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France Blasts United States of Woke America (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

You know the United States is falling apart when France calls us out on our crap. We are burning bridges left and right and our oldest US ally knows exactly who the culprit is!

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Watch American Reveille | 174 | The Left is Using the Woke Agenda to Hide American Death and Decline


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Generated Transcript:

Well, you tell me, how does the world see the United States right now? What words? What words come to mind? unreliable? Would you rely on a friend who leaves people behind in Afghanistan, let's say untrustworthy? Would you trust a friend who lies all the time? divided? Don't you think the world is watching us? Don't you think our allies, not just our enemies, not just our enemies, but our allies are watching us? Would you listen to a friend whose ideas would hurt or damage your family in the future, would you? Since Trump left office, everything, everything has been falling apart. It was slow at first, but now it's caught up and everybody's seeing it. The border is not just a mess. It's literally literally hell. People are dying. Women and children are being trafficked, they're being raped. It's the worst we've seen in my entire lifetime. China just invaded Taiwan's airspace. Again, that's two or three times now two or three times and if China took Taiwan, that literally could be a world war three triggering moment. Folks, American kids, like I mentioned in the intro, American kids are dying in Afghanistan right now. And the news isn't reporting it. They're not reporting it at all. And we'll talk about that more later in the show. inflation. It's moving so fast. It's moving so fast and millions, millions of people, they're on the verge of losing everything. And the elites are pushing socialism so hard, that it makes you wonder if they're trying to pass the huge $3.5 trillion bill to possibly lessen the blow of some looming economic crash that we may not be aware of some crash from hell, something big that no one has ever seen before. Meanwhile, the left is waving their hands in the air misdirection. That thing we talked about in the intro, they're waving their hands in the air screaming Look, look how amazing Look how progressive we are looking at all the amazing woke things that are happening. spray painting the turd of socialism gold, and calling it new and shiny. When really it's just the same old. So do you need more proof? Do you need more in your face stories telling you that our allies have something to say on the subject. While they do they do have something to say on the subject and I want you to check this article out on Fox news.com. France rejects American woke culture that is racializing the country. Some prominent French figures, including President Emmanuel Macron are rejecting woke ideology that has been imported from the United States amid a breakdown in relations between the two nations. a cover story by and I'll try my best not to butcher this lay spec tech lay due Monday is one of France's leading magazines. It recently ran a piece titled the suicide of America in which it blames the deadly withdraw from Afghanistan on get this a woke dictatorship and questioned whether the American Empire was collapsing. Now, the article also took American universities to task over the alleged extremism and censorship on campuses. The story cited Yale University where school officials urge students to reconsider costumes for Halloween that might be racially insensitive. And folks, this isn't the only thing we know where this comes from. We know that the woke ideology. The socialist doctrine has infected most of our universities in the United States. We know that they've gone as far as banning a rock they got rid of a rock from campus because they thought it was racist. It was one of the campuses they've gotten rid of teachers students have been attacked, harassed, removed from from areas of the school, all the while race, racism all the while segregation all kinds of horrible things are being implemented at the schools and taught to our children. So no wonder no wonder other countries are taking notice all the while we are causing death and destruction to our own citizenry. I see that our society is becoming progressively racialized McCrone said several members of his government have also shared anti woke views, including Elizabeth Marino, the French delegate Minister for gender equality and diversity City, the woke culture is something very dangerous and we shouldn't bring it to France. She told Bloomberg News in May, which is very interesting because here in America, the woke culture is merged with this whole gender equality and diversity scene with the whole rights for LGBT, with the entire minority community inclusion initiative, everything that you could think of where you would want people to get together where you'd want to build actual equality, that's been replaced by equity. That's been replaced by Marxism here in America. So you can see a very big contrast a very big difference there. You have one place where equality and diversity means one thing that's something different in France while here in America, equality and diversity means something different to many different people in this country, a panel of the years, oh, I'll try this one to Taco Bell, Taco Bell, not Taco Bell, but took within conversations near Normandy, discussed the perceived decline of free speech and expression in the United States that some attribute to woke culture, most of us attributed to what culture quote, our mantra is that we should talk even if we strongly disagree, nothing, nothing prevents you from talking and exchanging and dialoguing. Jean Guillaume, a day talk with the descendant of the 19th century liberal philosopher, Alexis de Tocqueville told the news outlet, quote, the French Revolution was an event that led to a bloody civil war, because the people who were not in agreement with the new ideas, the really revolutionary ideas were just killed and beheaded. It was not a good way to debate and how many other historical examples Do we need about where this leads where the woke ideology goes? Were distracting us from the real chaos in the country in the real horror in the world with woke progressive psychobabble, the craziness, the ideology, the distraction? Where does it lead? History tells us where it leads. The French Revolution knows about it. World War Two knows about it. You can ask Stalin about it. Oh, well, you know what I mean, you can ask all of the people around the world that have experienced it dead or alive in recent history, or 50 100 years. 200 years ago. This is nothing new. Ladies and gentlemen, what's happening is nothing new. We just have social media and cell phones to have a bird's eye view of the party as it's all burning to the ground. Alright folks, as it's all burning to the ground now that I'm off my soapbox. The French criticism of the US comes amid a fracture in American French relations. French Secretary of State and a French Secretary of State excuse me, American you might as well be because I don't believe he's a real either. But Secretary of State Antony Blinken is slated to travel to France next week after Australia cancelled a deal to purchase a French submarine in favor of creating a new indo Pacific security agreement with Washington and the United Kingdom. In an unprecedented move. McCrone recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia. That is a big deal. All right, the left tries to soften the blow the progressives, the woke folks, they try to soften the news they try to make you forget that bad bad news is happening around the world that Bad News Bears is coming to the shores of the United States by making the United States even worse, at least seem even worse than the events that are happening around the world. But you can't hide it from us forever. You can't keep us in the dark forever. We see you. We see you. So as we all know Australia has gone mega woke. Just look at how they've treated their people during COVID. The lockdowns in Australia are worse than anywhere in the world, the entire world. It's really becoming a socialist hellscape which is giving merit to the name the land down under. Now, we all know that the UK has been all in on the climate change Kool Aid and it's importing illegals by the boatload literally, by the boatload and we all know that. Boris Johnson he's a classic case liberal we know that 100% this woke ideology. It's it's like a virus. It's spreading across the globe, nation to nation, country, across all different countries, landscapes, cultures, languages, it doesn't matter. This woke ideology is a poison. It's a poison and it's seeped its seeped into every facet of life.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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