehow linked to a large woke corporation profiting off our hard-earned dollar.

Coca-Cola (founded 1886)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 60), Coca-Cola's 2021 Net Revenues come out to 38.65 Billion US Dollars. Everyone loves a nice ice-cold Coke, right? I personally prefer diet Pepsi. Regardless of your taste in fizzy beverages, there's much more to swallow than you or I ever realized. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products that make up woke Coca-Cola:


AHA Sparkling Water








Costa Coffee


Diet Coke







Gold Peak Tea

Honest Tea



Minute Maid

Peace Tea




Smart Water


Topo Chico

Vitamin Water

You think to yourself, fine, that's okay, I'll just switch to another beverage. Wrong! That other beverage is probably owned by woke Pepsi. No matter what you do, big corporate companies own you and your supposed decision-making. I may have a solution to this, but first, Pepsi!

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PepsiCo (founded 1902)

According to socialist Pepsi:

"Because when we have a space to authentically be ourselves, explore each other's ideas with compassionate curiosity, can we move from uniformity to diversity. From diversity to equity and inclusion. Only when we are open about our identity, our story, our highs and our lows, can we deliver more smiles, and build a better, more positive workplace and world."

Now that you know how concerned PepsiCo is with "smiles," here's some other important facts and numbers. According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 37), PepsiCo's 2021 Net Revenues come out to 79.474 Billion US Dollars. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products that comprise big daddy Pepsi.

  • Pepsi

  • Pure Leaf Tea

  • Mountain Dew

  • Bubly

  • Gatorade

  • Tropicana

  • Naked

  • Soda Stream

  • Lipton

  • Starbucks

  • KeVita

  • Life Water

  • Sierra Mist

  • Stubborn Soda

  • IZZE

  • Propel

  • One

  • Sobe

  • Mug Root Beer

  • Lays

  • Doritos

  • Stacy's Pita Chips

  • Quaker Oats

  • Bare

  • Sabra Hummus

  • Ruffles

  • Smart Food

  • Cheetos

  • Tostitos

  • Fritos

  • NearEast

  • Imagine

  • Sun Chips

  • Off the Eaten Path

  • Simply Lays

  • Rold Gold Pretzels

  • Miss Vickies

  • Red Rock Deli

  • Cracker Jack

  • Nut Harvest

  • Life

  • Matador Beef Jerky

  • Chewy Granola

  • Santitas Chips

  • Funyuns

  • Cap'n Crunch

  • Pasta Roni

  • Rice-a-Roni

  • Quaker Rice Crisps

  • Maui Style Chips

  • Sabritones Chips

  • Munchies

  • Munchos

  • Grandma's Cookies

  • Pearl Milling Company Pancake Mix

Remember, in 2021, PepsiCo killed Aunt Jemima in the name of imaginary white guilt. I hear Cousin T has some great pancakes though.

Unilever (founded 1930)

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Who the F$%#! Is Unilever? We're about to find out. Unilever is a gigantic super-corporation that makes decisions based upon the direction of the wind. In 2019, the CEO seemed to stand up against woke ideologies while secretly participating in them himself. The company is now coming under fire for woke practices. Remember that these woke companies own your mind the next time you're scrubbing your crack, shampooing your hair, or sipping a nice cold iced tea. There aren't many other options than the following list of companies, brands, and products. You may recognize some:

  • Alsa – desserts and syrups

  • Amino – dehydrated soup (Poland)

  • Amora – French mayonnaise and dressings

  • Annapurna – salt and wheat flour (India)

  • Aromat – seasoning (South Africa)

  • Ben & Jerry's – an immensely popular ice cream brand

  • Best Foods – offering mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, peanut butter, and salad dressings

  • Bovril – beef extract

  • Breyers – ice cream

  • Brooke Bond – tea

  • Bru – instant coffee (India)

  • Brummel & Brown – margarine

  • Buavita – fruit juice, ice cream (Indonesia, acquired from Ultrajaya)

  • Bushell's – a tea brand in Australia and New Zealand only.

  • Calvé – a sauce (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.) brand.

  • Chicken Tonight (excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland)

  • Choysa – another tea brand marketed mainly in Australia and New Zealand

  • Colman's – packaged sauces, etc. like mustard, condiments, and OK Fruity Sauce

  • Conimex – Asian spices (Netherlands)

  • Continental – side dishes

  • Darko (Дарко) – ice cream (Bulgaria)

  • Fanacoa – a mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup in Argentina and for export to Latin America.

  • Fruco – ketchup, mayonnaise and condiments

  • Fudgsicle

  • Grom – Gelato (Italy)

  • Heartbrand – ice cream (umbrella logo)

  • Hellmann's – mayonnaise

  • Jif – lemon and lime juice

  • Joko – tea (South Africa)

  • Kecap Bango – a soya sauce brand that operates in Indonesia.

  • Kissan – popular ketchup, squashes, and jams company in India and Pakistan.

  • Klondike – ice cream sandwiches

  • Knorr (Knorr-Suiza in Argentina, Royco in Indonesia, Continental in Australia) Probably one of Unilever's most favored and successful companies, knorr produces sauces, stock cubes, ready-meals and soups, meal kits, and frozen food items.

  • Lady's Choice – a mayonnaise and spread (peanut-butter and sandwich, etc.) brand in Malaysia and the Philippines.

  • Lan-Choo – tea brand in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Lao Cai – a company that produces seasoning items.

  • Lipton – worldwide famous tea brand of Unilever.

  • Lipton Ice Tea – ready-to-drink tea brand that has a partnership with PepsiCo international.

  • Lizano Sauce (also known as Salsa Lizano) – a Costa Rican condiment brand.

  • Lyons – tea brand in Ireland

  • Maille – a brand that produces French mustard.

  • Maizena – a cornstarch-manufacturer

  • Marmite – The Australian and New Zealand version of the brand is called Our Mate. It manufactures spread made from yeast extract.

  • Mãe Terra – an organic food business based in Brazil.

  • McCollins – tea (Peru)

  • Paddle pop – an ice cream line (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia [incorporated with Wall's], discontinued in the Philippines)

  • Pfanni – Bavarian potato mixes

  • PG Tips – tea (UK / USA / Canada)

  • Popsicle – frozen treats

  • Pot Noodle – cup noodle

  • Pukka – herbal tea

  • Pure Leaf – bottled tea

  • Rani – it is a fruit juice company operating in the Middle East that Unilever acquired from Aujan Industries.

  • Red Rose Tea – a tea manufacturer in Canada

  • Robertsons – a South African company that makes spices and seasoning.

  • Royco – Royco operates in Indonesia alone and produces stock cubes and non-MSG stock.

  • Saga – a tea brand from Poland

  • Sariwangi – tea (Indonesia)

  • Scottish Blend – tea

  • Sealtest – milk products

  • Slotts – mustard (Sweden)

  • Streets – an ice cream brand from Australia and New Zealand.

  • Sunce (Sun) – The brand has been discontinued, but it used to manufacture mayonnaise in several countries like Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia. It now manufactures Knorr mayonnaise.

  • T2 – premium Australian tea

  • Talenti – gelato

  • Telma – breakfast cereal (Israel)

  • Tortex – ketchup (Poland)

  • Turun sinappi – mustard maker in Finland and Sweden

  • Unilever Food Solutions – provides food service to professional markets.

  • Unox – soups, smoked sausages

  • Weis – frozen fruit desserts, ice creamAll – it is a laundry detergent brand.

  • Ala – a laundry detergent-manufacturer in Argentina and North/Northeast Brazil)

  • Andrelon – a brand in the Netherlands that specializes in hair care.

  • Atlantik – a soap company in Germany that has now been discontinued.

  • Aviance – a cosmetics and makeup brand

  • Axe – deodorant, shower gel, body spray. It is called Lynx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

  • Ayush – a herbal products company in India

  • Baba – a beauty brand based in Hungary.

  • Badedas – produces shower gels.

  • Biotex – manufactures laundry detergents.

  • Block & White – a Philippines band that Unilever acquired from Sara Lee Philippines in 2010. It produces whitening lotion, soap, and deodorant.

  • Breeze – laundry detergent brand in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

  • Brilhante – laundry detergent brand in Brazil

  • Brisk – produces hairstyling products for men in Southeast Asia and North America.

  • Brylcreem – specializes in hair styling products for men.

  • Caress – a soap manufacturer

  • Cif – manufactures cleaning and washing products.

  • Citra – Citra operates in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East. It's a women's skincare line producing hand and body lotion, beauty soap, and scrubs.

  • Clear – a popular shampoo brand in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, the United States, Canada, and Latin America. It specializes in anti-dandruff, scalp-care shampoos, and conditioners.

  • Clinic – anti-dandruff shampoo brand

  • Close–Up – a famous toothpaste company

  • Coccolino – liquid fabric-softener

  • Comfort – another fabric-softener

  • Cream Silk – conditioner company in the Philippines

  • Degree – a deodorant brand in the United States and Canada

  • DERO – functions in Romania and Vietnam

  • Dimension – operates in several continents such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America.

  • Dollar Shave Club – personal grooming products

  • Domestos – bleach company

  • Dove – popular skincare, hair care, and deodorant company

  • Dusch Das – a German brand, produces shower gels and deodorants.

  • Elidor – a haircare line from Turkey

  • Eskinol – Philippine brand manufacturing facial care products for women.

  • Fair & Lovely – a company that produces skin-lightening creams and other products.

  • FDS – a skincare brand

  • Gessy – Brazilian soap brand

  • Glorix – bleach brand from the Netherlands

  • Good Morning – Egyptian soap company

  • Impulse – produces deodorants, etc.

  • Ioma – skincare products

  • Lakmé – cosmetics company

  • Lever 2000 – a soap brand

  • Lifebuoy – another soap brand

  • Living Proof – specializes in hair products.

  • Linic – Portugese shampoo brand

  • Lux – known as Caress in the US, it manufactures women's soaps and lotions, etc.

  • Lynx – makes deodorants for men.

  • Lysoform – an Italian brand that focuses on homecare

  • The Master – men's facial care brand

  • Matey – makes bubble baths for kids.

  • Mentadent – a toothpaste brand

  • Minerva – Brazilian company manufacturing laundry and dishwasher detergents

  • Mist – Egyptian soap brand

  • Neutral – laundry detergents

  • Noxzema – a skincare brand

  • Omo – laundry detergent company in Australia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Norway, Brazil, and Chile

  • Organics – a shampoo and conditioner manufacturer

  • Pears Transparent Soap

  • Pepsodent – dental care brand

  • Persil – laundry detergent brand

  • Pond's

  • Prodent – toothpaste

  • Quix – dishwashing liquid (Chile)

  • Q–Tips – cotton swabs

  • Radox – shower gels and bubble bath

  • Regenerate – toothpaste

  • Rexona – deodorant (Latin America, Europe [except UK and Ireland], Asia [except India and Japan], Australia and New Zealand; known in Japan as Rexena)

  • Rin – laundry detergent (India)

  • Rinso (except the United States)

  • Robijn – softener

  • Seventh Generation – a brand specializing in home and personal care products.

  • Sedal – shampoo and conditioner (Spanish-speaking Latin American countries; known in Brazil as Seda)

  • Shield – deodorant (South Africa)

  • Signal – toothpaste

  • Simple – skin and body care range

  • Skip – laundry detergent

  • SR – toothpaste

  • St Ives – hand and body care

  • Suave

  • Sun – dishwasher detergent

  • Sunlight

  • Sunsilk – shampoo and conditioner brand, also called Sedal and Seda.

  • Sure – deodorant (the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India)

  • Surf – laundry detergSurf Excel – laundry detergent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka)

  • Swan Soap (defunct)

  • Thermasilk – shampoo and conditioner manufacturer

  • Tholl – skincare company

  • TIGI – professional shampoo and conditioner for hair salons

  • Timotei – another shampoo and conditioner brand

  • Toni & Guy – haircare range favored by professionals

  • TRESemmé – popular haircare range (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States)

  • Ultrex – dandruff shampoo (Greece)

  • Vaseline – produces body lotion, shower gel, and deodorant is also known as Vasenol.

  • Vibrance – shampoo and conditioner

  • Vim (Bangladesh, Canada, India, Pakistan)

  • Vinólia – soap (Brazil)

  • Viso – laundry detergent (Vietnam and Indonesia)

  • Wheel(India)

  • White Beauty – skin lightening cream

  • Williams – manufactures men's care items.

  • VO5 – hair care and styling brand

  • Xedex

  • Zendium – toothpaste

  • Zhonghua – toothpaste

  • Zwitsal – manufactures baby care range in the Netherlands and Indonesia.

  • Unilever Professional – special line for professional markets (home and personal care)

Unilever is commonly involved in international child labor scandals alongside Kellogg's and Nestle. One last thing. Unilever also owns the company Onnit. Remember that next time you listen to Joe Rogan. Unilever, a UK-based company, brought in 52.444 Billion Euros (57.588 Billion Dollars) according to page 114 of their 2021 financial report.

Procter & Gamble (founded 1837)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 16), Procter & Gamble’s 2021 Net Sales equate to 76.118 Billion US Dollars. If you didn’t know, P&G is responsible for the 2019 woke Gillette ad that threw men's razor profits in the toilet. After Five Billion Dollars of losses, the CEO came out and celebrated it as an accomplishment. These people are out of their minds and hypnotize our children, friends, and families to believe their racist ideology. They manipulate the English language. For example, how can an “anti-racist” be a racist? Local cities and states gladly help push their socialist narrative for a price. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products under the shadow of big P&G:

  • All Good

  • Charlie Banana

  • Luvs

  • Pampers

  • Ariel

  • Bounce

  • Cheer

  • Downy

  • Dreft

  • Era

  • Gain

  • Rindex

  • Tide

  • Bounty

  • Charmin

  • Puffs

  • Always

  • Always Discreet

  • Just

  • Tampax

  • This is L

  • Braun

  • Gillette

  • Joy + Glee

  • Gillette Venus

  • The Art of Shaving

  • Aussie

  • Head & Shoulders

  • Herbal Essences

  • My Black is Beautiful

  • Old Spice

  • Pantene

  • Ambi-Pur

  • Cascade

  • Dawn

  • Febreeze

  • Gain

  • Microban 24-Hour

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  • Salvo

  • Swiffer

  • Zevo

  • Crest

  • Fixodent

  • Oral-B

  • Scope

  • Align Probiotic

  • Clearblue

  • Metamucil

  • PeptoBismol

  • Prilosec OTC

  • Vicks

  • ZzzQuil

  • Gilette

  • Ivory

  • Native

  • Olay

  • Old Spice

  • Safeguard

  • Secret

  • Snowberry

  • Sk-II

So whether you want to brush your teeth, wipe your ass, or plug up your hoo-hah during that time of the month, the global corporations own you. Do you hear me, ladies? They own your hoo-hah! You can’t wash your armpits or take heartburn medicine without supporting the speculated “New World Order.” If you hope to have any quality of life in this world then it’s unavoidable. What can we do? We’ll get to that in a second, there’s still two more companies to talk about.

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Johnson & Johnson (founded 1886)

According to their SEC Form 10-K filing (page 22), Johnson & Johnson’s 2021 Net Sales were 93.8 Billion US Dollars. Have a boo-boo and need a band-aid, some KY for slippery situations, or a magic pill for that sinus Migraine? Think Johnson and Johnson. I’m telling you, the combination of these companies literally covers everything you can imagine. You need to become a hermit in the woods to avoid them. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products ran and distributed by Johnson and Johnson.

  • Acuvue

  • Actifed

  • Ambi

  • Aveeno

  • Bactidol

  • Band-Aid

  • Benadryl

  • Benecol

  • Bengay

  • Benylin

  • Bonamine

  • Caladryl

  • Calpol

  • Calcough

  • Calprofen

  • Calgel

  • Calrub

  • Carefree

  • Clean & Clear

  • Coach

  • Coach Professional

  • Coach Sport

  • Codral

  • Combantrin

  • Compeed

  • Conceptrol

  • Cortaid

  • Cortef

  • Delfen

  • Desitin

  • Dolormin

  • E.P.T.

  • Efferdent

  • Euthymol

  • First-Aid

  • Gynol

  • Healthy Woman

  • Imodium

  • Johnson’s Baby

  • Johnson & Johnson Red Cross

  • Jontex

  • K-Y

  • Lactaid

  • Listerine

  • Listermine

  • Lubriderm

  • Luden’s

  • Meds

  • Micatin

  • Monistat

  • Micralax

  • Migraleve

  • Modess

  • Motrin

  • Motrin Children

  • Myadec

  • Mylanta

  • Nasalcrom

  • Neko

  • Neosporin

  • Neutrogena

  • Nicoderm

  • Nicorette

  • Nizoral

  • Nu-Gauze

  • O.B.

  • OneTouch

  • Pediacare

  • Penaten

  • Pepcid

  • Pepcid AC

  • Polysporin

  • Ponstan

  • Priligy

  • Provin

  • Quantrel


  • Reachtine

  • Regaine

  • Rembrandt

  • Remicade

  • Roc

  • Rogaine

  • Rolaids

  • Shower to Shower

  • Simply Sleep

  • Simponi

  • Sinutab

  • Splenda

  • Stayfree

  • Steri-Pad

  • Stim-u-dent

  • Sudacare

  • Sudafed

  • Tucks Pads

  • Tylenol Baby

  • Tylenol Children

  • Ultracet

  • Vania

  • Visine

  • Zyrtec

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay more than 2.2 billion dollars to resolve criminal and civil suits demonstrating J&J financial kickbacks (payoffs) to doctors and pharmacists. It doesn’t end there as J&J was then revealed to be heavily embroiled in the national Opioid crisis and accompanying scandals. Regardless, J&J’s profits continue to soar. The game is rigged as they say. Boycotting products won’t stop any of these companies. It's like a fly on the ass of a Brontosaurus.

Nestle (founded 1905)

Finally, we come to Nestle. Chocolate milk and hot cocoa? What could be the problem? Wrong! Chocolate milk and hot cocoa is a gosh darn lie! According to CNSNews, Nestle and MARS have joined forces and proclaimed that they will use their influence to crush fair competition, protections for children, and religious freedom in the name of LGBTQ and gender equity. Remember, no one is talking about equality. The Left considers equality to be morally wrong. They are using the racist term, classist, and sexist term, equity.

Now that you know what I know, let’s take a look at the money. According to their annual financial report (page 1), Nestle’s 2021 Net Sales were 87.1 Billion US Dollars. Here's a list of companies, brands, and products ran and distributed by these supposed cocoa peddlers:

  • Aero

  • Alpo

  • Bakers Complete

  • Beneful

  • Blue Bottle Coffee

  • Boost

  • Buitoni

  • Cailler

  • Carnation

  • Cat Chow

  • Cerelac

  • Cheerios

  • Chef

  • Chef-Mate

  • Coffee-Mate

  • DiGiorno

  • Dog Chow

  • Dreyer’s

  • Extreme

  • Fancy Feast

  • Felix

  • Fitness

  • Friskies

  • Garoto

  • Gerber

  • Gourmet

  • Häagen-Dazs

  • Herta

  • Hot Pockets

  • Jack’s

  • KitKat

  • La Laitiere

  • Lean Cuisine

  • Lion Cereals

  • Maggi

  • Milkybar

  • Milo

  • Minor’s

  • Movenpick

  • NaturNes

  • Nescafe

  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto

  • Nescafe Ready to Drink

  • Nespresso

  • Nesquik

  • Nesquik Breakfast Cereal

  • Nestea

  • Nestle Ice Cream

  • Nestle Les Recettes de l’Atelier

  • Nido

  • Nutren Junior

  • Optifast

  • Orion

  • Peptamen

  • Perrier

  • Purina

  • Purina ONE

  • Purina Pro Plan

  • Quality Street

  • Resource

  • S. Pellegrino

  • Sjora

  • Smarties

  • Starbuck Coffee at Home

  • Stouffer’s

  • Thomy

  • Toll House

  • Tombstone

That’s right, I said Tombstone. Not even our beloved microwave pizzas are safe from the cold and clammy hands of wokeism! What can we do about this? How can we, the little people, stand up to the corporations that run the world? That’s a great question with an answer you aren’t going to like.

How to Fix the Problem and Possibly Save the World

We are facing a giant the likes of which we can hardly comprehend. The combined annual revenue of these companies comes out to a mind-boggling 557.8 Billion dollars. That’s half a trillion large! I have a couple of hundred bucks in my checking account. How about you? Just to put that in perspective, that’s more money than Sweden has. These are some of the oldest and most fortified companies in existence. Monsters of industry. So how does David slay the Goliath of Goliaths? Through petty boycotts and childish protests? No. We take action! What does that mean? We use Capitalism as our ally and begin building large-scale businesses. No matter what you think, these companies and their 1000’s of associated brands, products, businesses, and entities are so well connected and widely diversified that nothing but direct competition can stop them. Will it be easy? No. Is it likely? No. Is it impossible? No! There are many great business minds among us, it's time to shed the fear, build confidence, and truly save the planet.

In the spirit of JFK, we choose to rid the world of wokeism in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

Wake up.

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