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Fauci's Chinese Investment Portfolio

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

I talk about Fauci's shady Chinese investments and more!



Audio Only - Episode 183: Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!


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Generated Transcript:

If you really still hate me, and you really don't believe me, and you really, really just need more fucking proof because you're an idiot. Well, hey, let's talk about Fauci a little bit more, because, you know, all of that shit came out about his emails where he basically admits to being involved in gain of function research, all the emails that shows that Ron Paul, Rand Paul, excuse me is correct. All of the emails, all the different things, all the financial records that came out that show that Anthony Fauci his 10,000,020 20 investment portfolio includes Chinese companies. We're literally at war. All right, an ideological war with ourselves and with China. We're already on two fronts. Not good. The guy we're supposed to believe about COVID The virus released out of an institute for viruses in the virus capital of China Wuhan who told us to believe it was from a fucking bat. Who makes more money than anybody in the entire government. He's invested in China I mean, look, it's right the connections right there like what the fuck else tonight? Oh, there's Hunter Biden in the lobby with the candlestick using it to snort blow out of the Chinese hookers ass while she writes down ancient fucking ancient but writes down us secrets from Joe Biden's little black book while he's sleeping on the chair. Like what the fuck else do you need to see? There's Fauci. There's his money. It's invested in China. He won't go against China. Bada bing bada boom case fucking clothes. No, we're in a pandemic of idiots, a pandemic of fucking cowards. Anthony cow cheese $10,000,000.20 20 investment portfolio. It includes Chinese companies. Dr. Anthony Fauci is reported $10.4 million 2020 investment portfolio included Chinese companies. According to FAO Gs 2020. Financials first released by Senator Roger Marshall, Republican of Kansas and reported by the New York Post President Biden's top medical adviser held investments in companies in China through a fund name, Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. How like seriously, try harder. Try harder. Can you call it like Shang long tunnel and holdings? Michaels Pacific Tiger Matthews Pacific. Hey, I need you to put my money in Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. It sounds like the shit you put on your knees that smells like menthol breaking I obtained Dr. Fauci has previously unpublished financial disclosures. Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his disclosures being readily accessible to the public, which is why I'm releasing them now. The Matthews Pacific Tiger funds factsheet, published in September 2021 revealed the fund has invested 42.7% of his investors money in companies in China and Hong Kong. Among the companies listed in the enterprise named Wuxi biologics Cayman headquartered in China. The Wuxi biologics Cayman is in the pharmaceutical business. Wuxi biologics Cayman website states that the enterprise is the quote a leading global Open Access biologics technology platform offering end to end solution to empower organizations to discover develop and manufacture biologics from concepts to commercial manufacturing. Doesn't that mean like taking animals and making things out of them like organisms? Empower organizations to discover biologics? Develop biologics and manufacture biologics? Wouldn't manufacturing viruses be manufacturing a biologic home? If I was, if I was on louder with Crowder then I'd have a producer and that little math thing would come by my head but then I'd get sued and I don't have that kind of money with a total estimated Fauci has that kind of money with a total estimated capacity of exceeding 430,000 litres for biopharmaceutical production planned after 2024 and China, Ireland, the US Germany and Singapore. Woopsie biologics will provide its bio manufacturing partners with a robust and Premier quality global supply chain network of viruses and death dealing I just made that last part of the funds additional investments into China and Hong Kong include Tencent Holdings Ltd, Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd, AIA Group, Ltd, and Hong Kong exchanges and clearing Ltd. And how much do you want to bet that communists from China run those companies? Hmm, I would bet everything I had and I would make a lot of money from winning that bet outside of the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund Fauci reported $10.4 million in financial investments including stakes in Atlas large cap mutual funds, Kim COEs investment grades bond fund and the Pax elevate Global Women's Leadership Fund, which invests into businesses that advance women through gender diverse boards, senior leadership teams and other policies and practices because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a vagina salad, she's past investment portfolios. Alright, his past investment portfolio was only made public by way of Senator Marshall who disclosed fogies. 2020 investments Friday after on a hot mic, the doctor called Marshall a moron during Tuesday's Senate hearing, Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public Marshall statement, read Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who've been suing and requesting for this information but don't have the power of a Senate office to ask for it. Because Fauci my friends, as you know, and if you didn't know you do is the highest paid employee of the federal government, the entire government reportedly raking in more than $400,000 more money than you or I have ever seen in 2020. And upon retirement, the cocksucker will receive a $350,000 a year pension for the rest of his he's like 80 Something so short fucking life. Listen, this guy is a shithead Okay, he's an absolute shithead he's taking your money, and he's lying about things. I saw him on the Hot Mic, call me Senator Marshall a moron. He is completely unraveling and unkempt. You got to taste to the power and he wanted it. He couldn't get out of the spotlight. You saw him throw in the baseball like a pathetic little bitch. You saw him fucking wanting to be in the front magazine of everything. You see him in the Senate hearings arguing with a much smarter man, Dr. Rand Paul, and you see him losing his sense of mental stability. Dr. Fauci his day of reckoning is coming is coming very soon. And they will talk about him in the history books and it will be a glorious downfall. My friends

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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