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From Covid Vaccination to Cold-Blooded Assassination: Are World Leaders Being Executed?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Do you remember being given a puzzle as a child? You may have eagerly torn open the box, spread out all the pieces, and got down to the business of putting the puzzle pieces together in anticipation of your soon-to-be triumph over the challenge before you. As a child, putting puzzles together started out as a frustrating process, but I soon learned to embrace the haphazard mess before me each time I tore open a box.

As an adult, I'm still doing puzzles, but they take more of an investigative spin these days. I thrive on putting bits and pieces of information together in hopes that they make startling revelations come alive; information that I can share with you, dear reader, in hopes of waking you up to the state of emergency that we now live in and how essential it is that you pay attention to your own "puzzle pieces." I present the following "clues" in hopes that you too will start to see beyond the masked veil they have had us working through for years now.....

John Magufuli: President Of Tanzania

John Magufuli was a fearless leader of Tanzanians, full of integrity, confident that God would bring them through the pandemic unscathed, and optimistic about health measures going on in his country. He was so confident, in fact, that he was known to publicly speak out against the COVID-19 vaccine, calling it "dangerous and ineffective." Public health statistics in Tanzania revealed that the first cases of COVID-19 weren't even present in the country until after permanent residents left Tanzania to become vaccinated. Upon their return, the first cases of the dreaded disease began spreading across the country.

And then John Magufuli got sick. Hmmmmmm.......

He disappeared from the public eye on February 27, 2021; sources close to him reported that he was still going strong and doing great, despite a recent respiratory infection. After his unexpected passing on March 17, 2021, the media began to report that Magufuli had contracted COVID, and despite his attempts to battle the infection with natural homeopathic remedies, he had been unable to rid himself of the affliction.

One in opposition down......who's next?

Hamed Bakayoko: Prime Minister, Ivory Coast

Hamed Bakayoko is the second Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast region to die in less than eight months, and he was in the prime of his personal and professional career. Little was known about the actual state of his health until a diplomatic visit to France earlier this year led to suggestions that he should seek medical counsel in Germany later on in his trip. It was well known among his loyals that he was an outspoken adversary of COVID-19 vaccination and social distancing policies, calling them "outdated" and "fearfully archaic."

Supporters and citizens of the Ivory Coast region were shocked and deeply saddened by the news that Bakayoko suddenly succumbed to late-stage liver cancer while in Germany. What was a man so gravely ill going traveling? Why had he not gone to the doctor before? Why did he accept the suggestions of those he was meeting with and seek medical advice in another country?

And then there were two. Who'll be next?

Ambrose Dlamini: Prime Minister of Swaziland

Ambrose Dlamini was the picture of health at 52, and with the country that he was charged to protect, he had managed to keep COVID-19 infection and spread to a minimum during his time of service. Compared to the United States total of 306,000 cases, Swaziland had fewer than 7000 cases confirmed as of December 2020.

Dlamini was also an outspoken adversary of COVID-19 vaccination policies; he pushed back against other government and health care advisors who wished to implement vaccination measures in Swaziland. Things seemed at a standstill until an announcement that shocked the nation.

Sadly, it was announced that Dlamini had passed away on December 13, 2020. Media sources reported that "he had contracted COVID-19, and that he was undergoing treatment at a local hospital in South Africa". Interestingly enough, shortly after Dlamini's death was announced, vaccination measures were implemented and rolled out across the country.

Soon to be four....

Pierre Nkurunziza: President of Burundi

Pierre Nkurunziza is yet another outspoken activist against the "COVID conspiracy;" his strong language and passionate rantings about a world Deep State agenda and their plan for world domination angered the wrong people, apparently.

Shortly after Nkurunziza kicked World Health Organization specialists out of Burundi on May 15, he "fell ill" after a game of volleyball. He was hospitalized, released, re-hospitalized and then passed suddenly, all within 72 hours of the initial visit. This unexpected turn of events took place just days after his decisive action to remove health "professionals" from the country.

Rumors began swirling shortly before Burundi's illness, with many non-traditional media sources theorizing that there was a conspiracy and cover-up in place to "eliminate" all resistance to the COVID-vaccine movement; first in Africa, then in other continents and countries across the world that didn't adopt the "progressive movement." Let's look at some more evidence to suggest that something truly evil and nefarious may be going on here.

Then there were five.......

Jovenel Moise: President of Haiti

July 7 was yet another turbulent day in Haitian history; President Jovenel Moise and his wife Martine were the targets of what turned out to be a successful assassination attempt on Jovenel, leaving his wife to recover from critical wounds in a nearby Miami hospital.

Haiti was one of the few countries left in the Western Hemisphere to remain unvaccinated; after repeated attempts from pharmaceutical companies to infiltrate their borders and begin vaccination campaigns, the last strong message that Moise sent to them occurred in April 2021, when he refused 750,000 free AstraZeneca vaccines that were to be delivered to Haiti.

The evening of July 7, armed gunmen entered the home of the President and his wife, firing several rounds at both of them before bodyguards arrived at the scene to impede the intruders. What they were doing away from the diplomats is unclear, but we smell a conspiracy at work here. Shortly after the news broke across the country that Moise had indeed been killed and his wife was in critical condition, government officials put Prime Minister Claude Joseph in control and the entire country on lockdown, which is exactly what Moise had been fighting while he was alive.

More to come? How far will Deep State criminals go to subdue independent thought and action?

In recent days, evidence has come to light to suggest that other assassination plots have come to light that involve leaders in Malaysia and Madagascar; one source even went so far as to issue a warning along with an "herbal COVID-19 remedy" before their leader is murdered. Those are strong words for information that the Deep State would like us to believe are completely unfounded.

Freedom of choice? Global Domination? What will you choose?

What could possibly be the motivation for eliminating world leaders who oppose the almighty COVID-19 vaccine rollout? Who is at the helm of this "worldwide" mandate? Where did our freedom of choice go? What about our rights as sovereign beings, capable of making decisions regarding the governance of our very bodies?

Regardless of your current stance on the vaccine, you owe it to yourself to receive information that could shed light on a much more dastardly plan for world dominance and suppression, courtesy of current events. Look at the evidence....the puzzle pieces, if you will......

  • Coronavirus appears on the scene in December 2019, causing worldwide panic.

  • Lockdown mandates spread across the globe, forcing people into solitude and seclusion.

  • Mask mandates incite fear and suspicion among people brave enough to go out in public.

  • A number of political and election processes are changed to "comply with COVID-19 social distancing standards". This compromises the integrity of big government moves across the world.

  • With increasing reliance on social media and BIG media to receive information, we grow more dependent on these channels for information, giving them license to print, present, and report on whatever they want us to believe.

  • Those who remain in opposition to the global agenda and movement are subject to "illness, injury, and death" at the hands of a movement much larger than them.

  • Propaganda and social pressure force many that would like to search for other sources of information into compliance with new socialist norms.

Do you see what is happening here?

It is the opinion of this very opinionated writer that there is a MUCH bigger issue here than just vaccines; our very freedoms are being threatened and removed by those who claim to have our best interests in mind.

Open your eyes.....open that puzzle box....start putting some of those pieces together once again. Maybe you'll get as hot under the collar as I am, and with enough of us coming out of a stupor once more, we can take back those basic human rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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