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By HuwJ, American Reveille Contributor


This week I deleted my Gettr account. Why? Well, because it has asserted that as well as being a place of free speech, which is what attracted me to it, it was a better app than Twitter, and it had better standards and regulations in place to avoid the abuse that the Twitterverse had become famous for. This you would hope included the purging of intrusive Bots and fake accounts, not to mention the kind of Nepotism we see from those allied to the Liberal-Left.

Sadly this is not true. It would appear that Steve Bannon's relationship with the slightly dubious Guo Wengui, who also goes by a number of other names, has colored the way in which Gettr operates.

When I first joined the platform I was looking for a genuine free speech platform where I was able to voice my opinion without getting canceled or restricted, as I had been by both Twitter and Facebook. I was excited to find people I had interacted with on those other platforms and began the slow but steady process of building up friends and followers. But it was not long before I began receiving two very specific friend tags/ followers. One was from Onlyfans and others from digital sexual encounter accounts, all of which I blocked and reported, but who continued to add me again and again. I spoke to the Gettr help squad who assured me they were aware of the problem and were working on it. After a prolonged time where I almost religiously blocked and reported these accounts, they began to fade.


They were promptly replaced by multiple account tags/follows from the Guo-supported "NFSC," or New China Political/Social group. Some of these accounts were blatant, with banners proudly proclaiming, "we are the New China Party, dedicated to bringing down the evil CCP." Others were more careful in their initial assertions. You needed to look at some of their posts before you started to see the real face under the mask. A number of these accounts were verified accounts, yet they were using fake photos. Essentially the group is a phishing project, and no matter how polite I may have been at the beginning, in the end, the amount of these accounts targeting my page on a daily basis was incredibly distracting as I was there to discuss US politics and Christian social matters, NOT CHINESE Insurgency and social rebellion.

I have to be honest, I began to lose patience and my vocabulary began to suffer because of it, my politeness being replaced with profanity… It was like a dozen Jehovah's Witnesses banging on your door 24 hours a day… Just constant and irritating. I addressed this with the Gettr help desk a NUMBER OF TIMES and their response was condescending to say the very least. They suggested that I essentially use their in-App translator to broaden my understanding of the world.

That I might learn something…

Look, I live in Japan and am married to a native. I have close relationships with people and support the fight for independence in Hong Kong & Taiwan (and even have had business dealings in Mainland China, not to mention a great number of other areas of the planet). I am traveled and educated and have even helped to create a Mandarin/English educational app, for goodness sake.

I am also no fool. And if you are reading this, you aren't either. These accounts are nothing more than an exercise in product building (much like Twitters Bots). Creating a false value by boosting the numbers, not to mention the very real problem this represents in Account Phishing.

And so, in response, I deleted my account.

…Which Is supposed to delete all my posts, images, messages, etc. This was stated in the process. It was made very clear that everything would be deleted. Interestingly enough, as of the time of writing this, that account is still present on their site. Which begs the question, WHY?

The name/personal Logo used for my profile pic and the images/artwork, etc., are proprietary to myself. So why are they still active? Because Gettr is a scam. This is the Only Logical explanation I can come to.

The Right of the isle, the Conservative Christian Pro-Life supporting faction of today's political field (which Is where I firmly stand) is desperately looking For a place to "Converse" freely, without the spectre of cancel culture. WE are not looking for an echo chamber and we welcome discourse from the Left and the Center.


We are becoming so desperate to find that space that we are falling prey to the likes of Bannon and Gou, who are looking to take advantage of our need to find a platform.

We do not take enough due diligence in looking at the space in which we are setting up our soapboxes.

And we are the poorer for it…

And I'm still looking for that space…

It used to be the Church or the Pub/Bar, but Social Media has taken that away from us. Maybe we need to return to that type of real social interaction, where the only scam we needed to worry about was whether they watered down the drinks!

My opinion is, and I will stand by this opinion, that GETTR appeared to be a nice girl you could take home to Mom, but in fact under the Church clothes and hosiery, GETTR is nothing more than a ten-dollar Hooker, riddled with the same disease that Facebook and Twitter has.

The only difference is the lipstick…

Buyer Beware.

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