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Face Masks: We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

It was a bright, sunshiny day, and my daughter and I were off to a neighboring town for her weekly violin lesson and orchestra practice. Our rural area was fortunate to employ a number of accomplished professional musicians who started a regional fine arts program for children, so we jumped at the chance to enroll.

We hopped out of the car with violin, music, bags, books, and stand in hand, and we marched into the local middle school, where rooms were set aside weekly to cater to this group. Rumors had flown the week before that masks may be required once more "due to rising COVID cases," but we were given the option to fill out an objector form. This was due to the fact that my daughter experiences anxiety at the thought of being suffocated on the daily. Having filled out the form, we were blissfully unaware of what was about to take place minutes later.

Pint-sized Atilla

Upon entering the commons area of the middle school, we were met face to face with a masked pixie who manned the front desk. Fancying herself the gatekeeper of the entire establishment, she angrily demanded, "Where are your masks"?

I calmly explained that we were here for the regional orchestra lesson and practice, and that we'd filled out the objector form that the organization had provided. I then went on to emphasize that we were in the building for a grand total of 90 minutes, once weekly, in an attempt to ease her frenzied response.

"EVERYONE WHO ENTERS THE BUILDING MUST WEAR A MASK!" she bellowed while my daughter stood steadfastly behind me. I turned to address my ten-year-old, asking her, "What do you think about that?"

"I won't wear one," she calmly replied. As if on cue, she began pointing behind our assailant, singling out kids who were walking without masks on. "Mom, where's his mask? Why doesn't she have one on? Why are they asking us to wear one when the rules aren't the same for everyone?"

I addressed security once more, asking her, "Would you care to give my daughter an answer to these questions?"

"Well, we can't necessarily control what happens after these kids come in the building," she stammered.

"I've got it!", I replied. "You can give us masks and we'll wear them until we're out of sight and around the corner, and then all will be in order, right?"

I could tell that she literally pursed her lips tighter behind her magical mask. "That's not the point, Ma'am. Why don't I lead you to the principal's office, and you can discuss this matter with him?"

I smiled. "Let me get this straight. You're asking me, a fellow educator, to go to the principal's office for refusing to wear a useless piece of cloth over my face?" I paused to let the gravity of my words sink in beyond the cloth exterior that seemed to be wrapped around her brain as well. "No thank you, we will not be taking part in this madness today or any other day. We will take our business elsewhere."

Without another word, my daughter and I turned tail and marched out the door, bare faces held high. As we walked toward the car once more, I asked her, "Do you think we made a mistake?"

"No, Mom," she replied. "Someone has to start standing up for what's right."

The next half hour was a flurry of activity as my daughter's instructor informed us that a chain of emails had flown back and forth between school administrators, program directors, and school employees, telling them all to "be on the lookout for us." He apologized profusely for the school policy---subject to change without prior notice, by the way--and we made plans to procure his services outside of the school day. I called and left a message with the superintendent of schools, promising to let the public know about our experience while urging them to speak up and out on the ridiculousness of mandates that cannot possibly, should not possibly be enforced.

Masks: Why all the fuss, you ask?

If my daughter's anxiety about being strapped to a mask isn't enough for some of you, let me elaborate and reveal evidence on the inefficacy of masks so you can make a more informed choice on the matter. A personal friend of mine who works in my district released a video on social media that she'd taken shortly after our district rolled out innovative new masks with our official logo so we could all "flock" together. This video details the slow-motion consequence of a sneeze through one of these masks.......and the resulting cloud of moisture can be likened to spray coming out of an aerosol can. Gross.....downright gross.

I know some of you are just begging for stats and "the science" behind my inefficacy claims so here they are, in no particular order:

  • Studies performed at the University of North Carolina Medical Center showed that there was an extremely wide variation in the efficacy of certain masks, and factors from fabric material to how it is worn determine whether it is an effective barrier against infections, bacteria, and viruses. Percentages of filtration ranged from 26 to 78 percent, with no single mask/fabric combination being 100 percent effective at blocking out harmful particulates.

  • Studies done at MIT on the use of cloth masks by healthcare workers indicated that high risk situations such as repeated use, excessive respiration and moisture, and high contact with infected populations did very little to reveal that masks were effective in these situations. Workers were better off committing to washing their hands before and after contact with each patient in an attempt to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses.

  • A study done by the CDC itself revealed startling gaps in evidence when faced with several variants that make it nearly impossible to collect data on masks with integrity that will reveal their true form and function. The institution itself reported that there were too many discrepancies in the data that made it very difficult to form a conclusion about mask use and the role they play in an attempt to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

If you want more, I've got much more evidence to present. You can find it here.

We need to get down to more important matters, such as why "they" require masks when they clearly do not work.

So why the push, then?

There are several theories circulating as to why masks became the most hotly debated fashion accessory for the past two years. Some think it was a giant social experiment to visually display sheeple from people, those who blindly went along with government "suggestion" and expectation without questioning where the rhetoric was coming from.

Still, others wanted to effect psychological and emotional changes for us, further driving the wedge of division between those who comply and those who object. Even today, I catch myself thinking certain things about people that I see on the streets and in stores, both masked and unmasked. There's a lot of assumption going on right now, and many of us are too afraid to break the six-foot social distancing rule to start a real conversation and find out the truth.

A small but rapidly rising theory involves the ongoing damage to our respiratory and immune systems by breathing recycled air and moisture day after day. Just what is it doing to our health, and is there a way to reverse any additional toxicity that is being harbored in the body? The last thing we need now is another inflammatory response.

The plot thickens.....a bit

Apparently, after my riotous response to being asked to put a mask on, we caused quite a stir at our local middle school. My promise to roll out a story that would reach many people was enough to cause the superintendent of schools to call me back and invite both myself and my daughter back to the school. In his words, "you've caused us to think about the effectiveness of the mandate and the fact that it cannot be completely reinforced. Please consider coming back into the schools and taking part in our programs".

I responded with, "Oh, it wasn't my idea. It was my daughter's."

Mic drop.

Maybe we should be encouraging the future leaders of our nation to begin speaking out and to find their own voices in this madness. Are there risks? Sure. Are there consequences? Quite possibly.....but who do we want them to be when they take over? What kind of resolve do we want to teach them now so they don't have to stand for the type of totalitarian control that we find ourselves in now? If we don't allow them to speak up while still in the safety and comfort of our care, what chance do they have when the going gets tough?

I tell my daughter I'm proud of her every day for standing up for herself. I tell her that more kids her age should let go of fear and stand in the truth that resonates deep in their hearts. I tell her that continuing to do that in every situation will eventually bring about true and lasting change. We started a conversation in our local community that brought about a change in policy. It is possible.

You go, girl.

Now, where are the rest of you? It's time you experienced the freedom of saying "no more."

I'm with you all the way.

Until next time, friends,


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