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Every Recent Conservative Supreme Court Win Summarized

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

The last few weeks have been tumultuous, turbulent, and downright exciting for Conservatives in this country. As we learn about the radical rulings of our nation’s Supreme Court, public opinion has become largely divided over issues involving gun control, state and local law enforcement, and abortion. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, it’s nearly impossible to argue that we are at a point in history that will go down in infamy as being the most highly charged, significant evaluations of current policy and law that we’ve ever seen.

Supreme Court Revolution

It seems that the efforts of former President Trump were not in vain; as he strategically appointed members to the United States Supreme Court that held similar conservative views, he carefully selected members whose allegiance to the United States Constitution drove their decision making processes. Why did he do this? He and members of the Federalist Society believed that:

“It is time to check federal power, protect individual liberties, and interpret the U.S. Constitution according to its original and intended meaning.”

Simply put, there has been an imbalance of “left-centered” power for far too long, with several prominent Democratic figures seeking more control and influence than should be allowed in a true “democracy.” “We The People” is a concept that has taken a backseat to Big Government for far too long, and the strategic appointment of conservative justices to the nation’s highest court—and the implications of such an action—--are now too long-reaching and significant to ignore.

Roe Vs. Wade

The gavel dropped, and the future of law surrounding abortions in this country changed forever. The overturn of Roe vs. Wade gave constitutional rights and power back to individual states, rather than giving the federal government jurisdiction over women’s rights across the country. While “uninformed” abortion-rights activists across the country cried foul, they failed to see the significance of giving the power back to the people. This was a significant example of the fact that Big Government control is slowly slipping and that we can look forward to more “life, liberty, and happiness pursuits” as states begin the process of advocating for their own citizens. If ya don’t like where you’re living, ladies, consider another location.

The Right To Bear Arms

The Second Amendment right to bear arms was significantly impacted with the rejection of New York State Rifle & Pistol vs. Bruen, which would have mandated special certifications—-not to mention lots of red tape—---for the privilege to carry firearms in public. This strikes fear in the hearts of every Deep State dope, as the right to defend ourselves with a firearm remains in place. While certifications vary from state to state, this was a big win for those wishing to protect precious family and friends from the long and corrupt arm of the Federal law. Judge Clarence Thomas weighed in on the controversial issue, encouraging states to weigh individual decisions and give consideration to criminal history and possession protocols when crafting subsequent laws.

West Virginia Vs. EPA

The court dealt a major blow to the Biden Administration and its efforts to address climate change with the West Virginia ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency. They reviewed a 1970 provision of the Clean Air Act giving the EPA “expansive power to issue rules targeting carbon emissions at power plants.” In a stunning 6-3 majority favoring the conservatives, judges reversed the ruling, causing other regulatory agencies such as the FDA, the CDC, and even the IRS to run scrambling to convert some of their most oppressive statutes into law to prevent a collapse of agency infrastructure.

According to a legal doctrine known as the Major Questions Doctrine, a regulatory agency must receive permission from Congress in order to issue a rule with major economic and political impacts. If an agency does not have proper grounds on which to levy new rules and restrictions, then they do not have to be followed. Can you imagine what this means going forward for:

  • Wearing masks

  • Getting vaccinated

  • Paying taxes according to “changing tax laws”

  • Evaluating new products against Food and Drug Administration standards

As word of this ruling begins to sneak out, I anticipate that this might cause some pushback

from those of us that are tired of oppressive and unfounded regulations on nearly all aspects of our lives.

Church vs. State Segregation

In yet another victory for the Conservative court, Maine was prohibited from excluding religious education opportunities from the voucher program offered to parents who live in rural areas without public school offerings. This further blurs the lines between church and state, allowing parents a bit more voice and choice on what kind of educational opportunities they choose for their children.

Big Decisions, Profound Impacts

This “case-closed” annual court season has certainly spiced up the political climate of the country, particularly where hard-line decisions were radically overturned with little explanation. While it’s not unusual to view the pendulum swinging from right to left and back again when justices are appointed and replaced, very few could have anticipated what the Supreme Court’s recent rulings were going to stir up as we contemplate the long-reaching consequences of a right shift toward conservative priorities and policy once more.

“The last time there was an ideologically cohesive court such as this was Warren court, and that court pursued liberal objectives,” said Neal Devins, Supreme Court expert at William & Mary University Law School. Under Warren’s influence, the Supreme Court made transformative decisions that expanded both civil rights and liberties from the mid-fifties till 1970.

According to Chief Justice Roberts, “the courts of the past took on issues that they had no business deciding. Abortion is not an issue directly addressed by the Constitution; it is a moral issue to be decided on by voters of each state. Only Congress, not an independent government agency, has the broad power to establish things like regulatory caps for greenhouse gases.”

Just Getting Started

According to law experts, there is little sign that this Conservative swing will slow down. They have been looking at additional landmark cases for the next term in September regarding affirmative action, election laws, and regulations on private businesses. Hold on to your hats!

Brandon Is Freaking Out

Poor Joe. As a last-ditch attempt to swing public policy back toward the left, he is calling the recent Supreme Court actions “reprehensible, inappropriate, and cruel.” I laughingly describe these attempts to “rebalance the law” through coercion of key congressmen and women will be down and dirty, no doubt. One thing we know about the Left—they’re always up for a good fight.

Moving Forward

Regardless of our inability to determine the Deep State’s next parlay at these recent developments, Conservatives should take heart that our voices are being heard and a return to sane, heart-centered values is in order. While this long and arduous battle is not over yet, we can claim some small victories as we see more and more people coming to their senses and reclaiming the power of the people.

Now, let’s all commit to using that power responsibly.

Until next time, friends,


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