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QuoBreak LLC: Generating Buzz Through User Participatory Community User Competition (UPCUC)

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

What is QuoBreak?

QuoBreak is the first ever "anti-social media" platform. Simply put, our concept breaks free from the traditional progressive-run entertainment media, news media, and social media models. A place you can come to congregate, play, collaborate, and create around amazing content and community, not the obligation, stress, and drama that comes with a social media platform. What do we mean by this? We mean that QuoBreak is NOT a social media platform. QuoBreak is a first-of-its-kind interactive online entertainment media and news experience that puts the control back in the hands of normal people.

QuoBreak is a place where you can come swipe, read, watch, listen, and play, with or without creating an account. A place where creating content is highly incentivized and rewarded but not required in order to enjoy fantastic, highly curated original news and entertainment. QuoBreak is not political by nature, though a section for political content exists within the QuoBreak anti-platform. If a user chooses to participate, public content must meet QuoBreak's "Ten Quomandments" of content value, quality, and shareability which helps to shape the QuoBreak culture!

User Participatory Community User Competition (UPCUC)

What's different about QuoBreak? QuoBreak employs its own staff of journalists, professional bloggers, and content creators, covering the latest and greatest in trending entertainment and news media, creating content spanning multiple categories of consumption and content. Users viewing content are incentivized to create high-quality original content in response to original staff content, challenge staff content with original ideas, and create unique content themselves through various avenues and within multiple categories. This unique interplay between staff and users creates positive internal and external competition, generating buzz. We call this User Participatory Community User Competition (UPCUC).

QuoBreak LLC: Solving Our Data Storage Conundrum with Decentralized Storage on the Blockchain

[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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